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Blain I

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 2012

And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring Blain Daniel Cockeron and Ninth Symphony Artz

Starring: Blain Daniel, Ninth Symphony, Braxton David, Crystol Joel, Cayden Matthew, Rosslyn Beniece, Kaiser Michael, Penelope Alisa, Creighton Phillip, Caleb Vindrick, Nicole Ariel, Cassia Novak, South Lee, Cupid Muzit, Est Wes Anderson, Madison Lorene, North Lee, Nefeterri.

The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

Unto Bradford Clifton Whitehead and Teresa Niki Board was born their first son South Lee Whitehead, their second North Lee whitehead, their third son Est Wes Anderson and a daughter Regan Central Whitehead
Unto Christopher Maurice Cockaron and Julia Doren Moore was born their four sons, quads, Braxton David, Cayden Matthew, Kaiser Michael and Blain Daniel Cockeron and a single son born later Creighton Phillip Moore.
Unto Blain Daniel Cockeron and Ninth Symphony Artz was born their sons, quads, Tristan Carter Cockeron, Adamson Trenice Cockeron, Stephon Victor Cockeron, Richard Shakespeare Cockeron and a son born later, Beethoven’s Fifth Artz
Unto South Lee Whitehead and Cupid Muzit Leone was born their first son Allister Becenti Whitehead, a son Vicente Niccole Whitehead, and a daughter Reese Ivanna Leone
Unto North Lee Whitehead and Nefertiti Niyet Cronsom was born their first daughter Juliet Anika Whitehead, a daughter Angelical Elise Whitehead and a daughter Castle Alesha Cronsom
Unto Est Wes Anderson and Madison Loraine Cliffton was born twins a son Michael Anderson Whitehead and a daughter Michelle Allison Clifford
Unto Regan Central Whitehead and Phearson Mycal McPhearson was born their first son Tyson Lowd McPhearson and a son Skylar Mycal McPhearson and a daughter Brandy Eriel Whitehead
Unto Braxton David Cocheron and Crystol Joel Cooper was born their first triplet son Noah Lake Cocheron, Enoch Creston Cockeron and Nicolatian Rigel Cockeron and a single son Crewson Nichel Cooper
Unto Cayden Matthew Cockeron and Rosslyn Beniece Joseph was born their twin sons Castor Troy Cockeron, a daughter Casper Amirah Cockeron, and a single daughter Annalise Micolete Jospeh
Unto Kaiser Michael Cockeron and Penelope Alisa Turbin was born their first son Michael Erian Cockeron, a son Ein Angelo Cockeron, a son Braxton Efren Joseph
Unto Creighton Phillip Moore and Cassia Ariel Novac was born their first son Kiefer Dustin Cockeron, a son Hennington Patrick Cockeron, and a son Huntington Ericks Cockeron
Unto Caleb Vindrick Steele and Natalie Reese Samson was born their first son Athens Erin Steele, a daughter Willow Nicolette Steele, and a son Atheos Buenos Samson

You Just entered the African Juttah 2020
Blain Daniel
By: P. A. Bradford, Apostle
Wr. 1992-1996

