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Blain I

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 2012

And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring Blain Daniel Cockeron and Ninth Symphony Artz

Starring: Blain Daniel, Ninth Symphony, Braxton David, Crystol Joel, Cayden Matthew, Rosslyn Beniece, Kaiser Michael, Penelope Alisa, Creighton Phillip, Caleb Vindrick, Nicole Ariel, Cassia Novak, South Lee, Cupid Muzit, Est Wes Anderson, Madison Lorene, North Lee, Nefeterri.

The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

Unto Bradford Clifton Whitehead and Teresa Niki Board was born their first son South Lee Whitehead, their second North Lee whitehead, their third son Est Wes Anderson and a daughter Regan Central Whitehead
Unto Christopher Maurice Cockaron and Julia Doren Moore was born their four sons, quads, Braxton David, Cayden Matthew, Kaiser Michael and Blain Daniel Cockeron and a single son born later Creighton Phillip Moore.
Unto Blain Daniel Cockeron and Ninth Symphony Artz was born their sons, quads, Tristan Carter Cockeron, Adamson Trenice Cockeron, Stephon Victor Cockeron, Richard Shakespeare Cockeron and a son born later, Beethoven’s Fifth Artz
Unto South Lee Whitehead and Cupid Muzit Leone was born their first son Allister Becenti Whitehead, a son Vicente Niccole Whitehead, and a daughter Reese Ivanna Leone
Unto North Lee Whitehead and Nefertiti Niyet Cronsom was born their first daughter Juliet Anika Whitehead, a daughter Angelical Elise Whitehead and a daughter Castle Alesha Cronsom
Unto Est Wes Anderson and Madison Loraine Cliffton was born twins a son Michael Anderson Whitehead and a daughter Michelle Allison Clifford
Unto Regan Central Whitehead and Phearson Mycal McPhearson was born their first son Tyson Lowd McPhearson and a son Skylar Mycal McPhearson and a daughter Brandy Eriel Whitehead
Unto Braxton David Cocheron and Crystol Joel Cooper was born their first triplet son Noah Lake Cocheron, Enoch Creston Cockeron and Nicolatian Rigel Cockeron and a single son Crewson Nichel Cooper
Unto Cayden Matthew Cockeron and Rosslyn Beniece Joseph was born their twin sons Castor Troy Cockeron, a daughter Casper Amirah Cockeron, and a single daughter Annalise Micolete Jospeh
Unto Kaiser Michael Cockeron and Penelope Alisa Turbin was born their first son Michael Erian Cockeron, a son Ein Angelo Cockeron, a son Braxton Efren Joseph
Unto Creighton Phillip Moore and Cassia Ariel Novac was born their first son Kiefer Dustin Cockeron, a son Hennington Patrick Cockeron, and a son Huntington Ericks Cockeron
Unto Caleb Vindrick Steele and Natalie Reese Samson was born their first son Athens Erin Steele, a daughter Willow Nicolette Steele, and a son Atheos Buenos Samson

You Just entered the African Juttah 2020
Blain Daniel
By: P. A. Bradford, Apostle
Wr. 1992-1996

I Cried Unto God With My Voice
Scene I

-“Have you South ever been with a woman? I've never been married" leaning into this table, into that hot cup was this such the out right cross-examination "so no I've never been with a woman, a wife, and you're thinking this is something possible between us or are you here to let me down easy? I think Muzit if we both decide, if we make up our minds. I'd decided I wasn't going to marry you know" did a somber South Lee sit laid back at piercing pretty eyes, this sinking feeling along his nearly emptied cup to explain better. "I know, first Andy and Maddy, then this amazing marriage between North and Neferteri, again I know" as one smiling agreeably, pleasantly at the thought of his two impossible younger brothers now married. "Not that those two relationships are going just perfect but at least I'm more of a believer, there's something South I must tell you. Something I should've told you awhile ago, Symphony and I are more than just friends South, we're lovers, we have been for some time now. Eh" with a face freezing into an appearance of awe, was he indeed dumb founded at the very thought. "I didn't," he didn't know what to think, say as she'd in ways indescribable dropped such the bomb on him. "I mean I didn't even, we haven always been, you know it just that one day we decided we were more than just friends. I know what you faithers think, us faithers?” “You people South with faith in the Supreme, in what He say, I'm puzzled,” as one leaning in that he's to privatize their more than controversial conversation did South Lee Whitehead possibly smell as good as he looked. "What is all this talk about you and the Juttah? What is that suppose to mean? It mean Muzit it is also one of the reasons I'm considering marriage, I rather marry than burn, I rather marry than end up on the hill of illrepute. My god" As one falling back into a worry of her cup was this exactly what she was talking about, "you don't really be, yes my Supreme Muzit I do, evildoers, the ungodly things we got away with in other parts of the world Muzit, man and his kind have always demanded religion while to the Supreme Father righteousness has always been the necessitate. There are grimreapers there, reapers?" As though she's to mock him but was Cupid Muzit genuinely concern about her choice of lifestyle, had been for a while. "Reapers that will come immediately upon violators right? I wouldn't play with these things Muzit, the African Juttah is like the Supreme has taken the spiritual guardians down from the garden of Eden, calm down,” seeing how dramatic and loud he’s to become at drawing the attention of others all around them, “please keep, reapers with purpose to rebuild and purify it, and only those Muzit serving him with pure hearts are those capable of residing there. Ah come on South, I don't believe that, and whose to say what Symphony and I have isn't of the Supreme? Is it what He in the beginning created? I mean that is what the Supremes Christ’s Cross is about, restoring for all eternity that first intended. If it's not Muzit what He in the beginning fashioned then it's a deadly result, its an agent of the curse, a blasphemy against the cross. I can't accept that" beautiful and quite enticing was Cupid Muzit shaking a head of denial South's way at knowing he'd touched on fears and concerns of her own but to admit them would be too godlike. "Go there to mock him, go there to die eternally, I, I, mean you must know Muzit all the stories coming out of the African Juttah aren't all heavenly," just as superb and as thrilling as his two younger brothers, tall, delicious, an eye and heart grabber, with such the invigorating spoor. “Some people because of discontent, because of their foolery toward pure holiness are waking up imprisoned or dead on the hill of hostile fame. So you're saying the African Juttah is prepared for the believers and none other? I'm saying those entering in better have hearts fix to serve Him and Him only or they're to have those hearts ripped in two, this is Muzit the same Supreme set to cast millions of the rebellious into hell, {{{“yes South here," jerking his worrisome communicator into his ear South Lee had no plans at all at getting this upright and personal with her, with his proposed for the moment, future wife. "What did you say? Emily South" could South Lee tell North Lee was crying, that he was yet highly emotional, how those in the background were and with astonishing reason. "The twins, they live, because of Teri they all live. What is it?" Growing distressed of his distress, “wait a minute, what are you saying? Look South this is Court, could you just get here, we're at New York General, and something, just get here. So what was it? That was North, my cousin Court" raising slowly, even getting into his coat, as so like a gentleman assisting her with her coat was South Lee yet to apprehend what they were telling him, how Emily and the twins were dead,“he's really upset, we better go,” dead for a day or two but now because of Neferteri, North Lee's wife they lived, miraculously they lived.

Blain II

Even Unto God With My Voice
Scene II

-"It's wrong Sym" packing her things, getting out was Cupid Muzit finally doing what the two of them had been contemplating for years "what else is there to be said? It's a perverted lust, marriage, heck union and nothing we do or say is going to make it right, is going to make it fit. It's just as well" as one put off did Ninth Symphony sit the window seal a sorry sort at how Cupid Muzit and not herself had enough nerves to finally call them quits. "You've always Cupid been so doubleminded about this whole, and what, you're not Sym twice minded? I'm not asking you I'm doing what I know is not only right but righteous, since when Cupid Muzit are you to judge what's righteous, you think what South Lee is seeking of you is righteous? I think it's what the Supreme intended Sym, I think anything opposing that is a curse no matter how right it feel or seem, I think Sym one day we're all going to have to answer to Him according to the lives we've lived on this earth, and those whose living opposite His plan and purpose will suffer not only in this life but in the life to come. So I need to find me a man is that it?" As one intensely mocking Cupid Muzit, her ability to come clean at showing herself all the more wise, "if I'm to be complete I need a man completing me? You need to find forgiveness, for without it Sym we become a party to that in which we hate, we become the hypocrite, a hypocritical perversion. We pray daily that we're not by the Supreme to be lead into inducements and corruption, but what about our own will Sym? What about those profane, unnatural lusts abiding in man's heart, tempting and provoking us that we're to be lead a whoring all the days of this life? My god, you have changed, this isn't change, this is illumination, what have I said just now Sym that you didn't already know but withdraw, but is jettison at practicing because actually it's not the Supreme’s will that is to be achieved but our own? And my god Sym don't let us suffer according to these foul practices of ours, then is He a Supreme totally forsaking us,” as one finally getting the last of her packages out, shoes, dresses, books, that she's not to have a reason to return, “you see I know the marriages people are to have without vows of commitment Sym, what those of same sex marriages are to share in bed is wrong. How those practicing these unholy unions and reunions not only is the deception unparalleled but more so is their defiance of truth and sanctity. I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm just tried of hurting myself, of abolishing Sym whatever manner of normalcy on this earth I'm to have. There is no normalcy here, that Cupid is the illusion, not if we Sym set our thoughts, even our hearts desires above where our Supreme Father is, that supreme salvation that is a reconciling peace, but if we're surrounded with chaos even in our heart, we're worshipping the disaster Sym we're to avoid, we sleep with our deadliest enemy, our own insurrections and lack of forgiveness. What make you think South is to even want you now? Can't you see this isn't about South, I mean he's possibly the best thing ever, but this is about me Sym, it's about getting myself back to the place I belong forever."

