Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain VI

...My Soul Refused To Be Comforted...
Scene VI

-"Now how did I get in here?" Fanning curious eyes in dimension of his comfortable bedroom, equally fixing them toward a window whose light was now dark at easing into his elbows. "Symphony!" Casting the covers off into a seat, shaking his ear length strands into a consuming yarn, stretch was a better rested Blain Daniel hoping it'd not all been a dream "Ninth Symphony, are you still, my god what is that smell?" Did said aroma draw a lethargic Blain Daniel toward the kitchen "what is that smelling so good? The dead," did a model caliber Ninth Symphony stop him in his tracks at how truly astonishing she actually was "has Risen. I thought you were gone, that you'd possibly not been here a toll, no I haven't left as yet, now you go and sit and I'll bring you some of this delicious soup, my gramps made me some while I was there and it was, what you mean not yet? It mean Mr. Cockeron I left a few errands undone at home," bringing a steaming bowl to his seat to him was she not at all surprised he wasn't to trust her leaving so soon. "That I probably need to get an overnight bag or, then I'll come with you, no you will not," readying a hot spoon for his alluring mouth was she acting as boss over him so sexually alluring "you will regain your strength. I haven't eaten much since the day you, I know, I started fasting, praying and, this is so much better Blain when it's steaming hot, ump" over spilling his tongue, jerking at that stinging his lip, wiping just as fast was she not mistaking about how delicious it all was. "That is delicious chicken noodle soup, my gramps secret recipe, I don't want to frighten you Sym," pointing an oppress look, this crystal-clear intrigue down, away at narrating this indefinable closeness. "We did agree I could call you Sym? Sure, if that's what you like, I mean, I don't Symphony want to imagine living without you, does that frighten you or intimidate you? Take another bite and I'll tell you, that night you welcome yourself to my table and you blurted out said feelings I thought someone was playing a horrible, horrible joke you know, then to realize you were actually serious, that Blain was even more psychotic. No" resting said spoon, eyes into his bowl, as their conversation had become much too serious for eating, despite how cute they'd become. "I can't explain it, I mean at first I was terrified at what all this meant, but now Blain I'm neither frighten or intimidated and I can tell you why. Please Sym tell me why? Well, I imagine it's because you've already been, ---look at me" donned by flawless copper tone skin, genuinely highlighted ear length tresses, with unexplainable emphasis were artist like features, as well the most gentle Blain Daniel thought, succulent lips and mouth, with blue eyes at dying for. As so was she now at cooking for him, feeding him proving herself to be as maternal as she was cultivated. "You've been so patient, so kind and considerate, which has made these unpredictable changes more tolerable, miraculous even. You want more soup? Speeding away rationally, impulsively from this fear-inspiring subject, were things happening she'd not even imagine let alone prayed after. "I'll just freshen your, I want more yes, but Sym I'll get it myself, you think I'm patient, kind? You said, I don't know about any of that Sym I simply know what I want and why I want it. You're not having any? Ah, nall that is explicitly for you. What are you doing?" This expert witness spinning her into a handsome tickle how he's to actually poke himself with a fork, unthinkable only months earlier although could she and Blain Daniel be this couple quite darling. "That Sym was a really dumb form of pinching myself, that really hurt, so these errands Sym of which you speak they're not to wait? An overnight, I mean as far as I'm concern you have everything you, you don't trust that I'm to return? We misplaced you there Sym for a couple of months, probably the hardest delay of my life, so you can understand my concern. What Blain if anything is happening between us, Is this really happening? I'm a witness Ninth Symphony, I have been from day one, this is really happening. And what is this? Haven't you been listening? I want to marry you, speak the Juttah vows with all my heart to you and from this day forward claim you entirely mine. I'm crazy about you, god as this witness I've been planning this life, that eternity around you for, I'm going to go, because of what I said?" Speeding up to her, to forestall her was Blain Daniel more intimidating even to Ninth Symphony's blood she was to properly narrate. "I'm sorry, I don't know how else, I don't know how you do it, how you Blain blurt out your feelings without any hesitation, and how Sym do you really feel?" Easily combing wayward stands back uselessly at seeing her, at investigating her response, such a dazzling, honey-above vision she most likely was. "Overwhelmed, literally speechless, like someone Blain, something know my heart's desire even better than myself. You will Sym return to me? An hour,” as one modeling herself such the temptress along a soft, gentle kiss to his lightsome cheek at getting herself right off, did she if it was possible smell as good as she looked, “two at the most, I'll grab a few things and be back before you know it."

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