I Cried Unto God With My Voice
Scene I

-“Have you South ever been with a woman? I've never been married" leaning into this table, into that hot cup was this such the out right cross-examination "so no I've never been with a woman, a wife, and you're thinking this is something possible between us or are you here to let me down easy? I think Muzit if we both decide, if we make up our minds. I'd decided I wasn't going to marry you know" did a somber South Lee sit laid back at piercing pretty eyes, this sinking feeling along his nearly emptied cup to explain better. "I know, first Andy and Maddy, then this amazing marriage between North and Neferteri, again I know" as one smiling agreeably, pleasantly at the thought of his two impossible younger brothers now married. "Not that those two relationships are going just perfect but at least I'm more of a believer, there's something South I must tell you. Something I should've told you awhile ago, Symphony and I are more than just friends South, we're lovers, we have been for some time now. Eh" with a face freezing into an appearance of awe, was he indeed dumb founded at the very thought. "I didn't," he didn't know what to think, say as she'd in ways indescribable dropped such the bomb on him. "I mean I didn't even, we haven always been, you know it just that one day we decided we were more than just friends. I know what you faithers think, us faithers?” “You people South with faith in the Supreme, in what He say, I'm puzzled,” as one leaning in that he's to privatize their more than controversial conversation did South Lee Whitehead possibly smell as good as he looked. "What is all this talk about you and the Juttah? What is that suppose to mean? It mean Muzit it is also one of the reasons I'm considering marriage, I rather marry than burn, I rather marry than end up on the hill of illrepute. My god" As one falling back into a worry of her cup was this exactly what she was talking about, "you don't really be, yes my Supreme Muzit I do, evildoers, the ungodly things we got away with in other parts of the world Muzit, man and his kind have always demanded religion while to the Supreme Father righteousness has always been the necessitate. There are grimreapers there, reapers?" As though she's to mock him but was Cupid Muzit genuinely concern about her choice of lifestyle, had been for a while. "Reapers that will come immediately upon violators right? I wouldn't play with these things Muzit, the African Juttah is like the Supreme has taken the spiritual guardians down from the garden of Eden, calm down,” seeing how dramatic and loud he’s to become at drawing the attention of others all around them, “please keep, reapers with purpose to rebuild and purify it, and only those Muzit serving him with pure hearts are those capable of residing there. Ah come on South, I don't believe that, and whose to say what Symphony and I have isn't of the Supreme? Is it what He in the beginning created? I mean that is what the Supremes Christ’s Cross is about, restoring for all eternity that first intended. If it's not Muzit what He in the beginning fashioned then it's a deadly result, its an agent of the curse, a blasphemy against the cross. I can't accept that" beautiful and quite enticing was Cupid Muzit shaking a head of denial South's way at knowing he'd touched on fears and concerns of her own but to admit them would be too godlike. "Go there to mock him, go there to die eternally, I, I, mean you must know Muzit all the stories coming out of the African Juttah aren't all heavenly," just as superb and as thrilling as his two younger brothers, tall, delicious, an eye and heart grabber, with such the invigorating spoor. “Some people because of discontent, because of their foolery toward pure holiness are waking up imprisoned or dead on the hill of hostile fame. So you're saying the African Juttah is prepared for the believers and none other? I'm saying those entering in better have hearts fix to serve Him and Him only or they're to have those hearts ripped in two, this is Muzit the same Supreme set to cast millions of the rebellious into hell, {{{“yes South here," jerking his worrisome communicator into his ear South Lee had no plans at all at getting this upright and personal with her, with his proposed for the moment, future wife. "What did you say? Emily South" could South Lee tell North Lee was crying, that he was yet highly emotional, how those in the background were and with astonishing reason. "The twins, they live, because of Teri they all live. What is it?" Growing distressed of his distress, “wait a minute, what are you saying? Look South this is Court, could you just get here, we're at New York General, and something, just get here. So what was it? That was North, my cousin Court" raising slowly, even getting into his coat, as so like a gentleman assisting her with her coat was South Lee yet to apprehend what they were telling him, how Emily and the twins were dead,“he's really upset, we better go,” dead for a day or two but now because of Neferteri, North Lee's wife they lived, miraculously they lived.