Blain III

...And He Gave Ear Unto Me...
Scene III

-"May I sit?" Did he indeed regardless of her lack of response help himself to a seat to her "my name is" shaking a necessary head at piercing a conceited grin his way "you don't have to tell me what your name is" Blain Daniel Cockaron was his name, tall, blond, deliciously and admirably muscular, a sure beauty "it's not like we haven't worked together the last five years. This is an amazing party is it not? Is that a trick question?" Did an insensitive Ninth Symphony cleft a smug allegation his way "seeing I'm anything but thrilled by this affair. Well Miss Artz your ability to be intensely melancholic seem to radiate itself throughout the chamber, I have no specific image I'm to managed so Mr. Cockeron there you have it. I'm in love with you Symphony, it is Symphony isn't it? I'm so immensely hot for, what is this? What do you think you're doing? Don't," barely touching her jerking away at cutting conflicting eyes down, away from her, from other onlookers. "Don't, don’t be offended please, I've been working up enough nerves for months, even years at telling you I've loved you since I first, who put you up to this?" Imagining all those despising her this much did stinging tear drops position themselves in already beautiful eyes at spreading along flawless cheeks. "What kind of cruel joke, it's not a joke I assure you, I'm a firm believer Symphony we're not to know what we can have unless request are, how heartless is this? This is not cruelty, please, I do love you, I can't help my, goodnight Mr. Cockeron, you think I'm to make it that easy?" Negotiating this monstrous unbosoming toward her, an inflexible Blain Daniel was all the time impeding this to her ridiculous challenge. "This can't be happening, I’m, I’m," she's a lesbian is what she wanted to say, this would be her defense, her favorable evasion, that she couldn't return said affections even if she wanted to. "You're standing in my way, you're to make me love you? I only want to talk, please, if not here then a cafe close by, I won't Ninth Symphony hurt you, I only want to explain what it is, I don't believe this is happening, can’t you see that, especially, to, to me" and she wanted to say, especially by Blain Daniel Cockeron one of the most sort after bachelors at Jennifer Morgan. "Just come with me, talk with me, don't do that,” that he’s help with the additional tears getting down, at her, touching, clearing a tighten throat, “don't freaking do, I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself, but will you please stop running from me,” as one always anticipating burying his fretful nostril, his equally irritable lips into her soft tresses. Honestly as one smooching and inspiring everything achieving such a honeyed, appetizing life as herself, yes plaiting her soft fabric nudeness into this famished lust after her, again a sweltering Blain Daniel imagined. “Please Ninth Symphony for once stop running from me, after we've talk you will leave me alone? If that is what you wish, then you’re to move, yes, sure."

Blain IV

...In The Day Of My Trouble I Sought The Lord...
Scene IV

-"I know Symphony we're taught from the time we're old enough at realizing our eyes are good for seeing, our ears for hearing and our mind and heart for storing sentiments, pleasure and blame. Especially many persuasions, instructions if you will that we're free at doing with our bodies what we will, as we desire and that just isn't so. We're not wise enough spiritually, whole-heartedly, naturally at making such the decision because we're gods at atoning ourselves back to Supreme Gods whereas we can on our own perform none of the above. We celebrate the mortal" at his witness was Ninth Symphony cautious at realizing Blain Daniel outspokenness at playing with her yet steaming cup. "Which is only a temporal house, while we Blain lose complete sight of the immortal which is our very godship. Exactly, that is exactly what I'm saying, for example," thinking he's to add more sugar, cream, did he for the first time in his life have Ninth Symphony Artz exactly where he's to have her for now. "The typical presentation concerning a person like myself is I'm such the god awful player and people Symphony are so satisfied with that stereo-type, all mysteries concerning me are wiped away and now they know me. They know I can't be serious about love and marriage, if this supposedly love came upon me in-troducing itself and just as soon slay me to the floor I yet wouldn't comprehend it. Though that couldn't be the farthest from the truth, and when people realize that I'm instead looked upon as a displaced cripple, or as one passionately and intellectually misconstrue. When Blain the very opposite is true, precisely, notwithstanding are these errant ministrations still hackneyed images if you will coming into my home and thus into my mind. Those yes persuading my heart from early childhood twenty-four hours a day as it is suppose to be like gospel to me and I'm suppose to practice it well that none again cataloguing me, even us Symphony will be disappointed. And Blain you're saying I'm living according to and obeying a form of stereotype toward women who're" with lovely eyes of hers growing all the more obvious at this inquiry was she a beyond belief beauty, “confused, ah, emotionally and intimately? Surely not only you Symphony but the entirety of mankind, we knowingly or unknowingly venerate a supplementary revelation of gospel, one so carnal, one raping our immortal spirits and soul so immensely it's staggering. Yeah, though it may be true who is Blain Daniel Cockeron at judging these things for me? That is just it Symphony, this is not judging you,” brilliant eyes, sense of his went down into dis-covering the right gradation, “me for that matter but an error, if you allow an exhausting falsity, a dark intimacy, perversion Blain, I think that is the word you're seeking after. There are many Symphony if you will such the like perversions on the earth from homicide, suicide and genocide, to lying and abominable sexual practices. I agree very few alarms are sounded and thus all mankind are made safe and capable at performing these heinous trespasses against both God and man. For clarity sexual promiscuity is widely accepted while conceiving a child out of wedlock is an abomination, when actually Symphony the fleshly act of fornication, of premarital intercourse is the sin, is the transgression if you will, why are you smiling?" Seeing her clearly, directly, short light brown tresses, artist facial features, bronze smooth skin, quite delicious he imagine, light brown eyes. "So you're to bring me the truth, this you're sharing is the truth? I want to spend the rest of my life whatever that maybe Symphony with you but you're otherwise persuaded, otherwise persuaded, is that what you call it? How about the fact I'm not to feel as you feel? This all Symphony remind me of a dream, in the dream I was leaving a party while the host of this party was handing me, actually loaning me a leopard skin coat. Now I knew from the beginning not only was this cover a loan but it was fashioned of artificial fur. Now while I was being held up at accepting the coat, a fraudulent loan I again Symphony remind you, my wife, no doubt representing my one, single immortality had left without me and I had to run speedily at catching up with her. Of course to make a lengthy dream short, at reacquainting myself with my wife who always stayed far ahead of me attending to this tempting to ensnare, I lost and found this coat several times. Again this is how she got far ahead of me because I was always delayed at both losing and finding this man-made credit. When Symphony losing this coat the last time, the length of time it took me at finding it, by the way I never again found it, it didn't matter because now my wife, that divine marriage, this single marriage supper was nowhere to be found. Seemingly not only had I lost her forever because of my complete attention given a gift that was knowingly an insincere mortgage as surely as all things Symphony on this existing earth are as you say temporal, but there was an entire audience standing, appearing with me at this lost, at this eerie type of being left behind. Now it being leopard skin, is to represent, I better go, I have an early, I don't Symphony want to spend another night without you.," standing into her stand with her, showing himself greatly disapproved that she's to leave them again so undecided "and what Blain am I suppose to say? Do?" Come home with me is what an anxious for her Blain Daniel Cockeron wanted her to say, how they're to then be together forever. "Will you meet me here for breakfast? Yes, sure, you're not just saying that to get rid of me?" Picture perfect was this knight in glistening armor as usual getting in her way not so much to prevent her but to persuade her. "Ok you say you're coming, ok, I'll be here no later than seven, goodnight Mr. Cockeron, and to you Miss Artz."

Blain V

...My Sore Ran In The Night And Ceased Not...
Scene V

-"I said who is there?" Trafficking, literally staggering to a door knocking at inquiring of this persistent visitor but to no prevail "I was thinking no one was, it’s me it’s,” that he’s to open the door slightly to her, peep out, how have, you been? As well Ninth Symphony as to be expected" pausing long into that abrupt exploration, at turning back into his apartment, “you want to come in? I was getting ready for an appointment, so you gonna, I came to apologize I guess, apologize, you guess? What is there Ninth Symphony you're to apologize for? Ah, for disappearing is that it?" Spiraling bluntly into this response sorely dis-appointed at her, at the way she'd purposely deceived him, the tender heart of him. "That I've not seen or heard from you in months, I owe you nothing, if that's true Ninth Symphony why are you here? You don't, I haven't been myself the last few days, as I said I have a shower awaiting me, ah, what you mean you're not feeling good? I just haven't had much of an appetite for anything you know, you know I didn’t think I would ever see you again, you mean Blain for food, for drink, for sleep? Then let me help you, I tore my heart out once for you!" Jerking himself rudely from her, preventing her, this sympathetic reply, "I can't do this, not now Sym, possibly, I never Blain forgot what you said to, you ran from me damn it Ninth Symphony, you did exactly what I asked you not to do, you threw my proposals back at me and ran! But if you're to look upon me clearly,” as one visibly as he at wiping a spill creeping easily along the design of her expert nose, those just as edible lips unto a salty taste on her projected to be appetizing tongue,. "Upon us Blain, I'm back now and I want you to know I'll never forget what you, especially what you described as the artificial distraction. Ok yes I ran, I went to my grandmother's place in Jersey, I shared things with her Blain I've not shared with anyone. The main thing she told me was I couldn't run, not from you, not from a honest heart, honest feelings. Don't you see I want everything you're to offer me, hell need it, I was born Blain to need it, created even, we both were, but how can they all be so wrong? I don't know how Ninth Symphony," as one fixing his toppling self some better did he ease a feel of nervous palms a seat to the sofa. "I just know according to the Supreme, His way of humanity, of spirituality unto infinity they're all wrong, they have been since the beginning. They worship the artificial, the temporal loan deemed the present earth, present mankind more so than the authentic, than the eternal to come. I'm twenty-four years old Blain, I don't know how to be what you want me to be, that's just not true Ninth Symphony, don't you see that thinking is apart of this mammoth size illusion fixed not only over your eyes, but your hearing, your heart. Why don't you let me, I'm ok, you can't go anywhere like this, if I don't, they'll, you know, I'm going to fix you a hot bath," combing comforting fingers through his smooth mane at feeling a vast sorrow for him, responsibility, was Blain Daniel such the doll "get you into bed, I haven’t been back, to Jennifer Morgan, you wasn’t there so what was, the, the, we'll call, get another, don't leave me, my lord Sym you, you smell so, so, that's ok right, that I call you, that I call you, Sym? Yes, please, now I'm going to fix you, I'm not dreaming right? Yarning long into a wipe of tears getting along his face at inquiring,” you're actually here, right? I'm here,” as one touching her warm, moist lips, cheeks along his stout grip of her hand, was a tried and true Blain Daniel at a sweep into his clever bangs already asleep. "Yes Blain amazingly I am here and may the Supreme help me, I'm to never leave you again."

