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Blain XXXI

...Thou Hast With Thine Arm Redeemed Thy People... SCENE XXXI “You know Sym I can see your manner of faith doing trying times” leaning forward into a rustle of nervous palms, “war times perhaps, but you’re talking about a band of believers who’re accustomed to seeing that they're to believe” relaxing back, clarifying his side “they see they’re moneyed, they’re fortune with all the world’s good that they have no need, including the astronomical faith you’re to display” “they worship Sym for your supreme their gain, only Sym when these treasures fail them do they again pick God up so to speak you mean as though the supreme is mocked,” having freshen Blain’s water now pouring her a glass “as though he is unseeing and has forsaken the earth? While I was talking to my gramps last night, she gave me the disturbing news that a close friend of the family died suddenly last weeks end” fitting herself perfectly into her seat “I felt genuinely sorry at the first at her being no older then myself, and I remember thinking how people like herself don’t think death is gonna truly happen to them, or it’s to happen only when they’re to expect it, that they’re not like the fish that get non-suspectingly snarled in a net, then I couldn’t help but wonder, all those times she was witness to of my gramps concerning spiritual things deeply spiritual things did she ever take them serious or was she one of those people Creighton thinking she had all the time in the world for that? Or did she only remember the supreme’s grace and not the fact he’s also a god of wrath a god bearing the keys, the admittance of both hell and death? The fact is Creighton the chances this young lady died redeemed even after gramps was so detailed with her concerning the things of the supreme is actually slim to none, I mean isn’t that also one of the reasons she’s dead, that they’re dead all over the globe” “isn’t that a voice from heaven saying let this be a lesson to all in attendance? I mean with death being disengaged from it’s authority, the grave likewise having lost it’s glory who really has to die? Why? Except the will of the supreme be realized, factualized and finalized, you see that’s what I’m talking about, I’ve only meet a few with your kind of faith, of spiritual conviction, they called themselves the JCV’ers” (Jesus Christ Victories) “I mean the majority of them have since migrated if you will into the African Juttah, but they had this love of him Sym, this trust and obedience that was beyond this earth, this unspeakable comprehension, listening to them was like listening to Christ himself” “I know of the JVC’ers Creighton” getting into an apparent slumbering Blain Daniel, as usual tucking him in, “I used to be one of them, you know before I lost faith and fell into this satanic world’s rudiments, their perversions of earth-bounds lifestyles, aw my god, I completely believe that, I really do. ..FOR THEY GOT NOT THE LAND... SCENE XXXII “So how was the ride?” I slept most of the way, and the rest, I read, studied, you guys are all tangled up, I can’t see whose really driving. That would be me, so how was Cry’s brother, he’s still in fanger or what? Do you Ash know how much he would appreciate you calling him and asking him that one sure thing? Kenneth asked about you several times when you was gone, and what did you tell him? The truth, that friend had with an emergency and went to them for moral support, he said to call him when you can, that he miss you and all. Well the brother Blain was showing real progress when I left, he was moving his feet, and being made ready to be transferred so he’s fairing well. So what happen really? Some strange crush, like went bad, she shot Blain and then herself, killed herself, crippled him, so one of those horrible things you know. Then if you Cassia believe in hell, well hell exist Bright, just like heaven whether you believe or not, and you believe right? I believe that just as there’s a first heaven we can see, a second heaven, the universe, that through space exploration has been proven real that there is then a third heaven, that is seen only with owith help of the Holy Lords so yes, I believe heaven exist, as so hell. Then this person who shot Blain and herself if hell is real is there, I didn’t create it Bright man, nor did I send her there, you guys can hate the way God does things all you want but everyting on this earth belong to him, and one day every bit of it will give an account to him, will you guys answer to him, which is why the Christ Lord forewarn, repent or perish. Creighton says man is the victim on this planet, which proves he’s not in power, and that victim-mizing him the more, aren’t just satanic and demonic power, but his, mankind’s own rebellious unbelief, ah I believe there is a God, yeah Bright millions of