Blain II

Even Unto God With My Voice
Scene II

-"It's wrong Sym" packing her things, getting out was Cupid Muzit finally doing what the two of them had been contemplating for years "what else is there to be said? It's a perverted lust, marriage, heck union and nothing we do or say is going to make it right, is going to make it fit. It's just as well" as one put off did Ninth Symphony sit the window seal a sorry sort at how Cupid Muzit and not herself had enough nerves to finally call them quits. "You've always Cupid been so doubleminded about this whole, and what, you're not Sym twice minded? I'm not asking you I'm doing what I know is not only right but righteous, since when Cupid Muzit are you to judge what's righteous, you think what South Lee is seeking of you is righteous? I think it's what the Supreme intended Sym, I think anything opposing that is a curse no matter how right it feel or seem, I think Sym one day we're all going to have to answer to Him according to the lives we've lived on this earth, and those whose living opposite His plan and purpose will suffer not only in this life but in the life to come. So I need to find me a man is that it?" As one intensely mocking Cupid Muzit, her ability to come clean at showing herself all the more wise, "if I'm to be complete I need a man completing me? You need to find forgiveness, for without it Sym we become a party to that in which we hate, we become the hypocrite, a hypocritical perversion. We pray daily that we're not by the Supreme to be lead into inducements and corruption, but what about our own will Sym? What about those profane, unnatural lusts abiding in man's heart, tempting and provoking us that we're to be lead a whoring all the days of this life? My god, you have changed, this isn't change, this is illumination, what have I said just now Sym that you didn't already know but withdraw, but is jettison at practicing because actually it's not the Supreme’s will that is to be achieved but our own? And my god Sym don't let us suffer according to these foul practices of ours, then is He a Supreme totally forsaking us,” as one finally getting the last of her packages out, shoes, dresses, books, that she's not to have a reason to return, “you see I know the marriages people are to have without vows of commitment Sym, what those of same sex marriages are to share in bed is wrong. How those practicing these unholy unions and reunions not only is the deception unparalleled but more so is their defiance of truth and sanctity. I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm just tried of hurting myself, of abolishing Sym whatever manner of normalcy on this earth I'm to have. There is no normalcy here, that Cupid is the illusion, not if we Sym set our thoughts, even our hearts desires above where our Supreme Father is, that supreme salvation that is a reconciling peace, but if we're surrounded with chaos even in our heart, we're worshipping the disaster Sym we're to avoid, we sleep with our deadliest enemy, our own insurrections and lack of forgiveness. What make you think South is to even want you now? Can't you see this isn't about South, I mean he's possibly the best thing ever, but this is about me Sym, it's about getting myself back to the place I belong forever."

Blain III

...And He Gave Ear Unto Me...
Scene III

-"May I sit?" Did he indeed regardless of her lack of response help himself to a seat to her "my name is" shaking a necessary head at piercing a conceited grin his way "you don't have to tell me what your name is" Blain Daniel Cockaron was his name, tall, blond, deliciously and admirably muscular, a sure beauty "it's not like we haven't worked together the last five years. This is an amazing party is it not? Is that a trick question?" Did an insensitive Ninth Symphony cleft a smug allegation his way "seeing I'm anything but thrilled by this affair. Well Miss Artz your ability to be intensely melancholic seem to radiate itself throughout the chamber, I have no specific image I'm to managed so Mr. Cockeron there you have it. I'm in love with you Symphony, it is Symphony isn't it? I'm so immensely hot for, what is this? What do you think you're doing? Don't," barely touching her jerking away at cutting conflicting eyes down, away from her, from other onlookers. "Don't, don’t be offended please, I've been working up enough nerves for months, even years at telling you I've loved you since I first, who put you up to this?" Imagining all those despising her this much did stinging tear drops position themselves in already beautiful eyes at spreading along flawless cheeks. "What kind of cruel joke, it's not a joke I assure you, I'm a firm believer Symphony we're not to know what we can have unless request are, how heartless is this? This is not cruelty, please, I do love you, I can't help my, goodnight Mr. Cockeron, you think I'm to make it that easy?" Negotiating this monstrous unbosoming toward her, an inflexible Blain Daniel was all the time impeding this to her ridiculous challenge. "This can't be happening, I’m, I’m," she's a lesbian is what she wanted to say, this would be her defense, her favorable evasion, that she couldn't return said affections even if she wanted to. "You're standing in my way, you're to make me love you? I only want to talk, please, if not here then a cafe close by, I won't Ninth Symphony hurt you, I only want to explain what it is, I don't believe this is happening, can’t you see that, especially, to, to me" and she wanted to say, especially by Blain Daniel Cockeron one of the most sort after bachelors at Jennifer Morgan. "Just come with me, talk with me, don't do that,” that he’s help with the additional tears getting down, at her, touching, clearing a tighten throat, “don't freaking do, I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself, but will you please stop running from me,” as one always anticipating burying his fretful nostril, his equally irritable lips into her soft tresses. Honestly as one smooching and inspiring everything achieving such a honeyed, appetizing life as herself, yes plaiting her soft fabric nudeness into this famished lust after her, again a sweltering Blain Daniel imagined. “Please Ninth Symphony for once stop running from me, after we've talk you will leave me alone? If that is what you wish, then you’re to move, yes, sure."