Blain VI

...My Soul Refused To Be Comforted...
Scene VI

-"Now how did I get in here?" Fanning curious eyes in dimension of his comfortable bedroom, equally fixing them toward a window whose light was now dark at easing into his elbows. "Symphony!" Casting the covers off into a seat, shaking his ear length strands into a consuming yarn, stretch was a better rested Blain Daniel hoping it'd not all been a dream "Ninth Symphony, are you still, my god what is that smell?" Did said aroma draw a lethargic Blain Daniel toward the kitchen "what is that smelling so good? The dead," did a model caliber Ninth Symphony stop him in his tracks at how truly astonishing she actually was "has Risen. I thought you were gone, that you'd possibly not been here a toll, no I haven't left as yet, now you go and sit and I'll bring you some of this delicious soup, my gramps made me some while I was there and it was, what you mean not yet? It mean Mr. Cockeron I left a few errands undone at home," bringing a steaming bowl to his seat to him was she not at all surprised he wasn't to trust her leaving so soon. "That I probably need to get an overnight bag or, then I'll come with you, no you will not," readying a hot spoon for his alluring mouth was she acting as boss over him so sexually alluring "you will regain your strength. I haven't eaten much since the day you, I know, I started fasting, praying and, this is so much better Blain when it's steaming hot, ump" over spilling his tongue, jerking at that stinging his lip, wiping just as fast was she not mistaking about how delicious it all was. "That is delicious chicken noodle soup, my gramps secret recipe, I don't want to frighten you Sym," pointing an oppress look, this crystal-clear intrigue down, away at narrating this indefinable closeness. "We did agree I could call you Sym? Sure, if that's what you like, I mean, I don't Symphony want to imagine living without you, does that frighten you or intimidate you? Take another bite and I'll tell you, that night you welcome yourself to my table and you blurted out said feelings I thought someone was playing a horrible, horrible joke you know, then to realize you were actually serious, that Blain was even more psychotic. No" resting said spoon, eyes into his bowl, as their conversation had become much too serious for eating, despite how cute they'd become. "I can't explain it, I mean at first I was terrified at what all this meant, but now Blain I'm neither frighten or intimidated and I can tell you why. Please Sym tell me why? Well, I imagine it's because you've already been, ---look at me" donned by flawless copper tone skin, genuinely highlighted ear length tresses, with unexplainable emphasis were artist like features, as well the most gentle Blain Daniel thought, succulent lips and mouth, with blue eyes at dying for. As so was she now at cooking for him, feeding him proving herself to be as maternal as she was cultivated. "You've been so patient, so kind and considerate, which has made these unpredictable changes more tolerable, miraculous even. You want more soup? Speeding away rationally, impulsively from this fear-inspiring subject, were things happening she'd not even imagine let alone prayed after. "I'll just freshen your, I want more yes, but Sym I'll get it myself, you think I'm patient, kind? You said, I don't know about any of that Sym I simply know what I want and why I want it. You're not having any? Ah, nall that is explicitly for you. What are you doing?" This expert witness spinning her into a handsome tickle how he's to actually poke himself with a fork, unthinkable only months earlier although could she and Blain Daniel be this couple quite darling. "That Sym was a really dumb form of pinching myself, that really hurt, so these errands Sym of which you speak they're not to wait? An overnight, I mean as far as I'm concern you have everything you, you don't trust that I'm to return? We misplaced you there Sym for a couple of months, probably the hardest delay of my life, so you can understand my concern. What Blain if anything is happening between us, Is this really happening? I'm a witness Ninth Symphony, I have been from day one, this is really happening. And what is this? Haven't you been listening? I want to marry you, speak the Juttah vows with all my heart to you and from this day forward claim you entirely mine. I'm crazy about you, god as this witness I've been planning this life, that eternity around you for, I'm going to go, because of what I said?" Speeding up to her, to forestall her was Blain Daniel more intimidating even to Ninth Symphony's blood she was to properly narrate. "I'm sorry, I don't know how else, I don't know how you do it, how you Blain blurt out your feelings without any hesitation, and how Sym do you really feel?" Easily combing wayward stands back uselessly at seeing her, at investigating her response, such a dazzling, honey-above vision she most likely was. "Overwhelmed, literally speechless, like someone Blain, something know my heart's desire even better than myself. You will Sym return to me? An hour,” as one modeling herself such the temptress along a soft, gentle kiss to his lightsome cheek at getting herself right off, did she if it was possible smell as good as she looked, “two at the most, I'll grab a few things and be back before you know it."

Blain VII

…I Remembered God And Was Troubled…
Scene VII

-"You want to tell me how will I ever trust what you're to tell me?" Hesitating not an astute Blain Daniel indicted an emotionally submerged Ninth Symphony opening her door directly to him. "I know" as one uselessly combing rigid fingers through edible ringlets was Ninth Symphony yet captured into this wonderful fantasy, the life and times of Blain Daniel Cockeron. "Everything was happening so fast, so we back up, we take it one appointment at a time, you wanna come in? Yes, I guess I will, I was watching a movie, preparing a snack, you want something? No" with eyes fine tuning that warmly engaging him, Ninth Symphony Artz's classy stay over did he instead sit, “that appetizing soup seem to hit the spot. So how did you know? What are we watching? Something romantic of course, mysterious, come, you can see so much better. What am I drinking? Uh it's just some un-cola, I have wine, liquor if you, no, this will be fine, it's a western, another one of my favorite" offering him a bowl of fleshly popped corn, did he like the ideal of getting to know her in every way possible, "it's stove top, popped it myself. So what's the story here? Boy meets girl, boy die for girl and girl meet another guy. I see the way you look at me Blain, what do you mean the way I look at you? Well do you know how desirable you are? I know how desirable you are" with eyes fixed firmly on that tub Ninth Symphony was playfully displaying a contrast view of herself. "This name Sym, this amazing name, Ninth Symphony, you mind if I ask? Well according to my gramps my mother always liked the word Symphony, combine that with Beethoven and our last name being Arts, it was just perfect. I imagine you're an only child, no I'm not," brightening into a gorgeous smile was this often what people imagine of her, like there could only be one. "I have an older sister, older Blain as in she was born only minutes before, you, you have a twin sister, my god I never Sym in a million years would've imagined, we're biological twins although many thought we were identical. Con, short for Constance Jjordon was killed in a snow storm with my parents some ten years back, my god Sym I'm so sorry. I was suppose to have been with them but gramps wasn't feeling well so I was with her instead, I always imagine I would name, my, while you know. I've never Blain been with a man, not the way I'm told is an unaffected, this, well you’re the closest I've been, does that Sym frighten you? Yes Blain, yes I'm afraid it does, then come here,” possibly misunderstanding her obviously, apprehensively was she made nervous, even distressed with him instead untying and taking his shoes off, at him throwing his feet up comfortably making himself at home. "Come, I don't under, shish, put the dishes down and just come, see how easy this is?" At folding an averse yet amenable framework as Ninth Symphony into himself, as so fitting his cheek magically, voluptuously into hers, this amiable, succoring covenant, was she trembling with intimidation. "Do you know how long Sym I've imagine holding you like this, at fixing and inhaling this dainty hair fashion deep within me, your neck, ear, how you smell so, shhh I'm not gonna hurt you, rush you, this feel good right, it's like pure heaven I know right, right?"

Blain VIII

...I Complained And My Soul Was Overwhelmed...
Scene VIII

-"I know exactly what this is" bitterly flopping into a seat a bite of her numb nail on her tongue at how she'd terribly screwed up things with Blain Daniel, the best thing happening to human kind period. "It's pay back for the way I did him, this isn't Sym pay back, Blain leave a message that I'm to call him Monday here it is Muzit Friday and it's as though he dropped off of the planet. Well Sym there must be some logical explanation, hell I still can't believe it, you and beautiful ass Blain Daniel. You jealous?" Setting the window blind at better for seeing was there always pressed traffic right in the heart of port Manhattan, that's on land and by sea. "Hell yes I'm jealous, I can't Muzit see why, do you know what a doll South Lee is? Speaking of, I mean I've been so caught up with these things how is it with him by the way? It's completion Sym, there's no other word for it, you know Muzit what is even more this form of finishing point, we're dis-cussing men, even husbands? So how you like Jennifer Morgan? I don't" fixing her own client files into her cabinet was she yet uncertain whether she would be free to meet this morsel of a husband for lunch. "I thought surely, I love it Sym, it's not just the job you know it's the people, they're all so helpful, so appreciative. Tell me more Muzit about you and South, it's incredible Sym, what else can be said? Just incredible. Although I have a feeling Sym you and Blain will find something remarkable as well, I even see us like double dating, that would Muzit be the day indeed.” >>>”I bet when he return he's to have the most awesome work, return? Yeah you know Sym how he go off on these mysterious assignments, he and no doubt a secret lover," with them all jarred into high fives at celebrating this lewd agreement was Ninth Symphony more ears than eyes "and return with the most astonishing images ever. Images? You mean photographs? I'm still lost, Rose is talking about Blain's work, my god Sym he's predicted at being one of the greatest landscape photographers of our Day. Yeah Sym," at breaking her bread for soup, sweetening her tea, even deciding which salad dressing she's to have "who do you think is responsible for Jennifer Morgan's amazing catalogs, at a fraction of the cost I remind you? He's good enough at writing his own ticket if you know what I mean. So all those photography albums I saw at his place you're saying that's his work? What do you mean at his place?" With all of them, Rose, Cassie, Terra and Janet immediately catching on what indeed was Ninth Symphony all the more spicing up this pot brewing with steaming gossip talking about? "You been to Blain's place? Yeah why in hell would he show his place to a lesbian?" Well Sym? I don't have to explain nothing to you guys, you and Blain Daniel, see I told you guys he was gay, he's too damn cute not to be gay. You know they say all the damn good looking ones are always gay, Blain isn't gay, just how Sym would you know that, yeah why were you at his place? Well if you must know Blain Daniel is as crazy about furniture, about decorating as he is everything else so he asked my advice and I couldn't be honest you know, unless, well I guess that's one way of getting into his place. So did he have any photographs of her sitting around? Her? A Mrs. Cockeron to be? Uh no, so when he go off on these little retreats how long is he normally gone? We last saw him Monday, you need to ask Ca're, she mark both his disappearance and his reappearance on her calendar. Speaking of calendars, you guys think Blain is to pose this year? If he doesn't Rose, what's the use of a Jennifer Morgan calendar? You didn't know that either did you? My word Sym where have you been the last five years? Dissuasion Fashion Center (DFC) has been trying at signing him forever, well if you don't know you just don't know. I'm predicting today, he'll be back no later than today, well the week end is coming up and he's never been away doing the week end so Rose Sym is probably right, he'll be back today."

