Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XXIV

...I Will Meditate Also Of All Thy Works... SCENE XXIV “Why are you Mr. Cockeron looking at me like that? Like what?” Ideally moving into a delicate smooch to the back of her neck, at drawing a swarming wife Crystrol adorably close, “you want burnt bacon for breakfast? I want more of my wife for breakfast, it was incredible wasn’t it? Incredible is the word, you came into my office, totally overwhelmed me, hell vexed me, the entire firm knew what was happening and all eyes; giggles and whispers were on me for the entire day. Wow, that is delicious and hot,” as one folding the paper away into this mischievous conversation had she been a genius of a flirt. “What ever possessed you? Well Sym, Penelope and I were at lunch the other day, Sym began to brag about what an explosive time she and Blain had that morning, that what made their coming together so explosive was the spontaneous convulsion and indulgence of it all. You know, how Blain just came upon her in a time and place she least suspected and their were invincible fireworks all through and through, so as she sat there and went on and on I began devising a plan and place in my head. Soon I decided I would walk right up to Mrs. Petersen’s desk, before she could discard me as you know she often does, I would began my undressing right there in front of her, aw my god Crystol you didn’t” laughing hard into his glass, at shaking a head at her, that’s exactly what she’d down leaving nothing for the imagination. “You’re to give old Mrs. Petersen a heart attack, you should have seen the look on her face, but the look on her face was nothing compared to the look on your face. I was shocked I’ll admit it, but what happen after that Crystol was beyond description, off the charts unbelievable, I know love, I was there, there you go giving me that look again, you’re so amazing. I Braxton David have the most delicious wife in all this world and don’t you forget it” shaking a empty fork his way, Braxton reminded of his inquiry of Symphony couldn’t help but wonder when would they have their first born? “I Could, don’t” stopping him right on the edge of his tongue, at taking his plate, At scrapping it into the trash, readying to make his lunch. “I don’t want to know spontaneity remember?” “Ah you’re in for such a whipping, you promise?” Playfully coming up into a luscious kiss of him, this stunning husband, lover of hers, was Crystol having a little too much fun to think of babies and motherhood “I better go, see are the temperature gauges still spinning off the wall at work, meet me at the hospital for lunch, so can we see Blain, I don’t know babe, I have those meetings with Dissuasion, with Jennifer Morgan, I’ll see ok, as a matter of fact I’ll call, is it true Jennifer Morgan will relocate to France?" As their parent company Dissuasion Crystol it’s possible, so does that mean we’re going to France? I guess we’ll see, you be careful, I will, you be safe as well.” >>>”My god Cassia what, Ash sent me, exuse me, she said you needed someone here, she couldn’t come so she aked me, ah how is your brother? He’s ok,” that out of an allusive swallow, to say he was confused would be an understatement, how it is Ashly is to send her sister in her place, how could that suffice? “So what happen? As one coming into a seat near him, was it apparent Creighton wasn’t at all comfortable with this decision of theirs, “if you don’t mind, well the details are sketchy, but from what I was told one of his co-workers, having this crazed infacuation with him, enraged that he was with someone else, unable to shot him in the head, put the gun in his chest and pulled the trigger, ah god,” displaying jaw dropping awe, along tear filled eyes into a stand, a move off, away, and her, what happen to her, ah she’s dead as well, she shot herself in the head, in the eye to be exact, it was really insane. Suicide, why, why not? What do you mean?” Someone Creighton doing a conference recently asked this lecturer from the Paris Globe that question and how did they answer, he said why, is mainly because of a torturing fear, why not, because like everything on this earth Suicide only resolves a temporal problem when mankind’s single problem is eternal, wow, I like those answers. You think I can see him? My brother you mean? Yes I would like to meet him, you’re serious? I mean you don’t have to do that on my account, I’m not, I mean I heard you talk of having quads for older brothers, I would like to meet them, that’s all, is that too silly? Silly Ashly, but doable I guess. As a matter of fact you have perfect timing, he just had a break through, all the screaming from his room brought us in the celebration of him being able to again move is feet, his toes, meaning soon, wow, soon he’s walk and this nightmare will be over, exactly, exactly.”

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