Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain X

...I Am So Troubled That I Cannot Speak...
Scene X

-"Ummm that's good" as one enduring a bite of crispy bacon, pouring a hot cup along a peep into his time piece had Blain Daniel and Ninth Symphony endured their first night together. "I have just enough time at getting home, catching a shower and getting to the work place on time, my shower is free, ump, I don't Sym want to complicate things, if that ring and bracelet caused such the wreckage, that sofa is a genius by the way, what will my showering here implicate? I mean I might call on you at washing my back or something, speaking Blain of those jewels, ---some things Sym are just meant to be," bringing that delicate advice into her perfumed curls, her ear, neck, along a titillating play of her marvelous mouth, at exciting her in places so sorely confidential. "They Blain only caused a small fortunate, I just think they're a little, I'll see you at work, you know I'm not ready that they're to know about us, not just yet anyway. I love your lips you know that? Your amazing eyes, actually Ninth Symphony Artz I love you. Uh I better go, good day Miss Artz, and to you Mr. Cockeron" <<<"So it's decided? I think the Coogan firm Rose relocating to France has decided for us, and you rather return to Richmond?" Slumping on the bed at their packing to leave, was returning to Richmond after living in New York the last things wife Rosalyn wanted to do. "France isn't Rose an all expense paid vacation, bread there is to cause more than our car. Yeah Court but don't you think if Practice and Emily can do it so can we? We have money put up, for Rose raising a family, and don't talk at me as if this is a choice! What good will those savings be Court if you're out of a job? The Coogan Firm is to match all of the internal's salary for three years no questions asked, and who told you that? Prentice told me, Prentice is going to France? For those three years at least then who knows, who Court cares? You're talking about France for three years paid in full, now, well Rose that's a horse of a different color, why didn't you tell me this sooner?" <<<"My god you scared me" breathing her heart back into it's place, that jittering fright, had a stalker like Blain Daniel more than startled her. "Meet me at my place tonight, ooh your hands are freezing, will you Sym meet me? I'm to prepare a portfolio for Dissuasion and I could use your help, my help?" As one again moving off at the thought someone would see, even hear at taking their conversation deeper into the file room. "How does eight sound and I'll prepare dinner? Earth to Sym, eight? Great I'll be there, lobster tails and veggies, right I'll see you then, Sym!" Striking her chin with a charming conformity, an incalculable harmony, there was nothing more to be said, done, that night would tell, "I promise, I'll be there."

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