Blain IX

…Thou Holdest Mine Eyes Waking…
Scene IX

-"I tried at calling, there's something about the satellites, I know," throwing defensive hands up at recognizing a cross look, but evenly could he feel this shivering disregard. "I can explain, it seem foolish I know, but there was this talk Sym about us moving too fast, so I thought why not slow things down. I missed you greatly, the assignment called for another week but, look!" As one advancing a dazzling grimace, was he getting into his pocket real quick and in a hurry. "I brought you something, it could Sym be a peace offering, you're not going to speak to me? What would you Mr. Cockeron have me say? I agree to all of the above, come in, put up your feet, the come in Sym and put up your feet part sound really good. I brought a present, actually I was on my way out, yeah while it's only past twelve midnight and in your P. J.'s no doubt, a million times sweet heart I'm sorry, peace offering" seeing how she's to agreeably open her hand, it's smooth palm to receive the supposedly offer of reconcilement did she as well move aside. "The last I was here I was at informing you I really like your place, you're hungry, want something to drink? A sandwich of some sort would be nice yes, perhaps a hot drink, it's really freezing out there. The girls at the center will be delighted at your return, what girls at the center? They actually predicted you would return today, who predicted I would, what are you talking about? They bragged about you being a high and mighty landscape photographer, a calendar model, uh oh and about how Dissuasion Fashion Center has chased you for years now. Ah Terra," distastefully making himself comfortable at yet jet setting investigative eyes about and a-round her impressive place, "Rose and Cassie right? Imagine my astonishment at learning Blain Daniel Cockeron is Jennifer Morgan, that Sym couldn't be farther from the truth," sitting to rise instead that he's to get a better look at a particular photo at wondering was it Ninth Symphony or her twin sister? "I'm responsible for many of her winning achievements, but I'm only one of many. I'm contemplating allowing Dissuasion at catching me though, they're relocating to France and ask me at coming alone. Is that where you disappeared to? Yes actually,” seeing at a glance how he's to ready a bite of his sandwich along a blow instead into his hot cup, with a careful sip to follow as he was yet with chills. “I've learn Dissuasion, readily the Coogan Firm is just as known, as at home Sym in France as New York. I mean they have these luxury hotels fit for kings and this new Dissuasion is actually set in a castle, to say I was impressed would be an understatement, I was, thrown, what is it?" Noticing how she's to be astonished along a frozen stupor, was Blain Daniel hoping for this manner of response as the gift honestly was this magnanimous. "It's amazing isn't it?" A witness how his questionable gift is to activate pouring spills immediately along a touch into her stinging nostril, even the grunting sound of a tighten throat, “I can't, you can't what?" Hastily lessening this distance between them, what had Ninth Symphony so thunderstruck was this amazing as it was priceless silver, spiraling in design and in diamonds ring all with a silver, winding with diamond bracelet at matching. "When I saw it I thought immediately of you, the jewelers said it's one of a kind. Do you know how much this cost? I love you Ninth Symphony," having moved into her directly at treasuring a sweep of her dampen cheeks unto a delicate smooch of her temple as this truly was the perfect offering, "and there's on this entire earth this limited form of explaining how entirely you're to revive Blain Cockeron. This is too much,” as one bobbing doubtful head into a wipe of yet spilling emotions at pouring the astonishing prize back into his hand, it had to be worth a small fortune. “It mean something, I can't, I just can't, ah come on Sym, you're reading too, it's already late and we both Blain have early, at least look at me, this is not, I flew for hours, rode Sym for hours more that I'm not at spending another waking hour without you and you're putting me out? I don't want, I missed you so much, don't make me do this please, I don't know what you think this gift mean but I only want to be close to that I treasure, that Sym in which I inhale and come alive in ways incomprehensible. Didn't you miss me? Of course you did, It’s me baby, it’s Blain, I love you so much, ---ok, ok, ok, why don't you go ahead and eat, and I'll warm your cup, and yes.” As one weeping away the slightest tear, at ingesting deeply into a calm, this their immortal courtship, “I did miss you, I missed you a lot."

Blain X

...I Am So Troubled That I Cannot Speak...
Scene X

-"Ummm that's good" as one enduring a bite of crispy bacon, pouring a hot cup along a peep into his time piece had Blain Daniel and Ninth Symphony endured their first night together. "I have just enough time at getting home, catching a shower and getting to the work place on time, my shower is free, ump, I don't Sym want to complicate things, if that ring and bracelet caused such the wreckage, that sofa is a genius by the way, what will my showering here implicate? I mean I might call on you at washing my back or something, speaking Blain of those jewels, ---some things Sym are just meant to be," bringing that delicate advice into her perfumed curls, her ear, neck, along a titillating play of her marvelous mouth, at exciting her in places so sorely confidential. "They Blain only caused a small fortunate, I just think they're a little, I'll see you at work, you know I'm not ready that they're to know about us, not just yet anyway. I love your lips you know that? Your amazing eyes, actually Ninth Symphony Artz I love you. Uh I better go, good day Miss Artz, and to you Mr. Cockeron" <<<"So it's decided? I think the Coogan firm Rose relocating to France has decided for us, and you rather return to Richmond?" Slumping on the bed at their packing to leave, was returning to Richmond after living in New York the last things wife Rosalyn wanted to do. "France isn't Rose an all expense paid vacation, bread there is to cause more than our car. Yeah Court but don't you think if Practice and Emily can do it so can we? We have money put up, for Rose raising a family, and don't talk at me as if this is a choice! What good will those savings be Court if you're out of a job? The Coogan Firm is to match all of the internal's salary for three years no questions asked, and who told you that? Prentice told me, Prentice is going to France? For those three years at least then who knows, who Court cares? You're talking about France for three years paid in full, now, well Rose that's a horse of a different color, why didn't you tell me this sooner?" <<<"My god you scared me" breathing her heart back into it's place, that jittering fright, had a stalker like Blain Daniel more than startled her. "Meet me at my place tonight, ooh your hands are freezing, will you Sym meet me? I'm to prepare a portfolio for Dissuasion and I could use your help, my help?" As one again moving off at the thought someone would see, even hear at taking their conversation deeper into the file room. "How does eight sound and I'll prepare dinner? Earth to Sym, eight? Great I'll be there, lobster tails and veggies, right I'll see you then, Sym!" Striking her chin with a charming conformity, an incalculable harmony, there was nothing more to be said, done, that night would tell, "I promise, I'll be there."

Blain XI

…I Have Considered The Days Of Old…
Scene XI

“Sym?” Loaning a crystal ear for hearing “hey you coming back?” Additionally wondering, soon turning up, out into this bizarre muteness, “what is going on? The portfolio is nearly done, we both have early mornings so, so you thought you would leave as early as this? What is this Blain? What is it you want from me?” Pulling her sash tighter, reaching her umbrella as it had begun to pour “you’re frighten of me aren’t you? What are you talking about? Just go ahead and admit it, you have me but you don’t know what to do with me, I don’t understand what you’re, you treat me really special Blain, really delicate like. You always come just close enough but that’s as far, I mean we’ve gone as far as the Juttah vows and still nothing, doesn’t that Blain mean we’re married or something? Yeah, I’m still shrieking over that one. Ok, I’m a bit careful at the fact you’re, seeing that you, that I’m a lesbian, that I once preferred women? Isn’t that Sym what the world is to say about you? And even if you’re persuaded from birth then is that not a birth defect? All of us Sym are shaped by a gross injustice and are thus at fault from birth” with each expression, each sensible infiltration he was motivating this precarious uprising, although was this an official conclusion wherewith to jeer him? “Blain Daniel Cocheron is to have a blemish from birth?” With her hand yet on the door knob was he getting out away “Isn’t it Sym obvious?” As one fixing her into his lovely embrace, into a sweet nudge to her hairline, all to inhale her into himself, “true love is pure, impeccable, is it Symphony untellable yet it grows like a never-ending vine thoroughly plenteous and I’m evenly Sym infected. Although despite all of the above it’s because of both this relentless flaw and flawlessness that I’m to be delicate I so want this. I so want you it is beyond description but I so want you Sym to want us as well, you think it’s easy Blain that you’re to perform every lecherous mechanism stimulating and vexing everything that’s bone and blood inside me but you’re never to, to what Sym?” Bringing himself preciously, although dangerously close, intimidating her every word, excuse “how close Sym do you want me?” Fixing his eager nose, lips into that arousing him the most, the bouquet of her short ringlets, her ear, neck. “How close Sym?” Breathing hard, raised breaths into this amazing gentleman undressing her, “you’re undressing me” button by button removing her coat, unfastening her top. “I think my wife just made me an offer so this is at better baby at having you” touching his fiery lips, whispers additionally to her cheek, her neck, “at having my wife.” “{{{North here” “yes I’m Mr. Whitehead,” spinning a slumbering Nefertitri off carefully at sitting up horribly in bed yes I know, she’s my, sister, Maddy?” Madison Lorene was crying, more than that she was hysterical “calm, Maddy” casting the covers off into a better performance, at hurriedly getting to his feet, baby you’re gonna, where are, Maddy calm down and, no tell me where you. Where’s Andy? I can’t tell Andy can’t you see that, I’ll be right there” scrambling for his clothes, his shoes, seeing clearly Nefertitri was yet undisturbed “no don’t go near that car I’ll be, Maddy, Maddy you called me right? Yes,’ swabbing both cheeks uselessly at imaging this horrible mess she’d gotten herself in “you need me right? Yes, then don’t move I’ll right there.” <<<“GET OFF!” jabbing a quick, razor blade fist into the strong back, side of a persistent Blain Daniel stabbing and terrorizing her cloistered acts. “YOU GET OFF OF ME DAMN IT! Ugh god you’re hurting, I’m not trying” pinning her arms down mightily at both seeing and calming her, at making love to her “just calm down Sym, Ugggggggg god,”a faultfinding, capsized Ninth Symphony was crying, kicking and screaming at a determined Blain yes getting off of her. “Get off of me, DAMN IT! Get off!” Additionally a violent Ninth Symphony banged hard, persistent fist into him soon bringing a rendered through Blain Daniel at releasing her to his back. “What kind of damn person are you?” Crying and spitting mad was she yanking the covers at hiding herself, at running from him, from this horrible, villainous encroachment of unfamiliarity and vital fluid of life, of marriage. “What kind of a damn person would does that? Sym, I, I didn’t try to hurt you,” rubbing strong palms across his eyes, his face, getting into a seat a pitiful Blain Daniel rubbed a tense neck, “Sym?” Laying a comforting fist, temple to a cold, silent door, “I’m sorry, talk to me, please, would you just go away, could you just leave? I think we need to talk about this, you think I’m to face you now?” Rushing terribly, horribly to the door, at refusing him “my god just leave me, “I can’t do, please if you love me you will give me this time, there’s a cafe about a block south, how about we meet there in about thirty? Sym? Sure,” having plans of never seeing Blain Daniel or getting herself into this manner of fix ever again, “thirty minutes, I’ll get dress, Sym? I’m dressing as well, see you soon.” >>>”You got to tell, no” jarring an evil look his way, crying relentlessly, “this isn’t about Andy, this, this isn’t about Andy?” How is this not Maddy about Andy? It’s too soon for him, I don’t want to put him through this nightmare, but you’re to put yourself through it? What about the fact Maddy Andy isn’t to want children? Uh no I don’t believe that, then what about all the other options, adoption for one? It’s not the same thing, not by a long shot, so this is what your last trip was about, there was no special case in Maui, you was at the California Science Laboratory? If anybody can help me North they can, you’re tried” drawing adorably close, picking her up directly, carrying her to bed, “you need to rest, you’ll stay with me? Of course” tucking her into bed North moved into sitting with legs stretched long the opposite side of the bed, laying his head back into a comforting relaxation, a just as tried North would find himself asleep as well.