people do, but do you believe in him enough to forsake all this world has to offer to serve him? Ah nall, I’m a little too yong for all of that, then Bright you believe in God the creator, not Savior, your creation is realized for thousands of years, your salvation is questionable until you die, and I’m not by Christ Cross dying here and living there, or dying here carnally, unto dying for all eternity all according to what you believe. Then this age thing,” paused at a now green light did at least ten roaring police cars zoom through the light, at wondering what manner of tragedy evoked so many? “This age thing you guys, there’s nothing concrete in the scriptures reagarding that, and this girl that did the shooting, she was only a couple years older than us. Cry says he can’t believe we’re all still here, that the supreme haven’t acted to remove the Church-bride, the church bride? The born again, they’re referred to as the churchbride, not you guys the church world, not churchians, but Christ, bought, washed, anointed Christians, churchian, I lke that, well enough of all of that, you said you’re hungry, I’m famished, how about Cliff burger, how about I just fix me something, ok, Subsies it is, it’s only we got to pass the campus first, I’m Bright sure we can find our way back, that’s cute Cas, really. >>>”It’s positive,” strangely handing Caleb a sort of paper syringe with colors, did he not for the world of himself understand, “it says I’m pregnant, I’m sorry you what? You heard me Mr. Steele, you’re going to be a father, ha, nerviously investigating the article once more at trying to capture the moment, did he do like this dance about the room again into a seat, morning sickness, that Nickie is what that was? Apparently yes, were you expecting this? I mean we are married, but so soon, I’m, I’m, I think I’m concern, ah baby you gonna be just fine,” ingesting frazzled nerves as she along a hard swallow, though he couldn’t say it or show it was Caleb Matthew rather, truly bedazzled of his own. “My, I, I guess we should’ve known, I know, I had no idea, come here,” bringing her a hug and kiss along his lap, there was no way Nickie’s parent could separate them now, and how he had to reach big brother Erion Kalen and tell him the news, boy would be surprised. “I think Creighton suspected, which is why he suggested I see the nurse, not wanting to spoil the surprise perhaps, my lord, there’s a baby, our baby, this timy human growing into of you, wow! I love you so much and I honeybun you, I guess we need to look into the nuptial dorms, huh? “I’m frighten,” showing him her trembling hands, did he grab them instantly into strenguous kisses at reassuring her she wasn’t alone. “I tell you what you call your mom, I’m sure she can give you advice to clear these gittlers right up, I’m going to find Creighton, tell him the good news, and I’ll be back just as soon.” >>>”Come on mar, answer the phone,” with phone in it’s fourth ring, “god mar I didn’t,” but it was the answering machine, that mother was possibly working late, or getting groceries, truly there was no telling. {{{Hey there beautiful mother of mine, this is your baby daughter, I have some news, so call me just as soon, love you guys.}}} “You were right if you thought Nickie’s sickness was related to her bring pregnant, ahhhh man, grabbing him into a gracious hug before he knew it, were they nearly finish with getting Blain Daniel transferred to the rehab center. “So how does it feel? Ah terrifyingly joyful, if Cry there is such a thing, of course there’s such a thing you just described it, so besides me who you’re to tell next, nall I’m right, I’m not gone, hearinh bib brother Blain is ask of his where abouts, with all of them standing around, where they beginning to wheel him out of te room, I told Nickie to call her mom, she’s really nervous, I though the first chance I get I’ll call Erion, stand his hairs on edge even more.” No, no cry is right here, I’m right here Blain man, you, you get back to school, to that girl of yours, I’m ok, the next you see me I’ll be walking, promise me, I promise, I’ll get back, good, I love you lil bro, I love you as well, big bro. I knew that’s what he wanted, what girl is he talking about? Well the only one he met was Cassia, ah she and Blain really hit it off, they sat and talked for the longest when Sym wasn’t around you know, so he thought she was your girl, yeah, and I didn’t feel like explaining otherwise so.” ...NEITHER DID THEIR OWN ARM SAVE THEM... SCENE XXXIII “So it’s decided?” “As far Talsh as I’m concern yes, is this Tristan really happening? Yeah” eyes of his widen, brower’s raised into celebrating their, even mankind faith for so long wasn‘t returning to either of them void. “Finally, ---do you know how long the Supreme Father has been calling on us to come out of Mystery Babylon, to be not a part of