Blain IV

...In The Day Of My Trouble I Sought The Lord...
Scene IV

-"I know Symphony we're taught from the time we're old enough at realizing our eyes are good for seeing, our ears for hearing and our mind and heart for storing sentiments, pleasure and blame. Especially many persuasions, instructions if you will that we're free at doing with our bodies what we will, as we desire and that just isn't so. We're not wise enough spiritually, whole-heartedly, naturally at making such the decision because we're gods at atoning ourselves back to Supreme Gods whereas we can on our own perform none of the above. We celebrate the mortal" at his witness was Ninth Symphony cautious at realizing Blain Daniel outspokenness at playing with her yet steaming cup. "Which is only a temporal house, while we Blain lose complete sight of the immortal which is our very godship. Exactly, that is exactly what I'm saying, for example," thinking he's to add more sugar, cream, did he for the first time in his life have Ninth Symphony Artz exactly where he's to have her for now. "The typical presentation concerning a person like myself is I'm such the god awful player and people Symphony are so satisfied with that stereo-type, all mysteries concerning me are wiped away and now they know me. They know I can't be serious about love and marriage, if this supposedly love came upon me in-troducing itself and just as soon slay me to the floor I yet wouldn't comprehend it. Though that couldn't be the farthest from the truth, and when people realize that I'm instead looked upon as a displaced cripple, or as one passionately and intellectually misconstrue. When Blain the very opposite is true, precisely, notwithstanding are these errant ministrations still hackneyed images if you will coming into my home and thus into my mind. Those yes persuading my heart from early childhood twenty-four hours a day as it is suppose to be like gospel to me and I'm suppose to practice it well that none again cataloguing me, even us Symphony will be disappointed. And Blain you're saying I'm living according to and obeying a form of stereotype toward women who're" with lovely eyes of hers growing all the more obvious at this inquiry was she a beyond belief beauty, “confused, ah, emotionally and intimately? Surely not only you Symphony but the entirety of mankind, we knowingly or unknowingly venerate a supplementary revelation of gospel, one so carnal, one raping our immortal spirits and soul so immensely it's staggering. Yeah, though it may be true who is Blain Daniel Cockeron at judging these things for me? That is just it Symphony, this is not judging you,” brilliant eyes, sense of his went down into dis-covering the right gradation, “me for that matter but an error, if you allow an exhausting falsity, a dark intimacy, perversion Blain, I think that is the word you're seeking after. There are many Symphony if you will such the like perversions on the earth from homicide, suicide and genocide, to lying and abominable sexual practices. I agree very few alarms are sounded and thus all mankind are made safe and capable at performing these heinous trespasses against both God and man. For clarity sexual promiscuity is widely accepted while conceiving a child out of wedlock is an abomination, when actually Symphony the fleshly act of fornication, of premarital intercourse is the sin, is the transgression if you will, why are you smiling?" Seeing her clearly, directly, short light brown tresses, artist facial features, bronze smooth skin, quite delicious he imagine, light brown eyes. "So you're to bring me the truth, this you're sharing is the truth? I want to spend the rest of my life whatever that maybe Symphony with you but you're otherwise persuaded, otherwise persuaded, is that what you call it? How about the fact I'm not to feel as you feel? This all Symphony remind me of a dream, in the dream I was leaving a party while the host of this party was handing me, actually loaning me a leopard skin coat. Now I knew from the beginning not only was this cover a loan but it was fashioned of artificial fur. Now while I was being held up at accepting the coat, a fraudulent loan I again Symphony remind you, my wife, no doubt representing my one, single immortality had left without me and I had to run speedily at catching up with her. Of course to make a lengthy dream short, at reacquainting myself with my wife who always stayed far ahead of me attending to this tempting to ensnare, I lost and found this coat several times. Again this is how she got far ahead of me because I was always delayed at both losing and finding this man-made credit. When Symphony losing this coat the last time, the length of time it took me at finding it, by the way I never again found it, it didn't matter because now my wife, that divine marriage, this single marriage supper was nowhere to be found. Seemingly not only had I lost her forever because of my complete attention given a gift that was knowingly an insincere mortgage as surely as all things Symphony on this existing earth are as you say temporal, but there was an entire audience standing, appearing with me at this lost, at this eerie type of being left behind. Now it being leopard skin, is to represent, I better go, I have an early, I don't Symphony want to spend another night without you.," standing into her stand with her, showing himself greatly disapproved that she's to leave them again so undecided "and what Blain am I suppose to say? Do?" Come home with me is what an anxious for her Blain Daniel Cockeron wanted her to say, how they're to then be together forever. "Will you meet me here for breakfast? Yes, sure, you're not just saying that to get rid of me?" Picture perfect was this knight in glistening armor as usual getting in her way not so much to prevent her but to persuade her. "Ok you say you're coming, ok, I'll be here no later than seven, goodnight Mr. Cockeron, and to you Miss Artz."