Blain XII

…The Years Of Ancient Times…
Scene XII

-“Sym? Blain?” Finding her in the midst of a crowded grocery store not at all anxious to see him, to explain this ideal treason. “My lord I thought that was you, you made plans at never seeing or speaking to me again? Will you at least look at me, Sym” as one seeing she’s to fix eyes around at their own private status. Please, I missed you so greatly these last few weeks, respecting your privacy at work I been hanging out in the parking lot at seeing you. I’ve Sym even been one at camping out at your place so often one guy feeling sorry fix a sleeping bag into the hall for me I know you’ve seen it, can we go someone close and talk? There’s nothing Blain at talking about, we tried,” as one continuing her shopping did she know she couldn’t avoid him forever, but give it a good enough try. “We failed, but aren’t we to try Sym until there’s a genuine breakthrough, I know, I know, that’s a poor choice of words. Ok, ok” seeing her regression still at getting out of her way “I said I wasn’t going to do this, you take care of yourself, I’m leaving for France, I’ll be gone a week, two at the most, my flight is Wednesday afternoon, that is good for you, you Blain have such a special talent. I better go we only have the thirty, sure you have a safe flight, yeah well you take care of yourself.” <<<“This earth to North” playfully dallying into his massive dreaming away, what did have him so disturbed “I got too close, my god I got too close to, North, you’re frightening me, you got to close to whom, too what? This trial” catching and instantly reminding himself at clearing his thoat into another sip of his cup, pushing a yet filled plate away, “the bomer boy case you know. That happens to professionals sometimes doesn’t it? North baby you’re, I better finish getting dressed” pushing from the table at avoiding her, this mind boggling reality could he not believe he’d been bewitched to this point “I have that evening case, my god, his is insane, this is Maddy, my brother’s wife, I’m in love with my brother’s wife, I’m hot for Maddy? “No,” leaning into the sink, barely looking at himself in the mirror at shaking this harsh reality off, away, it couldn’t be true, right, “ah god, ah god, ah god, what is happening to me? Please God help me.” <<<“Blain is here” cutting eyes, ears back at their being alone, talking under her breath, not wanting him to hear, more than happy that husband Braxton was home. “He’s been in like this funk Brax all day, I mean physically sick about this Symphony person, I think he’s threatening a nervous breakdown, shhhhhh” touching a comforting kiss to his wife Crystol, soon cutting eyes, a positive moment his brother’s direction,“shhhhh, you calm down, I’ll talk to him, be careful with him. Baby bro, what’s going on?” Easing down into that gallant skepticism along a rather loud television set after him, did he have this puny appearing “nothing, I did what you suggested, I let it go, that is not what Crystol just told me, she said you been sick all day, she’s pretty upset, well I’m sorry Braxton I frighten her you know. Look at you Blain man, when was the last time you slept? All I wanted was another chance at doing this right you know” visibly sweeping a leaking cheeks like so, had they never seen him this distraught, was it rather heart breaking. “That’s all I wanted, what is it Blain she’s to want? I imagine Braxton she want the man she love, the husband she’s to honor and obey, to you know man be a husband in every sense of the word and I screwed that up. I don’t know why Blain but I feel she really love you and know what you and she are with attempts at finding seem impossible, but Blain is it not impossible nothing of His is. So what are you telling me? Give it the time, the space, this two weeks in France will afford that, could you now that you’ve found her, held her Braxton man and loved her, how long can you now stay away from Crystol? You know what that silence mean? It mean finally you see, it mean my god finally somebody see. I’m gonna lay down, yeah” thinking wife Crystol was right on target did Braxton David also think something real quick and in a hurry had to be done, “I’ll call you for dinner.” <<<“Why are you so quiet? You been to S.H.R.I.N.K.S. right? Actually that would be Danny,” Jer” and some of the others, they seem to do Andy a lot of good. I think I need to share something with you that can only South be between you and I, you mean a secret? Exactly” as one massaging a clear countenance, conscience into this imminent unbosoming at thinking he had to at least tell South Lee, see what he’s to think. “Maddy called me yesterday, actually the women center escort service called, the women center, what are you talking, Maddy miscarried yesterday, she called me South wholly hysterical about, I thought Maddy was incapable of bearing. That’s what her last trip was about, California, the Brightville Science Center, wait a minute,” turning an outrage look, clarity into a weighty North Lee, surely he was telling him, what he was telling him “are you telling me Maddy is getting pregnant without Andy’s knowledge? Will you please keep your voice down, I ran to her, I left my amazing bed, my equally amazing wife and I ran to her you know. I think South we got a little too close, what you mean a little too close, I mean at comforting her, at calming her. I put her to bed and stayed nigh her in bed until, until you know, no North I don’t know, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat because I don’t know, until she fell asleep. That’s no more North or less than what a friend would do, you and Maddy have always been friends. That’s just it North this morning I no longer felt like Maddy’s friend, I felt like I needed more, that I desperately wanted more, I couldn’t shake it. You will,” a brotherly South Lee was unbending with him, and quite trusting, sure of their friendship, “you will because you and Maddy are no more than friends and she’s Andy’s wife, it’s nothing. How can you South be so sure? Because what you’re feeling is more cosmetic North than anything” getting up to his next court appointment, did they as ususal have a duzzy of a day ahead, “you’ll see.”

Blain XIII

...I Call To Rememberance My Song In The Night...
Scene XIII

-“Damn it Cay you startled me” frowning and bobbing a flustered uneasiness into drying his face, his hands, into that disturbing him, older brother Cayden Matthew, “how long you been here? Just now, and you thought you would creep up and scare the hell out of me? Something like that yeah” as one sipping his soda into a kind smirk, did Blain Daniel seldom see his brothers doing the week, “so how’s Nicole? Nick is find how are you? Didn’t Braxton tell you,” getting pass him, beyond this unmerited conversation so probable, “isn’t that why you’re here? Yes Brax did tell me but I’m asking you? I’m bad Cayden man, ok?” Pulling from his pocket tissues for wiping, blowing, did Blain not think anything could hurt this bad. The worse I’ve been ever, don’t freaking ok, touch, I know not to keep chasing her, I don’t Cay want to be spitting up fire and brimstone for an Eternity. It’s just that I made this horrendous error with her and left her, I never should’ve left her you know, I just can’t shake that one mistake. I agree with Brax it’s going to take some time, just give it some time, that Cay is what I know and hate more than that knowing, damn it! I got her scent right here man,” pinching a bit of his shirt right at the heart at displaying, how dishearten he possibly was, “this edible, alluring scent Cay man how will I ever rid myself? Well I know how my little brother is once his mind is made he’s to have that he purpose, just don’t faint. Hey look Nick and I could see ourselves really keeping you company in France, family members wouldn’t be included on that round trip ticket would it? Perhaps you guys can have my ticket, I’m yet undecided, we shared the Juttah vows Cay, it was the most amazing thing. You know the folks got that anniversary dinner and dance coming up? Yeah mom mention that last we spoke, so you’ll be back in time for that right? Mom’s question Cay man word for word, look, Nick has a birthday party she’s forcing me at attending, hey you’re welcome to come, get your mind off, that Cayden would take more than a birthday party, it’ll take a miracle, but you go, enjoy.” <<<“I guess North man I am accusing you when it seem as if you and Maddy became infected with the same indifference at the identical same moment, what the hell are you talking about Andy man?” Re-arranging his appointment book something he’d been planning for quite sometime at making it more mangable. “Yeah Mad get all rankled when I mention you as well, look as you can tell I don’t have time for this foolishness, Maddy is the one Andy you’re at directing your attention, she has a lot going on, and how you know that? Because we’re friends Andy, we talk, we share things. I saw you leaving North yesterday just as I arrived,” witnessing a deranged one as this welcoming himself to a seat at better to scrutinize the apparent infindelity. “Now Maddy was fast asleep but she was talking, actually crying in her sleep that there was something you North wasn’t suppose to tell, did you mention this to Maddy? These remarks she made out of her sleep, Maddy doesn’t know what I’m talking about, it coming out of her sleep how can that be of any consequence is what she’s to say. I’m in love with Maddy there I said it, I simply refuse at living another day without her, what did you say? I said I agree with Maddy, it’s nothing, you do know North this friendship you and Maddy are to have is just that? What are you implying?” Are you implying what I think Andy you’re implying? Are you forgetting I’m a happily married man now? The question here North is are you, forgetting that is? Get out” instantaneously, physically withdrawing a ruthless, model caliber Est Wes Anderson from his office, “get these insane accusations out of my office. When I eased into bed with my slumbering wife and she fitted and formed herself as wondrously into her husband as one is to imagine, she North thought I was you. You tucked her into bed and you was keeping her company but was this company a little too close for comfort? You stay away from my house,” flicking a stiffen finger like a sword North Lee’s way, a despicable heart, even threat, “stay away from Maddy? Andy, now you know I can’t do, just stay away North man, I don’t want to hurt you brother but I will, you know I will, are you, that’s, a threat, and I’m glad you realize that.” <<<“Excuse me, who, who, are, you, guys? Blain? No you’re not, and neither am I, I’m Braxton and these are my brothers Cayden and Kaiser” each of them doing likewise Ninth Symphony was literally blown over, they were all identical. Clearly, not like a scene from a cirrus identical, meaning she could visibly see their likes and dislikes, mannerisms, but there were indeed three other Blain Daniels standing in her door. “May we Miss Artz come in and have a word with you? You guys are quads, identical quads? May we Miss Artz speak privately? Yes, please,” stun mightily, it had to be a dream, this couldn’t be real, “come in, Blain Miss. Artz, I guess we don’t have to tell you how greatly smitten our brother is with you? He keep Miss Artz, I’m Cayden Matthew by the way, Blain keep going on about this one day, this one day like it’s the most unforgivable of all days gone before. I’m afraid I know this day as well” clearing her throat along being dishearten by this revelation all the more did she move further into her place, bringing them likewise. “If only we had it to do over we wouldn’t be enduring this impossible crisis, so you Miss Artz, Symphony please, I’m Kaiser Michael, Miss, Symphony, are we to then assume you feel identical as Blain? Does Blain know you guys are here? No, and he would kill us so to speak if he knew. My wife Crystol, Symphony seem to think our brother is nearing a collapse, and she seem to think this collapse has your name written all over it. We’re not Symphony at blaming you, it’s just that Blain has such an elevated, high regard for you and he’s miserable at the thought he’s to spend this time without you. If I’m not mistaken you’re to admit Symphony you’re just as torn up about this single day as Blain? We’re never Symphony at going backward at redeeming our problems because every good and perfect gift we’re to have that are worth having are always before us, hence my brothers and I have this for you” as a stunning one unraveling Blain’s especial jewels he’d given her and she’d recently return, “as so an invitation. Your gown will arrive here no later than six am Wednesday, it’s our parents wedding anniversary, their twenty fifth. It is only benefiting they’re to meet the wife of the youngest quad, all of our wives will be there so you just can’t miss this event for the world. It is plain gentlemen I don’t know what to say, say nothing Ninth Symphony, let both your action and your reaction this very evening be your answer, our answer, even Blain’s answer. You see Symphony that enormous gift fixing this is now before you, Blain’s first proposal so overwhelmed me, I will forever remember it,” blinking, sniffing into tingling eyes, at twisting a creeping nostril away, how could anything be more wonderful than Blain Daniel Cockeron himself? “That nothing in this lifetime would ever compare unto it and now I’m to have three more such the proposals, unbelievable, inconceivable, yet is this offer Miss Artz as obtainable as your timely arrival this very day. We pled our farewell Symphony, yes we left the wives doubled parked, which isn’t at all good, it was nice Miss Artz finally meeting our sister-in-law, we’re both hopeful, and prayerful at entertaining you at the dinner party, good evening Miss Artz, good evening to you and, well, many thanks, sure, goodnight.”