her sins and iniquities? I know Talsh that request won’t be fulfilled completely until the great gathering but the African Juttah that’s without sin and the specialized Septiennel that’s to follow are both a close proximity, adJacency. And Travis Egan, just how will this be for him? Are you kidding, witnessed upon as one himself as gitty as a school boy, as a child at Christmas, “it’s perfect Talsh, he qnd all saints children will literally be children of the Kingdom of God.” I mean you know how extremely perverted every manner of association, of formulation in this country, that nothing is now exempt. Especially the sanctuaries that’s suppose to be sanctified unto this one supreme, consecrated, our sons leaders are so made up, they’re so animated Talsh, physically, mentally, spiritually, even sexually. It’s like asking, will the real mankind that the supreme hath made, that the Christ of the supreme hath perpetually mold please standup.” They can’t, they’ve forsaken us Talsh, they've been awarded with being the only force on this planet capable at saving the world. Only instead they’ve used these divine gifts so unspeakable to build temporal treasures on a globe they know according to the supreme's sound doctrine is gonna past away I was thinking Tristian just the other day how what the American dream was to accomplish seen both it’s reality and it’s destruction the moment the first man, both Adama and Eve fail through disobedience of the supreme’s grace, think about that for a second, how there gain is actually failure, how are they to profit from that? And it wouldn’t be picked up again or possible at being a reality but by the second Adam’s sacrifice, and then only as man is to labor after it for without the supreme all past away. You mean man’s kingdoms Talsh decreasing that the supreme, the ancient of days is to increase forevermore.” <<<"You want to talk, about what you made known yesterday? So what was it the doctor was to say about Blain’s legs? That it was more than just a muscle reaction, that it was both conscious and subconscious. Meaning?” As one walking into and peering out of a window displaying a brand new day, Creighton was so bunched up inside, so befuddled and resentful he supposed. “He actually Creigton moved his legs, he just don’t remember how he did it, and is that good? It’s proof that paralyzed victims have these manners of signals crossed and once they’re so to speak uncrossed, his mind and motions will again function Interchangeably. To be honest with you Symphony I don’t why I blurted that out,” it had began to rain, to rain as though they needed it, to rain as to add insult to injury, must of the area being flooded already. “Although have you ever Symphony sat in a still, silent room with a cold barrel to your head? Just sat there feeling it press into your skull, knowing what it is indeed it’s to want, what it’s true purpose as a killing tool? A killing tool yes, but one that is mind, and ordered by a flesh and blood commander-in-chief, it can on his own Creighton do no harm. Although If you’re aksing me if I’ve ever been suicidal, what you think my homophile lifestyle was? Wasn’t it and all such the lifestyles opposing the Supreme a manner of Russian Roulette? Of suidicial tendencies? I think we’re all that way at some point, that being sucidial isn’t the tradegy but what we’re to do with this divine illumination, do we or lives and sacrifice them for Christ sake, even as he? Or do we Creighton take lives, by saving our life, this clever illusionist only to lose it forever-more?“ I vote we take it, realize it, as well realize it’s only a fulfullment, a hort space of what the Supreme promised our founding parents until the supreme’s Christ, cross. That shadow of redemption be fulfilled? Wow, that is Sym astonishing, even incredible, if only we‘re stand, by Christ cross that is, lest Sym we fall continually.” Turning a tall,genuine beauty into her, grabbing his coat, seemingly, suddenly in a hurry to get out, “I want you to meet Ashley Paige, I want you share thes manners of thoughts with her, she’s to say the only manner of proof we’re to have is the initial crossover, but you Sym say it’s our initial faith in the Supreme, that it alone can make us whole, can make of certain, it Creighton, alone. He really like you, where you eavesdropping all alone?” Tucking his cover into a generous smooch of his perfumed hair, was it just about that time, that she’s to get home and spend some time. No, I only awaken to hear you reassure him Christ is Lord, but I can tell he likes you for Creighton doesn’t like anyone.” ...I will Remember The Works Of The Lord... SCENE XXXIV “And what made you come to that conclusion?” “Well North to be honest it’s not that dissimlar from escaping into the African Juttah.” “ Or into France, surely this way I get to put more than these legal skills to use, I can be a mission of mercy and redemption like you and Teri.” “This is all so strange South, that which was spirit was so far away from us, although now it’s to take the front seat it was to always reserve?