Blain V

...My Sore Ran In The Night And Ceased Not...
Scene V

-"I said who is there?" Trafficking, literally staggering to a door knocking at inquiring of this persistent visitor but to no prevail "I was thinking no one was, it’s me it’s,” that he’s to open the door slightly to her, peep out, how have, you been? As well Ninth Symphony as to be expected" pausing long into that abrupt exploration, at turning back into his apartment, “you want to come in? I was getting ready for an appointment, so you gonna, I came to apologize I guess, apologize, you guess? What is there Ninth Symphony you're to apologize for? Ah, for disappearing is that it?" Spiraling bluntly into this response sorely dis-appointed at her, at the way she'd purposely deceived him, the tender heart of him. "That I've not seen or heard from you in months, I owe you nothing, if that's true Ninth Symphony why are you here? You don't, I haven't been myself the last few days, as I said I have a shower awaiting me, ah, what you mean you're not feeling good? I just haven't had much of an appetite for anything you know, you know I didn’t think I would ever see you again, you mean Blain for food, for drink, for sleep? Then let me help you, I tore my heart out once for you!" Jerking himself rudely from her, preventing her, this sympathetic reply, "I can't do this, not now Sym, possibly, I never Blain forgot what you said to, you ran from me damn it Ninth Symphony, you did exactly what I asked you not to do, you threw my proposals back at me and ran! But if you're to look upon me clearly,” as one visibly as he at wiping a spill creeping easily along the design of her expert nose, those just as edible lips unto a salty taste on her projected to be appetizing tongue,. "Upon us Blain, I'm back now and I want you to know I'll never forget what you, especially what you described as the artificial distraction. Ok yes I ran, I went to my grandmother's place in Jersey, I shared things with her Blain I've not shared with anyone. The main thing she told me was I couldn't run, not from you, not from a honest heart, honest feelings. Don't you see I want everything you're to offer me, hell need it, I was born Blain to need it, created even, we both were, but how can they all be so wrong? I don't know how Ninth Symphony," as one fixing his toppling self some better did he ease a feel of nervous palms a seat to the sofa. "I just know according to the Supreme, His way of humanity, of spirituality unto infinity they're all wrong, they have been since the beginning. They worship the artificial, the temporal loan deemed the present earth, present mankind more so than the authentic, than the eternal to come. I'm twenty-four years old Blain, I don't know how to be what you want me to be, that's just not true Ninth Symphony, don't you see that thinking is apart of this mammoth size illusion fixed not only over your eyes, but your hearing, your heart. Why don't you let me, I'm ok, you can't go anywhere like this, if I don't, they'll, you know, I'm going to fix you a hot bath," combing comforting fingers through his smooth mane at feeling a vast sorrow for him, responsibility, was Blain Daniel such the doll "get you into bed, I haven’t been back, to Jennifer Morgan, you wasn’t there so what was, the, the, we'll call, get another, don't leave me, my lord Sym you, you smell so, so, that's ok right, that I call you, that I call you, Sym? Yes, please, now I'm going to fix you, I'm not dreaming right? Yarning long into a wipe of tears getting along his face at inquiring,” you're actually here, right? I'm here,” as one touching her warm, moist lips, cheeks along his stout grip of her hand, was a tried and true Blain Daniel at a sweep into his clever bangs already asleep. "Yes Blain amazingly I am here and may the Supreme help me, I'm to never leave you again."