Blain XIV

...I Commune With My Own Heart...
Scene XIV

-“I just don’t feel good” propelling an erotic outfitted Nefertitri off unto another settlement, one not including him at sitting long the side of the bed. “There’ll be days Teri I just won’t feel good, well,” witness as one fixing his pajama top at bringing order back to the moment, was Anderson’s threat eating him alive. “You didn’t see your face that morning, even your eyes at being worried about this bomer boy case, and now this falling out with Andy, how, what do you know about Andy and I? He came by here first” getting into her mirror, brushing her hair at preparing for bed, through this reflection established dubious eyes into him raising all the more at this distant afar. “You didn’t tell, what did he say? Ask? Just that he’s really worried about Maddy and he wondered if she said something to me, or perhaps to you and you’d as well said something to me. I knew he wasn’t himself because he wasn’t the jolly O Andy he’s normally at being, it’s not the bomer boys case Teri I got too close to, it’s Maddy, my god, did I just say that out loud? How does that make you feel? I would have to ask North how close is too close, too close ok” concerningly spinning up, away and back again as he’s to both desire her response, “too freaking close. Where you two intimate, is that this closeness you can’t shake? I can’t stop thinking about her, dreaming about her, hell wanting her, you want your brother’s wife is that North not the oldest type of lechery in the book? That you North is to treasure not that you have but that you’re incapable, I told you Teri how I both love you and desire at spending this eternity with you, then there’s one thing North I know, you’re never this double hearted, why don’t you tell Maddy perhaps she’s to share your passion. Don’t be foolish, where are you, Teri? Where are you going? Teri? It’s late, this is not to hurt you but help us, help me Teri please, that I’m to tell the wife I love the truth and to grow from there, right, right Teri, come on, please.” <<<“Blain, there’s someone here to see you” revolving slowly from that yet amusing him into his mother’s insistent request, abruptly and critically without warning did a now wholly astounded Blain Daniel find himself face to face with an inconceivable vision. “Ah, my god!” To say at this point a more glamorous than ever Ninth Symphony beauty caused him at staggering, at stammering for the right word, heart, even that now dwindling blood flow, were for all times the understatements. “It’s you, it’s really you,” as a stunning one styling a very rare gown of the Maaseiah/Coogan collection, an unprecedented, vogue covenant to one so perfect in existence. A hebetate gray in appearance did this priceless article of fashion favor all the more a yet dumfounded Blain Daniel’s pin stripped gray suite. “How, how is this possible?” Escorting still this vision of grandeur rarely unthinkable were kind diamond earrings and the famed jewelry, the spiraling ring and bracelet Braxton himself had been responsible at returning. “Do you know how, how, wow, ah my god, wow,” twinkling gradual emotions into a moist breathe, a time-tested gulp equivalent at digesting this improbable hallucination. “I think you’re to thank Dissuasion for this amazing gown” modeling elegantly into a prized perimeter for him, a sumptuousness spin around the room for all the eyes in waiting, faint hearts. “And of course your brothers and their wives, I have a feeling all my life Symphony I’m to thank all of the above, welcome to the dance floor Preece Blain Daniel Cockeron and not Beethoven’s but Blain’s own wife and coequal Preecest Ninth Symphony Artz. I told you Nick she was a heart stopper, they look absolutely perfect together, look at mother’s face, finally her Blain is married, and what a wife she is indeed, what a grandness of a bride.”

Blain XV

…And My Spirit Made Dilligent Search…
Blain XV

-“You were right” pulling his scarf away, unfastening his bulky coat, rushing into Anderson’s office, settling this piping dispute “ as soon as Maddy called me maybe I should’ve called you but Andy not only was she upset concerning that ideal she was hysterical, the last thing Andy she wanted was that you’re to know her most abstruse shroud, the moment North Maddy became so interested in sperm donation” laying his supposed files aside, closing said cabinet into ending said research, showing himself more understanding “I knew what she was considering. I even knew why she was taking this trip, that it had nothing at all to do with a high priority case but the California Brightville Science Lab. If that’s true Andy why would you continue in this profound charade? Because North, nothing I’m to say to Maddy, no manner of persuasion is to deter this firmness of mind she has, I leave her to her own discovery and what she’s to discover is she can’t do this without me. That my wife can’t bring a new life into this world without her husband, I know this and soon so shall she. Teri gave me the alarming news the other morning that she’s pregnant, what? Ah my god North I bet you freaked right? You completely, I did, I completely freaked, that reality Andy was so beyond me, so unrealized, that a part of both of our flesh and blood is making itself a new life inside my wife, how amazing is that? I was soon reminded of David, the psalm when he’s to declare how it is mankind is wonderfully and fearfully made, there is no other explanation. I’m happy for you North, that is re-markable news, you’re the first one Andy I’ve told, what about Maddy, shouldn’t you tell her? No you tell her,” as one again getting his things, making a just as soon feeling really good exit, “tell her I believe she should allow Teri at laying those healing hands on her, then nothing will prevent her. You really believe that? You believe Teri’s gifts can help Maddy? I know Andy I’ve been slow, even stubborn concerning the phenomenon things He’s to perform through her, look, just tell Maddy what I said and let her decide, you be safe, yeah Andy you too.” <<<“Hey you ok?” Having come into a seat along side of the bed, the bed covers drawn tight into her nakedness at unexpectedly enduring sweet kisses of his to her bare shoulders, back, how extraordinary it’s all been. “Seriously Blain I was just thinking, thinking what? How man’s ability Blain to come directly inside the woman’s body is both his ability to tenderize her or terrorize her. Hey,” at a touch to her moisten cheek at spiraling this extraordinary, non-descript creature toward him, those wondrous eyes of hers, this edible mouth. “You’ve got to stop running from me, we must finish Sym what we started and what Blain have we started? A marriage, a beyond belief marriage, what if they heard us, shhhhh, …my god is Christ, I love you so much I guess I was thinking about everything , I don’t know, how to explain it, I don’t know, well, did I please you? You completely baffled me, vexed me, I think my head Blain is still spinning, and Sym I thought finally knowing you as my wife would so limit these solicitous feelings possessing me so but I find them heighten all the more. I don’t know what to do about that, I was there with you, I will always be there with you. We were either Blain at exploding into pieces or screaming ourselves into a salutary extrication, how will I Sym ever withstand this. Seriously you think they heard us? Shhhhhh, I heard us Sym darling,, felt us,” bringing again warm smooches into her shoulder, her neck at heightening those specific places over again. “You was so mighty in my blood Sym I thought I would die, there was this outcry, type of good death I guess so pleasurable and yet so consuming. I never could’ve believe I could burst out of my flesh, out of that blood maintaining me as human being and yet abide still by that glorious consummation so evidently godsent.”