“ “I can feel it South being closer than ever before, the Christ’s return you mean? That and everything to both proceed and follow accordingly, and Muzit, how are you ever to persuade her? Believe me that’s the least persuasion, it’s Andy I’m most concern with, knowing Andy South, and we do, he’ll stay close to Jer, you remember how sicken he was at the thought Jer would go to Australia? Are you kidding?” As one taking a better look into some investigative photos, how this particular trial, the Lantish trial would possibly be their last in the United States. “The sickest I’ve ever seen him, any way if Jer isn’t the bone, Andy like ourselves is his own married man now right, it’s up to Maddy and him. What about mom and dad, did Rig say anything about those two? Rooted North and grounded, you know how those two are, yeah them South and millions of others, flames will have to be snapping at their ankles. So there are according to this Preece Ebonee cruise ships of five star quality on their way here, not only here but they are North to position themselves on the Northern and Southern ports of every continent that no one wanting passage to the Juttah is to be exempt. So what you think about the Lantish case?” As one tossing a thick brown file his way, did a glance at the clock ahead remind South Lee lunch time was gravely upon him, and thus Muzit, seeing his lovely wife. “I don’t, I think we should pass it to Scroll and Pacific and let Stellan Lacross be our final case file here, huh! Don’t even North Lee Whitehead make me blush or laugh, there is no way in hell we’re getting off that easy, this big brother of yours assure you.” <<<“So are you going to cast a tent here on the peer? It’s so amazing, so refreshing I don’t know Leijune I may do exactly that, do you know what is awaiting us here Siagon? Yeah, the phenomenally indescribable, what else? Well honey we got to get beyond this peer, ok, ok, I’m coming” as one taking up two hudge bang, following her lead I’m coming, was everything around Siagon truly too opulent for words. “New Africa Ethiopia” inhaling into streching happy, inquring eyes high into the tallest trees, mountains, justly into the astonishing blue sky. How without fault or failure had the needle’s eye seventh like clock work arrived it’s passengers in the thousands on the Juttah landmark. “I’m to get more and more nervous Shan as we approach, you honey and me both, what an amazing senic route is it not? Senic route huh?” Taking her nervous hand in agreement with his, having past several jungle animals, herds, “this is by far the most extraordinary and the best my dear Leijune is it yet at coming.” <<< “We did the right thing, right?” Turning into the handsome Asian beauty Shus’Shan yet was, I don’t think Cas it can get any more right than this. I don't think it’s possible, my god” springing into an even deeper surprise as they caught the attention of friendly jungle anmials. “those tall, long neck things, Giraffes Cas, they’re called Giraffes, as one becoming quite tickled at him, at what they were indeed seeing, experiencing. “Those are Girrr, gir-raffes all right, I’ve never seen one, you know besides on Television you know, my god they’re break taking, this Casiphia, the husband I love, this is breathtaking. That’s all he said, how crazy is that? That he want you to meet his suicidal fiancee, don’t get so upset, I hate I told you,” having been helped back to bed after his daily bouts with rehabilitation, these useless chores he called them, was baby brother Creighton back. “I don’t think it’s all that serious? How can you Sym tell me of all people that?” Apparently worried for him, ven more by this conversation in particular, ablut Creighton’s suicidal girlfriend. “I don’t won't this Paige person to susceed where Cu’re failed, I know that, I didn’t mean at sounding insensitive. No, you didn’t, but there’s something else, you’ve Sym had like a mooring spirit all day. They want to put me on bed rest, even the visits I'm make here everyday, the African trip is to be put off.” As usually dolling him and just as so his room up, his sur-roundings, it was getting so she couldn‘t hide anything from him, simply nothing. “I don’t Sym clearly under, they found three fetuses Blain, three” discontinuing her work at clarifying both of their urgent situation, heavily, despondently she showed three fingers. “And when they’re to discover I’m pregant by a quad, they’re even more cautious, three, feeling his nose tingle with emotional sentiment of joy, and amazement, truly how trying yes, but how remarkable. “Well I haven’t told you Sym, and though I haven’t discussed it with Dr. Felix I don't