Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain IX

…Thou Holdest Mine Eyes Waking…
Scene IX

-"I tried at calling, there's something about the satellites, I know," throwing defensive hands up at recognizing a cross look, but evenly could he feel this shivering disregard. "I can explain, it seem foolish I know, but there was this talk Sym about us moving too fast, so I thought why not slow things down. I missed you greatly, the assignment called for another week but, look!" As one advancing a dazzling grimace, was he getting into his pocket real quick and in a hurry. "I brought you something, it could Sym be a peace offering, you're not going to speak to me? What would you Mr. Cockeron have me say? I agree to all of the above, come in, put up your feet, the come in Sym and put up your feet part sound really good. I brought a present, actually I was on my way out, yeah while it's only past twelve midnight and in your P. J.'s no doubt, a million times sweet heart I'm sorry, peace offering" seeing how she's to agreeably open her hand, it's smooth palm to receive the supposedly offer of reconcilement did she as well move aside. "The last I was here I was at informing you I really like your place, you're hungry, want something to drink? A sandwich of some sort would be nice yes, perhaps a hot drink, it's really freezing out there. The girls at the center will be delighted at your return, what girls at the center? They actually predicted you would return today, who predicted I would, what are you talking about? They bragged about you being a high and mighty landscape photographer, a calendar model, uh oh and about how Dissuasion Fashion Center has chased you for years now. Ah Terra," distastefully making himself comfortable at yet jet setting investigative eyes about and a-round her impressive place, "Rose and Cassie right? Imagine my astonishment at learning Blain Daniel Cockeron is Jennifer Morgan, that Sym couldn't be farther from the truth," sitting to rise instead that he's to get a better look at a particular photo at wondering was it Ninth Symphony or her twin sister? "I'm responsible for many of her winning achievements, but I'm only one of many. I'm contemplating allowing Dissuasion at catching me though, they're relocating to France and ask me at coming alone. Is that where you disappeared to? Yes actually,” seeing at a glance how he's to ready a bite of his sandwich along a blow instead into his hot cup, with a careful sip to follow as he was yet with chills. “I've learn Dissuasion, readily the Coogan Firm is just as known, as at home Sym in France as New York. I mean they have these luxury hotels fit for kings and this new Dissuasion is actually set in a castle, to say I was impressed would be an understatement, I was, thrown, what is it?" Noticing how she's to be astonished along a frozen stupor, was Blain Daniel hoping for this manner of response as the gift honestly was this magnanimous. "It's amazing isn't it?" A witness how his questionable gift is to activate pouring spills immediately along a touch into her stinging nostril, even the grunting sound of a tighten throat, “I can't, you can't what?" Hastily lessening this distance between them, what had Ninth Symphony so thunderstruck was this amazing as it was priceless silver, spiraling in design and in diamonds ring all with a silver, winding with diamond bracelet at matching. "When I saw it I thought immediately of you, the jewelers said it's one of a kind. Do you know how much this cost? I love you Ninth Symphony," having moved into her directly at treasuring a sweep of her dampen cheeks unto a delicate smooch of her temple as this truly was the perfect offering, "and there's on this entire earth this limited form of explaining how entirely you're to revive Blain Cockeron. This is too much,” as one bobbing doubtful head into a wipe of yet spilling emotions at pouring the astonishing prize back into his hand, it had to be worth a small fortune. “It mean something, I can't, I just can't, ah come on Sym, you're reading too, it's already late and we both Blain have early, at least look at me, this is not, I flew for hours, rode Sym for hours more that I'm not at spending another waking hour without you and you're putting me out? I don't want, I missed you so much, don't make me do this please, I don't know what you think this gift mean but I only want to be close to that I treasure, that Sym in which I inhale and come alive in ways incomprehensible. Didn't you miss me? Of course you did, It’s me baby, it’s Blain, I love you so much, ---ok, ok, ok, why don't you go ahead and eat, and I'll warm your cup, and yes.” As one weeping away the slightest tear, at ingesting deeply into a calm, this their immortal courtship, “I did miss you, I missed you a lot."

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