Blain VI

...My Soul Refused To Be Comforted...
Scene VI

-"Now how did I get in here?" Fanning curious eyes in dimension of his comfortable bedroom, equally fixing them toward a window whose light was now dark at easing into his elbows. "Symphony!" Casting the covers off into a seat, shaking his ear length strands into a consuming yarn, stretch was a better rested Blain Daniel hoping it'd not all been a dream "Ninth Symphony, are you still, my god what is that smell?" Did said aroma draw a lethargic Blain Daniel toward the kitchen "what is that smelling so good? The dead," did a model caliber Ninth Symphony stop him in his tracks at how truly astonishing she actually was "has Risen. I thought you were gone, that you'd possibly not been here a toll, no I haven't left as yet, now you go and sit and I'll bring you some of this delicious soup, my gramps made me some while I was there and it was, what you mean not yet? It mean Mr. Cockeron I left a few errands undone at home," bringing a steaming bowl to his seat to him was she not at all surprised he wasn't to trust her leaving so soon. "That I probably need to get an overnight bag or, then I'll come with you, no you will not," readying a hot spoon for his alluring mouth was she acting as boss over him so sexually alluring "you will regain your strength. I haven't eaten much since the day you, I know, I started fasting, praying and, this is so much better Blain when it's steaming hot, ump" over spilling his tongue, jerking at that stinging his lip, wiping just as fast was she not mistaking about how delicious it all was. "That is delicious chicken noodle soup, my gramps secret recipe, I don't want to frighten you Sym," pointing an oppress look, this crystal-clear intrigue down, away at narrating this indefinable closeness. "We did agree I could call you Sym? Sure, if that's what you like, I mean, I don't Symphony want to imagine living without you, does that frighten you or intimidate you? Take another bite and I'll tell you, that night you welcome yourself to my table and you blurted out said feelings I thought someone was playing a horrible, horrible joke you know, then to realize you were actually serious, that Blain was even more psychotic. No" resting said spoon, eyes into his bowl, as their conversation had become much too serious for eating, despite how cute they'd become. "I can't explain it, I mean at first I was terrified at what all this meant, but now Blain I'm neither frighten or intimidated and I can tell you why. Please Sym tell me why? Well, I imagine it's because you've already been, ---look at me" donned by flawless copper tone skin, genuinely highlighted ear length tresses, with unexplainable emphasis were artist like features, as well the most gentle Blain Daniel thought, succulent lips and mouth, with blue eyes at dying for. As so was she now at cooking for him, feeding him proving herself to be as maternal as she was cultivated. "You've been so patient, so kind and considerate, which has made these unpredictable changes more tolerable, miraculous even. You want more soup? Speeding away rationally, impulsively from this fear-inspiring subject, were things happening she'd not even imagine let alone prayed after. "I'll just freshen your, I want more yes, but Sym I'll get it myself, you think I'm patient, kind? You said, I don't know about any of that Sym I simply know what I want and why I want it. You're not having any? Ah, nall that is explicitly for you. What are you doing?" This expert witness spinning her into a handsome tickle how he's to actually poke himself with a fork, unthinkable only months earlier although could she and Blain Daniel be this couple quite darling. "That Sym was a really dumb form of pinching myself, that really hurt, so these errands Sym of which you speak they're not to wait? An overnight, I mean as far as I'm concern you have everything you, you don't trust that I'm to return? We misplaced you there Sym for a couple of months, probably the hardest delay of my life, so you can understand my concern. What Blain if anything is happening between us, Is this really happening? I'm a witness Ninth Symphony, I have been from day one, this is really happening. And what is this? Haven't you been listening? I want to marry you, speak the Juttah vows with all my heart to you and from this day forward claim you entirely mine. I'm crazy about you, god as this witness I've been planning this life, that eternity around you for, I'm going to go, because of what I said?" Speeding up to her, to forestall her was Blain Daniel more intimidating even to Ninth Symphony's blood she was to properly narrate. "I'm sorry, I don't know how else, I don't know how you do it, how you Blain blurt out your feelings without any hesitation, and how Sym do you really feel?" Easily combing wayward stands back uselessly at seeing her, at investigating her response, such a dazzling, honey-above vision she most likely was. "Overwhelmed, literally speechless, like someone Blain, something know my heart's desire even better than myself. You will Sym return to me? An hour,” as one modeling herself such the temptress along a soft, gentle kiss to his lightsome cheek at getting herself right off, did she if it was possible smell as good as she looked, “two at the most, I'll grab a few things and be back before you know it."