see why I can’t spend the rest of my recovery time at home. I mean everything I’m to have here, need here can be transformed to our home, even my therapist. She and I discuss it and she thinks I’m well enough, that I’m showing tremendous progress, that Sym being home just might speed this whole process up. She even went as far today to say that by Christmas I could be walking with a cane, do you know Blain know how perfect that would be? What perfect timing, but we don’t want to rush things right? Nurse Rexton said it’s not rushing things at all, just moving to the next level, by this Christmas, she really told you that. She told me that, and I Sym with all my heart received it, you know the Christ saying thy faith hath made thee whole, yeah, sure.” As one so tickled at grbbing his thick, warm hands into hers, even agentle kiss to his sweet hairline, loving him so, this genuine ideal of himself. “We‘re to make great parents you know, yes, I think Blain for the first time I can say, yes, yes, I know. You want to talk? Natalie is to say it all sound so boring,” as one sadly breaking twigs along this disappointment with her, casting them off, away, for nought. “I don’t underatand,” as one coming into a seat, into this awful scene after his baby brother, was he and his girlfriend as usually on uncertain terms. “What is boring, this place, as shall the African Juttah be, what kind of life are we to have beyond one Another? Is what she keep asking me. Is that a trick question? Does she have any ideal how demanding the African Juttah, how only a small portion of the natives are to agree to out presence there. That the resistance there along could be lethel if it wasn’t for the Supreme divine intervention and even there, more and more people are bring kidnapped. Kiddnapped? There are laborers, legal and structure to be performed there that can take up to twelve or more hours a day. Then there’s elementray and collegiate studing, the varied languages alone Caleb we’re encouraged to expert and the missions, said missionaries we're to take are far from picknics.” “Rememeber that hill I told you about? Who you think are responsible for investigating and maintaining that hill, for it‘s vast rescues?” “I mean have you Caleb considered the disasters they’re to see, to prevent, there’s play and party in the Juttah but it’s mostly work, work and more work.“ I gave you those, what about those brochures I passed to you?” “I don’t know Erion man, maybe she’s right, maybe we can stay right here, continue our enducation and go into our dream work of being aircraft engineers.“ “Is that Caleb what you’re to tell mom and dad when they, ---hey you guys you better come, what happen?” “It’s Downtown New York, what you mean?“ Was Erion Kalen and bother Caleb getting after an alarmed Gabriel getting them to the nearest communicator, that unrealizable foer now, breaking news. “They’re saying some buildings mysteriously exploded, what you mean mysteriously, ---you guys haven’t heard?” Was all eyes, ears by now on the communicator, again that astonishing breaking news. “Somebody reported seeing fire from the sky, fire, ---from the sky?” Pushing both hand into his pocket, instantly reminded of his recent dream, a voice crying aloud, sparing not, ‘I don’t care what the heavens do anymore.’ “They say there are bodies everywhere, bodies?“ Well how many?“ “You mean someone is blaming this on a meteor?” “That’s not Erion what I said, you know good and well Nasa nor the Pentagon is gonna confess to that.“ “You know what else?” “It would explain why we’ve had a tremendous amount of satellite disruption, yeah and all this really bad weather.” Yeah, yeah it make sense to prophet Erion, but not these hard-noses we call the father of our nations.” This is bad, really bad, “I better go check on Bail, see if she’s seeing this, I’ll come with you, “I haven’t seen my neice all day.“ “You said bodies, how many did they say?” “They didn’t, they said giving the location of the explosion hundreds, perhaps even thousands could be dead.“ “This is so not real, this is America,“ easing into the seat his brother Erion once occupied, in front of screen, none of them could rightly believe, this was real, that this unthinkable event was really happening. “{{{Caleb here, yeah I’m watching it, I don’t know about five, no Gabriel and, yeah I know it’s hard to, yeah I’ll come, the cafe in fifteen, yeah, I love you too babe.}}}” “Did they say the Statue of Liberty?” “Ah my god look at all of those people, man look at their faces, what is that falling from, that’s some kind of debree right?“ “Ah, my god are those, I don‘t think that‘s debree, shhh Caleb man, we’re trying to see, hear just like.” You see that? What’s this, just a fluke accident? I don’t know Gabriel man, buildings don’t just explode you know.”

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