Blain XVI

Will The Lord Cast Off Forever?
Scene XVI

-“Am I Rig become your enemy because I tell you the truth? Am I Pierce yours? I think I’m ready to return to school but with New York and now Africa being this huge question mark I don’t know. It’s time Rig you know, that’s what I’m saying, it’s, no not your re-education, it’s time you meet my parents. I have two older siblings you know? No, I didn’t know, well her name is Cythian and his name is Paul, and they’re all dying at meeting, do they know, about the baby I mean? No” cutting once positive eyes away, was he so waiting for this stinging inquiry, “I been racking my brains Rig so to speak at telling them. At telling them Pierce not only am I pregnant with a child that is not yours, the manners to which I’m to conceive, talking non-conventional. They don’t Rig frighten me, I treasure you beyond that description, I only want my family to be aquatinted with that I treasure, so what they’re to think will not turn you one way or another right? I know Rig it’s not to be as easy as all of that, I’m not that na├»ve, I know each of them are to give their say but Rig my mind is made. Look, even better, I’m to hear the African Juttah is beginning to have the best source of collegiate studies of colleges and professors in the world, why don’t we tour there and perhaps that will help with your decision. I thought you hated having any dealings with the African Juttah, but Rig I love you, and more than anything I want you to be happy, any way my problem with the African Juttah is every earth-bound man’s problem. It’s a constant reminder that the next evolution of man isn’t of man, isn’t of his influential technologies, scientific and space exploration, but rather his ability to submit. To Rig reconcile himself back or according to the Supreme’s making a new man that is to be join to a new heaven, a new earth, actually a new Jerusalem abiding here forever. That is man’s greatest horror isn’t it, his greatest fear factor? That his profound kingdoms will be not only the rebellious end but a newly spirited mankind’s beginning. Well Rig it’s not like they’ve been exempt, the Supreme exacted a plan from the beginning including those capable at believing and receiving. So when are your parents expecting us? I could call as soon as today, if we leave just as soon we could be there by this week’s end, ok,” nodding into a slight inhale, exhale, at thinking, at agreeing that it was indeed time, to just get it over with, lets do it, lets just go.” <<<“I too Blain had a dream, in this dream some years ago I stood desperately hungry in what was once a penny store, yes with guess what? Pennies in my hand? Only it was no longer a penny store but had it been instead transformed into an extravagant restaurant that I nor the pennies I’m to bear could afford. So as usual I departed man’s unending ability to forsake the misfortunate as cast down and as down trodden. As bewildered Blain as any human could be when suddenly looking to the heavens, into a 3 O’clock sun, did said glistening light at coming nearer and nearer transformed into a gigantic diamond, crystal dove. I mean a dove Blain glittering like the sunshine a million times the size of a normal dove, it ascended down to me directly as to kiss me and straightway ascended again into the heavens. It was by far the most inconceivable thing I’d both seen and felt but it yet left me so unfulfilled, so unsatisfied. That’s Sym because it’s time wasn’t as yet, you see our faith and promises surrounding the divine are one thing, their complete fulfillment is yet another. Immediately I was reminded of the commission that we’re to look to the hills from whence cometh our help, how it is Blain every good and perfect gift descend down from the father of lights. That despite how phenomenon this man yet what the Supreme hath in store was even abundantly above all of that. And everythime Sym you do, look to them that is, something extraordinary will happen regarding you. I’m sensing Sym my dream about the beautiful artificial loan was about the root and beginning purpose of mankind’s sorrows, while yours Sym is about not only a completion, but one wholly and gloriously unprecedented. I mean little do we realize Sym how greatly the entire earth and that birth forth as an heir unto them have suffered at especially the European man seeking to have both this world and their lives as they see fit, with all of it Blain like in your dream being this clever forgery at crafting mankind’s single immortality accordingly, they, all unbelievers, being damned.”

Blain XVII

...Will He Be Favorable No More?...
Scene XVII

-“Sym, I thought I would go to the kitchen, get something to eat, drink, hey babe,” with all ears, and a deepen anticipation resting against a close, possibly locked bathroom door after her, “you hear me? Sym? Hey babe, are you in there? She isn’t here” an assured Braxton David was fixing himself a hot cup, finding his favorite part of the morning news, fixing and setting it like so “what, did she say something to you? Actually no, I saw her from the bedroom window, a cab, a little before six, well she did have an early meeting this morning, I better get my shower and get out as well. This is all still new to you both,” seeing he’s to ready said cup into another sip, thinkiing he knew a little something had Braxton Daniel been married for three years now, . “But especially to her, her life, the heart, mind of that life, heck even her fears Blain will change considerably more than yours, you mean because of the lifestyle she lead before? I mean Blain your becoming a little less than a savior to her, to being above and beyond the call and confides of this life. You see Symphony won’t feel worthy of you, that’s disconcerting enough, well Brax man she’s extremely special to me as well, ah I can see that. You just remember all that’s said here once you find her, I know, I’m to remember my manners, look I want to thank you guys for what you did also, it was all like a miracle to me, we love you Blain, man, Symphony too.” <<<“Andy said you wanted to see me, actually what I wanted was that he’s to tell, Teri is pregnant and I thought her being so good with those healing hands of hers you, Neferteri is with child? Does it never quit with her? I mean does all things always go perfect with her? Come on Maddy, you’re talking about a woman who recently suffered the horrible lost of a husband and a child, who was forced into exile at leaving her family, her home town because of this choice, and a woman no doubt you’re impressed with. So this miracle woman is to lay her special hands on me and I’m to be healed? Not exactly like that but something to that likeness, “thanks but no thanks, why did you Maddy call me that day and not Andy? Surely your being an investigative reporter you had to know Andy had his suspicions about your trip, what do you mean why did I call you?” Bringing her tall, model caliber statue into a seat along the sofa, were her long legs, simply flawless, “we’re still friends aren’t we? Andy gave me the impression that after he arrived home your relationship from that point on was fishy, I made love to my husband, I love making love to my husband. That’s good Maddy but what made Andy so viral at me? Probably because I cried out your name, we were in this madden sexual climax,” as one piercing eyes relentless into this single artifact, that she’s to tease him, and intimdate him in ways immensely alluring. “As usual I was going in and out of my head and I called on you, and not him, it was a simple mistake, is this a joke, how was it Maddy a mistake? I’m not going to try and explain it, it just happen, did it happen because only hours prior Maddy we got too close, you was kissing me and climbing your hands, lust into my slacks, you was coming after me and if I’d not awaken when I did, realized, was that a mistake as well? I don’t know what that was, I try not to think about it. You was a man in my bed, I was partly asleep, for all I knew you was Andy, yet when you’re to have Andy he’s actually me. The last thing Maddy I have intention of doing is hurting Andy, or Teri, hell you and I, thus I don’t play these types of games. I’ll tell Andy I listen to your solution, that we’re to continue the scientific treatments, I will not Maddy allow you at hurting him as well. Ah my tall beautiful North Lee Whitehead,” as a cunning one coming close enough to lay a soft palm to his delicate look at peering into this countless, superb stud. “Neither do I want to as you say hurt him, I love Andy, and I only want the best for him, this is why I married him, good day my friend, yeah well you behave yourself.” <<<“What do you think you’re doing? I’m sitting to have lunch with my wife what does it look like?Will you keep your voice down, what the hell is this Symphony? And yes I said hell. I thought we had an unspeakable night together, the beginning of an inexpressible marriage and you, ---people are beginning to gossip about you guys” as one sitting her tray, easing into a seat right along side of a firing Blain Daniel Cockeron abruptly having his conversation interrupted.
“We’re having a private conversation Lindy can you please give us a minute, don’t pay him no mind, Sym, Symphony we, we’re not, damn it! Is this about the annual African gig? Yeah, if you say so, you know Cu’re is really looking forward to going this year, that’s every year Lindy what else is new? Your being so upset over Symphony’s decline that’s new, well Lindy Symphony Artz is very special to me, more so now than ever, so if you’re to witness bavorial changes that is why. Well have you told her” sipping her own glass into a pleasing swallow, additionally readying her fork, had Symphony left entirely. “I mean not that it’s to do much good, you mean by her having another preference and all? That and the fact she’s in love with Cu’re, although Douric is also in love with Cure, while Cu’re as you know it Blain is in love with you and now you’re in love with Symphony, what a lover’s triangle. I didn’t know Symphony was in love with Cu’re,” thinking maybe that was it, maybe that was the one thing preventing her total dedication,
“and you sure about that? That’s all to be on Sym’s mind when she’s here, Cu’re, Cu’re, Cu’re, as a matter of fact you bring Cu’re along as one of the seven and Symphony’s a sure bet. What about you Lindy? You’ve never applied for one of those spots, yeah, like I have a chance, have your paper work on my assistance desk by noon, tell Cu’re to apply as well, I’ll do it, I’ll tell Cu’re as well.”


...Is His Mercy Clean Gone Forever?...

-“Ah god,” yarning hard, long at being awaken by a fierce knocking at the door, “who is,” turning over into squinting moist eyes at seeing the time, having no contact with his brothers or no one else going on two days and a half at dragging himself to the door. At investigating the peek hole, seeing it was Ninth Symphony at literally running, finding himself a place to hide. “Ah she got to be kidding, she must think I have a death wish or something, there’s no way I’m opening that door, no way in hell I’m letting her in, no way! Blain, I know you’re in there, please, ---yeah I’m in here, that’s all I’m gonna say, ---please I need to talk, want to talk, please. This is crazy Symphony,” having yet to open the door, actually wouldn’t open it, Blain was convinced all Ninth Symphony needed was time, “like some sadistic roller coaster, I know, I know, one moment I know what’ s happening to me and the next, I don’t know, you know. I rather Symphony you didn’t come in here, what? You don’t trust me? I, don’t, look I’ll meet you at Gloria in thirty, at Gloria, is someone in there with you? Don’t be ridiculous, just let me dress, and I’ll be there, ok, ok, that sound fair, see you then.” <<<“Do you Muzit think about it, about getting pregnant, bringing a baby into this world and how awkward that’s to be? Of course Sym I think about it, I’m a wife now, it feel weird simply having those words roll off my tongue. Although Sym I think motherhood comes naturally, that it’s as inborn as all things assisting us with this life surely is. I’m laying there all tangled into this astonishing man, this unparalleled human being, things has happen between us, in and though us that’s beyond Muzit my wildest dreams and suddenly I hear this tinniest voice say, you could get pregnant you know. My god I panic, I thought O my god I never realized that, I imagined trying to explain a pregnant Symphony to my co-workers, to my family, I’m one of the most confused people in the world, what will I do with a baby? First you gonna calm down” as one fixing a mild drink at sitting her into a seat with her, boy had their lives, even their destinies greatly changed. “How could I have been so stupid, this is not stupid, knowing Blain, he had these things all figured out. He just strike me Sym as being that kinda guy, he’s beyond description Muzit, I mean he’s truly as amazing, as unbelievable as he look, I know, I feel the same about South, and when we make love I’m so taken and I never want it to end. How could we Muzit have been so wrong about everything?” Swabbing at that spilling from her own confession, her eyes, nose, at getting at her own Kleenexes, at handling some off to Cupid Muzit, “That’s easy Sym, because we’re to have desires of our own, principles, lust that’s other than the supreme and we rather die than be wrong about any of them, hence is our disobedience all the more fueled. I better go,” springing up a heavy weight still into that get away, Blain didn’t as promised show up at Gloria now three days passed. “I’ll call him again when, don’t, that will just disappoint you all the more, I figure all Blain is doing is trying to come to turns with why you ran out on your marriage bed. That when he can’t figure it he’s wise enough Sym at coming right to the source which is you, you and Blain are gonna be just fine, god Muzit I hope you’re right, I am, I’m right, you’ll see.” <<<“My God is Christ I was worried sick about you, I called everyone I could both think and not think of, I needed sometime,” sitting to pull her heels off into a slight massage of her worn feet, legs, did a hot shower, even a soaking bath sound delightful. “So you thought you would spend an entire night away without a word, what did I do Teri to deserve that? It’s not what you did North or didn’t do, I Neferteri needed some time away, I’m sorry I concern you, I’m sorry Teri also but that isn’t good enough” coming up a tall, brilliant harasser, aggressor to her, this his immortal life, love, “not nearly good enough. I mean what do I have to do, say, to make you understand how very important you are to me now? I was sick, ” as raising up, moving into the connecting bedroom, bringing an envelope her way “I convinced myself you’d return to Africa without me, look, I have airline quotes for god-sakes, I’d began to pack, I know I would’ve been lost there, but I’m lost here without you. Will you North, will you escape to West African with me? You would be leaving all this behind, it will be another life for you, even for me, but that’s what getting married and bringing new life into this world is about, isn’t it? Beginning all things anew, if I refuse Teri will you leave without me?” is that what this conversation is about?” Having a seat across from her, at bringing her feet into his warm lap, at massaging them like so, even her entire leg. “You are the most special man husband and lover North in all the world, no husband is ever to move into that so privately mine, and make me feel as you do, no man I could never leave you. I could never North leave that’s to infect my very blood flow, I as you just said, I could’nt live without you , wouldn’t live then yes Teri I’ll go with you. I’ll live in your world for a spell, enduring her happily, mightily leaping into his stout, delicious neck, was this the best news for her ever. “You mean it, you not change your mind ever? I probably will,” touching his lovely head to hers, kissing her dainty nose, unto her much desired mouth, tongue, drawing this conclusive life and living so deep within his once dying self. “Hundreds of times, but it won’ t prevent me, yes Teri honey, I mean it. My god I need you so much, missed you,” unfastening her just as speedily as she’s to undress him, could neither of them wait to tear into one the others piping hot lust, this their imperishable, heavens own match.

