Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XI

…I Have Considered The Days Of Old…
Scene XI

“Sym?” Loaning a crystal ear for hearing “hey you coming back?” Additionally wondering, soon turning up, out into this bizarre muteness, “what is going on? The portfolio is nearly done, we both have early mornings so, so you thought you would leave as early as this? What is this Blain? What is it you want from me?” Pulling her sash tighter, reaching her umbrella as it had begun to pour “you’re frighten of me aren’t you? What are you talking about? Just go ahead and admit it, you have me but you don’t know what to do with me, I don’t understand what you’re, you treat me really special Blain, really delicate like. You always come just close enough but that’s as far, I mean we’ve gone as far as the Juttah vows and still nothing, doesn’t that Blain mean we’re married or something? Yeah, I’m still shrieking over that one. Ok, I’m a bit careful at the fact you’re, seeing that you, that I’m a lesbian, that I once preferred women? Isn’t that Sym what the world is to say about you? And even if you’re persuaded from birth then is that not a birth defect? All of us Sym are shaped by a gross injustice and are thus at fault from birth” with each expression, each sensible infiltration he was motivating this precarious uprising, although was this an official conclusion wherewith to jeer him? “Blain Daniel Cocheron is to have a blemish from birth?” With her hand yet on the door knob was he getting out away “Isn’t it Sym obvious?” As one fixing her into his lovely embrace, into a sweet nudge to her hairline, all to inhale her into himself, “true love is pure, impeccable, is it Symphony untellable yet it grows like a never-ending vine thoroughly plenteous and I’m evenly Sym infected. Although despite all of the above it’s because of both this relentless flaw and flawlessness that I’m to be delicate I so want this. I so want you it is beyond description but I so want you Sym to want us as well, you think it’s easy Blain that you’re to perform every lecherous mechanism stimulating and vexing everything that’s bone and blood inside me but you’re never to, to what Sym?” Bringing himself preciously, although dangerously close, intimidating her every word, excuse “how close Sym do you want me?” Fixing his eager nose, lips into that arousing him the most, the bouquet of her short ringlets, her ear, neck. “How close Sym?” Breathing hard, raised breaths into this amazing gentleman undressing her, “you’re undressing me” button by button removing her coat, unfastening her top. “I think my wife just made me an offer so this is at better baby at having you” touching his fiery lips, whispers additionally to her cheek, her neck, “at having my wife.” “{{{North here” “yes I’m Mr. Whitehead,” spinning a slumbering Nefertitri off carefully at sitting up horribly in bed yes I know, she’s my, sister, Maddy?” Madison Lorene was crying, more than that she was hysterical “calm, Maddy” casting the covers off into a better performance, at hurriedly getting to his feet, baby you’re gonna, where are, Maddy calm down and, no tell me where you. Where’s Andy? I can’t tell Andy can’t you see that, I’ll be right there” scrambling for his clothes, his shoes, seeing clearly Nefertitri was yet undisturbed “no don’t go near that car I’ll be, Maddy, Maddy you called me right? Yes,’ swabbing both cheeks uselessly at imaging this horrible mess she’d gotten herself in “you need me right? Yes, then don’t move I’ll right there.” <<<“GET OFF!” jabbing a quick, razor blade fist into the strong back, side of a persistent Blain Daniel stabbing and terrorizing her cloistered acts. “YOU GET OFF OF ME DAMN IT! Ugh god you’re hurting, I’m not trying” pinning her arms down mightily at both seeing and calming her, at making love to her “just calm down Sym, Ugggggggg god,”a faultfinding, capsized Ninth Symphony was crying, kicking and screaming at a determined Blain yes getting off of her. “Get off of me, DAMN IT! Get off!” Additionally a violent Ninth Symphony banged hard, persistent fist into him soon bringing a rendered through Blain Daniel at releasing her to his back. “What kind of damn person are you?” Crying and spitting mad was she yanking the covers at hiding herself, at running from him, from this horrible, villainous encroachment of unfamiliarity and vital fluid of life, of marriage. “What kind of a damn person would does that? Sym, I, I didn’t try to hurt you,” rubbing strong palms across his eyes, his face, getting into a seat a pitiful Blain Daniel rubbed a tense neck, “Sym?” Laying a comforting fist, temple to a cold, silent door, “I’m sorry, talk to me, please, would you just go away, could you just leave? I think we need to talk about this, you think I’m to face you now?” Rushing terribly, horribly to the door, at refusing him “my god just leave me, “I can’t do, please if you love me you will give me this time, there’s a cafe about a block south, how about we meet there in about thirty? Sym? Sure,” having plans of never seeing Blain Daniel or getting herself into this manner of fix ever again, “thirty minutes, I’ll get dress, Sym? I’m dressing as well, see you soon.” >>>”You got to tell, no” jarring an evil look his way, crying relentlessly, “this isn’t about Andy, this, this isn’t about Andy?” How is this not Maddy about Andy? It’s too soon for him, I don’t want to put him through this nightmare, but you’re to put yourself through it? What about the fact Maddy Andy isn’t to want children? Uh no I don’t believe that, then what about all the other options, adoption for one? It’s not the same thing, not by a long shot, so this is what your last trip was about, there was no special case in Maui, you was at the California Science Laboratory? If anybody can help me North they can, you’re tried” drawing adorably close, picking her up directly, carrying her to bed, “you need to rest, you’ll stay with me? Of course” tucking her into bed North moved into sitting with legs stretched long the opposite side of the bed, laying his head back into a comforting relaxation, a just as tried North would find himself asleep as well.

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