Blain VII

…I Remembered God And Was Troubled…
Scene VII

-"You want to tell me how will I ever trust what you're to tell me?" Hesitating not an astute Blain Daniel indicted an emotionally submerged Ninth Symphony opening her door directly to him. "I know" as one uselessly combing rigid fingers through edible ringlets was Ninth Symphony yet captured into this wonderful fantasy, the life and times of Blain Daniel Cockeron. "Everything was happening so fast, so we back up, we take it one appointment at a time, you wanna come in? Yes, I guess I will, I was watching a movie, preparing a snack, you want something? No" with eyes fine tuning that warmly engaging him, Ninth Symphony Artz's classy stay over did he instead sit, “that appetizing soup seem to hit the spot. So how did you know? What are we watching? Something romantic of course, mysterious, come, you can see so much better. What am I drinking? Uh it's just some un-cola, I have wine, liquor if you, no, this will be fine, it's a western, another one of my favorite" offering him a bowl of fleshly popped corn, did he like the ideal of getting to know her in every way possible, "it's stove top, popped it myself. So what's the story here? Boy meets girl, boy die for girl and girl meet another guy. I see the way you look at me Blain, what do you mean the way I look at you? Well do you know how desirable you are? I know how desirable you are" with eyes fixed firmly on that tub Ninth Symphony was playfully displaying a contrast view of herself. "This name Sym, this amazing name, Ninth Symphony, you mind if I ask? Well according to my gramps my mother always liked the word Symphony, combine that with Beethoven and our last name being Arts, it was just perfect. I imagine you're an only child, no I'm not," brightening into a gorgeous smile was this often what people imagine of her, like there could only be one. "I have an older sister, older Blain as in she was born only minutes before, you, you have a twin sister, my god I never Sym in a million years would've imagined, we're biological twins although many thought we were identical. Con, short for Constance Jjordon was killed in a snow storm with my parents some ten years back, my god Sym I'm so sorry. I was suppose to have been with them but gramps wasn't feeling well so I was with her instead, I always imagine I would name, my, while you know. I've never Blain been with a man, not the way I'm told is an unaffected, this, well you’re the closest I've been, does that Sym frighten you? Yes Blain, yes I'm afraid it does, then come here,” possibly misunderstanding her obviously, apprehensively was she made nervous, even distressed with him instead untying and taking his shoes off, at him throwing his feet up comfortably making himself at home. "Come, I don't under, shish, put the dishes down and just come, see how easy this is?" At folding an averse yet amenable framework as Ninth Symphony into himself, as so fitting his cheek magically, voluptuously into hers, this amiable, succoring covenant, was she trembling with intimidation. "Do you know how long Sym I've imagine holding you like this, at fixing and inhaling this dainty hair fashion deep within me, your neck, ear, how you smell so, shhh I'm not gonna hurt you, rush you, this feel good right, it's like pure heaven I know right, right?"