Blain XIX

…Hath God Forgotten To Be Gracious…
Scene XIX

-“So any success deciding our faith? You know Lindy I can’t say” sitting into a lunch table were Brittany, Rose, Douric, Lindy with an acceding Ninth Symphony joining them, truly the whole gang was there. “I will post the names this afternoon as usual, my gracious Sym what an exquisite bracelet” unyieldingly all attention except that of an obstinate Blain Daniel was fixed on a now flushed Ninth Symphony, arm, “and ah my god, there’s a matching ring, yes my husband gave them to me as a wedding, your husband?” An evenly overwhelmed Brittany brought all eyes, and indee itching ears, those of Rose, Lindy and Douric into Symphony’s paradoxical unbosoming. “You said husband” keeping her eyes set into their lunch table, my husband Blain, Blain?” One by one with awe-inspiring unbelief they looked with sheer amaze and awe his way, “married, you guys are married, when the hell, but how is that possible we thought you Sym was you know?” Well Blain made me an offer I couldn’t, --- refuse,” as one leaping into his apparent refusal at getting instead away, Ninth Sumphony knew it was now or she’s to lose him forever. “I was suddenly reminded I could get pregnant and that terrified me, not with one child but multiple, I panic ok?” Seeing him pause momentarily into this confession, listening, did theyhave the attention of the entire lunch area “I know I shouldn’t have ran, I know I should’ve discussed these things with you but I was hysterical” turning into an actual appearance of her, this principal being of his heart, mind and soul. If there were certain things about her Blain Daniel especially liked it was her light brown eyes or perhaps that smooth, lightly caramel skin, appetizingly flawless, or those tresses of hers that were even more gratifying than he’d first imagined. “You’re right,” swabbing at the slightest spill, as surely she was at not believing they were doing this in the midst of their co-workers considerable cafeteria and thus congregation. “It was very confusing Sym waking and finding you’d disappeared, I know, baby I know,” raking wayward strands away from those purely imposing green, tearing eyes of his, wiping and kissing his cheek like so, at a passionate smooch of his wondrous breath, lips, that artist nose, right there, they were making love. “After we’d spent such an unbelievable even at present time together, forgive me, I panic and I’m sorry, it was very confusing, I didn’t know what to think, to do, it’s ok I’m here now, passing from him into his amiable neck, ear. “I need you so much, I never been so frighten Sym , shhhhhhh I won’t live without you, I know what that mean now, Cu’re is gonna freak, hell Lindy I’m freaking, nal, you guys, look around you, we’re all as you say, freaking and none of us are Cu’re, by the way whose gonna tell her? Not me, nor I, Lindy you’re her best friend, yeah and I mean to stay her best friend, this is crazy, just when you think you’ve seen everything, heard everything, Cu’re is gonna give birth that’s all I got to say.” <<<“Were is my beautiful wife this morning?”Laying a head intro her flat belly likeso, what a beautiful day they had ahead of them “Sorry, through aday dream at playing into his thick curls like so, “I’m just hoping Sym and her husband work things out, well what did you tell her? I told her Mr. Nosey Rosey everything would work out, then there you go, all you have to do is believe what you told her and if I’m Mr, you Mrs. Sym said she was suddenly reminded she could get pregnant, that Blain is one of four quads, that she panic and got out of there as, quickly as she could. Symphony’s husband is a quad, hell I don’t blame her. She ask me South am I to ever consider it? Getting pregnant, becoming a mother, yours was a single birth right, …just checking? Although It’s strange Muzit that would come up, thiking he’s to get up, fix some coffee, get breakfast started, at breaking odd news. “Teri told North just the other day she’s pregnant and Maddy and Andy are trying and so what do you think? I think Muzit I’m married to a wondrous creature called woman, I love being married to her as often as that is possible and I know what that marriage intentions are. It’s not Muzit to simply blow my mind completely off this globe but through that unspeakable relation Muzit blood seeds can meet, agree and bring forth new life, you think I haven’t considered that? I better go or Jer is gonna kill me, so you started breakfast only to leave it to me, although I can see Symphony’s dilemma, hey, you didn’t Muzit answer me, does it frighten you? At the first yes, like Sym just the thought of it kinda panic me, but we’re talking about new ground, yeh well don’t let something so extraordinary Muzit as being one with you and multiplying us accordingly be a real threat?” Giving her the sweetest peck to her gentle lips, tickling her ear into a priceless swirm away. “I’ll call you as soon as court adjourn, good luck, be safe.” <<<“Is it true?” Ideally, dangerously coming into a working lunch hour unannounced was a clearly humiliated, scandalized Cu’re bitterly upset, we’re in meetings here, just tell me it isn’t true and I’ll leave you to your precious, damn meeting. What is this? You know how I feel about you Blain,” having come intsead into the hall with him, was all eyes and ears again on Blain’s curious predictament and you know honestly Cu’re, faithfully I cannot return those feelings, I thought we had that understanding. Just tell me damn it, we said the vows weeks ago, Symphony and I are, are, as you heard it, married, ” it was a ricochet that would be heard throughout the entire building and a ripple outlasting time as a raging mad Cu’re pulled an armed weapon out of purse. Horrible still but unable at shooting her precious Blain Daniel in his face or his head, without warning did she set said weapon into his chest, pulling the triggerlikeso, slaying a non suspecting Blain Daniel Cockeron to a stone, still coldness, falling him to his knees. Now riveted through by an unexplainable dullness, dimness unable to move anything but his eyes horridly he witness her ready the pistol additionally to finish him for sure but instead Cu’re pointed the barrel to her right eye and evenly into her left eye as to say see me and additionally pulled the trigger, splattering herself all over the place. Again possessed by this eerie incapacity, inability, he could hear his co-workers running, screaming, that at the touch of a hand to his shoulder finally he failed backward, down, down as far as he’d been before. “What is he saying” he was trying to say Symphony, he was horrified something similar had happen to her, “what the hell is he saying? Help is on the way Blain, find something, cover her up, hurry! Hurry!”

Blain XX

...Hath He In Anger Shut Up His Tender Mercies?...
Scene XX

-“Yeah I did hear about that, a shooting at Jennifer Morgan” setting her beverage to her liking did Celestra remember the awful news riveting her straight through. “Some kind of lovers quarrel, murder suicide, one was killed and one is hospitalized in very critical condition. You two are very quiet tonight, Regan is running from me again, it’s not running, your grand parents Phearce are millionaires for god’s sakes, what am I to bring to the table? This isn’t about that Rig and you know it, this Pearce is always about that, maybe if you wasn’t so rich you would know that. Now is that fair Rig, I mean really do I live like some rich guy? I’ve haven’t allowed my parents, nor my grandparents financial status to affect my decision I’m not starting now, my god Rig we’re married now in every sense and as you like to say nonsense of the word, don’t you think I won’t my parents to at least meet you? My god I thought we had this settled. he’s right Rig, I know I’m to stay out of it, with defensive hands going up, an innocent look, best friend was Roman Neal to finally decide on dessert. “You know Pearce is right, you’re a part of his family now, he’s a part of yours, this isn’t just gonna go away, as he say Rig it’s not about money, Pearce has an astonishing wife and he want to show her off, exactly, that’s it exactly. I know Rig this isn’t easy, but that day Herenton almost killed you I walked into the hospital after you with all your family experiencing and now expecting the worse, you think that was easy? You are everything to me and as Rome said I just want to shout that to the entire world beginning with my family, ok,ok, you’re right when I made that vow it’s wasn’t just to you but your entire family. I’ve heard this all before Rig, I promise ok, we can leave as early as tomorrow, but fly, not drive, I don’t think I can bare the drive. So what’s for dessert? We’re going to the African Juttah, you guys want to come? That Rig would really be intruding, no Celest, I agree with Rig, why don’t we all do this together, you’re not just saying that at being the good guy you are? No Rome I mean it, it’ll be fun, look you guys I better get back, so it’s decided, again?” I’ll call you, yeah, he’s unbelievable all right, now can I ask whats for dessert? I’m gonna meet you guys back at the house, yeah, well tell South and the others I said hello, you think you're so smart don't you? I know I'm so smart, see you later alligator, after all that you still have room for dessert, really, after knowing me sweet wife for so you can still ask that question? It was weird wasn’t it, hearing his name again, after so long, after so much that has happen? Yeah, as weird Celest as taking up for Pearce, you know there was a time I was completely against him, yeah and I’m sure Rome he really appreciated it.”