Monday, June 6, 2011

Blain XXXV

...THOU ART MY KING, O GOD… SCENE XXXV “How will we know whether or not their plane was affected?” “We Shawn just know, you know by faith, ah god I hope you’re right, they never should’ve left the Juttah, remember that talk we had recently about those divine guardians?” “If Gabriel and Michael themselves had to use their own wings at flying that plane in safely then so be it, I better see if I call mother again. This is all Carrie happening so fast, yeah“ as one protecing the reciever had he been trying for days and days at reaching their mother Erica, Father Matthew, but without prevail. “But consider how long it’s, {{{hello mother, hel ---yeah it's me Car, ---hello, I can hardly ---mom, hel, you’re where? I don’t, huh, ---yeah, ok yeah, recall you and, ---hello}}} Damn it, as one slamming the phone uncesessarily but was communication abilities getting worse and farmost impossible. “You couldn’t make any of it out? There was something about makeshift, or making a shift, I don’t know, I’ll try again later, hey isn’t that Jordon and Coven? It is, my god, it is,” with both of their faces lighting up with signs of joy and relief, finally was seeing them like a breath of fresh air. “you guys, hey, over here!“ As those springing up happily, hastily, running and waving them their way was seeing them some finally some good news. “Man I can’t tell you how good is to see you guys, ---and where is my nephew? Mother has him, so how was the flight?” With them all soon making an appearance, truly the entire young, astonishing African Juttah , here was brother Covington and Myreah, Preece Ebonee and B. Karsiann, Agurus and Chelsea, Heus and Aslan, all with body guards Calistus and Rimmon. “Please” as those rushing over to grab their bags forthwith, had the flight been extremely taxing, even in some cases perilous. "Don’t ask, ---what’s this ur-gency Carrie you spoke of last we talked? Yeah, although Heus they’re still denying it thousands of people are feared dead and as I said, they’re still in denial? Look we need to get to France, my God Carrie we barely made it here, I know, I know but a reporter there of the Paris Globe named Cheyenne Deburk, he’s the one we need to see about what’s going on. Cheyenne Deburk, nay relation to Sioux Noel Deburk?“ I don’t know Heus man, I know he’s the main skywatcher, he’ll know what’s coming next. Well,“ as one again grabbing his own shoulder bag, was Heus sure this Cheyenne Deburk could lead him, even them to Sioux Deburk and thus his mother. “You don’t Carrie have to persuade us Coogans that was our destination at the first, I mean hopefully we’re to find mother there.” “Yeah but if lal these cancellations keep up we gonna have to walk to France, ---so” as one showing herself intensely delighted, but was Shaughnessy full of inqueries burstin right over concerning the African Juttah. “How was it, the Juttah?” “Everything Shawn you’re to imagine and beyond, ---and how was it Ash being a propose queen for a time? Scary ok, scary as hell ” tickling them with her facial resistance, expression, did she grab as to hold on for dear life her special husband, Heus Agurus. “Although what is happening here in the states has so belittled that, yeah I wish we had wings so we could fly to our destination. That remind me Heus man, Agurus and Kars, we’re sorry about the house, the house?” Were they all genuinely, even equally confused at Covington kind, heart felt apology, “you mean you don’t know?” Stopping them all in their tracks as considering what it was a serious Covington was trying to tell them., “Come on Carrie man since the satellites are down news get to the Juttah, it’s gone, what you mean it’s gone?“ I mean like your uncle Sye’s place, your uncle Bradford’s Place, T-KAMB torched it” as one making a long, unbelievable story short, an otherwise unsympathetic Shaughnessy Coogan was giving her part. The Coogan Mansion you guys, it’s gone? When the hell did that happen?” Obviously with a single tears triggling along his cheek, as so B Karsiann and Agurus, was this expected realism quite bitter some sweet. “A few days ago, it was all over the news, ---Kars” as one moving passionately into her ear, her apparent breakdown, although the Coogan mansion was of little value to him, did Preece Ebonee know how dear it was to his wife and new brothers. “Hey, ---I’m ok” passionately touching her tall, fabulous caretaker, even momentarily crying on his stout shoulder, was this heart breaking news. “And our uncle’s houses? Well your uncle Sye house was purposely flooded, a complete lost and your uncle Bradford’s house was blown to splinters, they had To entirely evacuate like eight blocks. Well Preece Covington it would seem the true equalizer is here, as he will have sacrifice and not mercy.” <<<“I’m afraid I don’t understand and I'm equally afraid Medicine Bow I haven’t the time to explain it, obviously you haven’t heard about the disaster areas affecting the states” as one moving over calmly, cutting the communicator on, how she‘s to see these world disaster for herself . “Disaster areas, cutting a smirk of unbelief at continuing her packing, just what in God’s name was Medicine Bow Sign speaking of? “There have been large explosions there Simone, planes and flights are grounded until further notice, even some of the Needle Eye cruises have found themselves in direr straits.” My god, as one holding her chest, her heart around these serious accuasations, truly what was she walking, or even flying into? You’re serious, as serious as that, I cut it on but as you can see, we’re getting nothing Simone but snowed out channels. Is this a joke, I know you don’t want me in the, no it’s what I been telling you for hours now but you won‘t listen. Then how you’te to know if the communicators are down? Barely, my brother Cheyenne in France got word to me, the UK’s London Bridge their is severely damaged, dam’s are giving way at drowning thousands, perhaps hundred of thousands, millions could be dead by the morning. Ah my god, I got to find Lyndon, do you Medicine Bow have any relatives in the States? Yes, my parents and grandparents are their, you think they’re safe? Well safe to my parents would be to be separte from this life-span and present with the Lord Christ, we’re with all our hearts, mind and souls at treasuring. Well” as one readying the elevator, with the Juttah so massive, what would be the first place she‘s to look for her brother Lyndon? “My love ones Medcine are far from that, my sister Cu’re recently set a weapon to her face and pulled the trigger, what?” Truly startling him beyond belief, what a sorrowful and even horrific tale, that someone would hard themselves this way. Yeah, only before she’s to do that she nearly killed and did criple possibly for life this guy, Blain Daniel it would seem she had a damaging crush on, that she shot him first, then herself, so getting back home is of the essense seeing my mother is threathing a nervous breakdown. Its’ why my brother Lydon is come all this way, though if what you’re telling me is true, as one shaking a non- specific head, jilt at him, did she all the more seem to have an impossible chore ahead of her. “I will Simone be in much prayer, turn this all around, you know that we’re to instead to be favored. You really believe you can do that, just with prayer you’re to make what’s clearly impossible, possible, that all is not lost? All is not lost I assure you, trials of this sort will come, and they go, only so others will emerge but if we Simone faith not, he, the supreme deliverer will deliever us out of lal our troubles.”

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