Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XIX

…Hath God Forgotten To Be Gracious…
Scene XIX

-“So any success deciding our faith? You know Lindy I can’t say” sitting into a lunch table were Brittany, Rose, Douric, Lindy with an acceding Ninth Symphony joining them, truly the whole gang was there. “I will post the names this afternoon as usual, my gracious Sym what an exquisite bracelet” unyieldingly all attention except that of an obstinate Blain Daniel was fixed on a now flushed Ninth Symphony, arm, “and ah my god, there’s a matching ring, yes my husband gave them to me as a wedding, your husband?” An evenly overwhelmed Brittany brought all eyes, and indee itching ears, those of Rose, Lindy and Douric into Symphony’s paradoxical unbosoming. “You said husband” keeping her eyes set into their lunch table, my husband Blain, Blain?” One by one with awe-inspiring unbelief they looked with sheer amaze and awe his way, “married, you guys are married, when the hell, but how is that possible we thought you Sym was you know?” Well Blain made me an offer I couldn’t, --- refuse,” as one leaping into his apparent refusal at getting instead away, Ninth Sumphony knew it was now or she’s to lose him forever. “I was suddenly reminded I could get pregnant and that terrified me, not with one child but multiple, I panic ok?” Seeing him pause momentarily into this confession, listening, did theyhave the attention of the entire lunch area “I know I shouldn’t have ran, I know I should’ve discussed these things with you but I was hysterical” turning into an actual appearance of her, this principal being of his heart, mind and soul. If there were certain things about her Blain Daniel especially liked it was her light brown eyes or perhaps that smooth, lightly caramel skin, appetizingly flawless, or those tresses of hers that were even more gratifying than he’d first imagined. “You’re right,” swabbing at the slightest spill, as surely she was at not believing they were doing this in the midst of their co-workers considerable cafeteria and thus congregation. “It was very confusing Sym waking and finding you’d disappeared, I know, baby I know,” raking wayward strands away from those purely imposing green, tearing eyes of his, wiping and kissing his cheek like so, at a passionate smooch of his wondrous breath, lips, that artist nose, right there, they were making love. “After we’d spent such an unbelievable even at present time together, forgive me, I panic and I’m sorry, it was very confusing, I didn’t know what to think, to do, it’s ok I’m here now, passing from him into his amiable neck, ear. “I need you so much, I never been so frighten Sym , shhhhhhh I won’t live without you, I know what that mean now, Cu’re is gonna freak, hell Lindy I’m freaking, nal, you guys, look around you, we’re all as you say, freaking and none of us are Cu’re, by the way whose gonna tell her? Not me, nor I, Lindy you’re her best friend, yeah and I mean to stay her best friend, this is crazy, just when you think you’ve seen everything, heard everything, Cu’re is gonna give birth that’s all I got to say.” <<<“Were is my beautiful wife this morning?”Laying a head intro her flat belly likeso, what a beautiful day they had ahead of them “Sorry, through aday dream at playing into his thick curls like so, “I’m just hoping Sym and her husband work things out, well what did you tell her? I told her Mr. Nosey Rosey everything would work out, then there you go, all you have to do is believe what you told her and if I’m Mr, you Mrs. Sym said she was suddenly reminded she could get pregnant, that Blain is one of four quads, that she panic and got out of there as, quickly as she could. Symphony’s husband is a quad, hell I don’t blame her. She ask me South am I to ever consider it? Getting pregnant, becoming a mother, yours was a single birth right, …just checking? Although It’s strange Muzit that would come up, thiking he’s to get up, fix some coffee, get breakfast started, at breaking odd news. “Teri told North just the other day she’s pregnant and Maddy and Andy are trying and so what do you think? I think Muzit I’m married to a wondrous creature called woman, I love being married to her as often as that is possible and I know what that marriage intentions are. It’s not Muzit to simply blow my mind completely off this globe but through that unspeakable relation Muzit blood seeds can meet, agree and bring forth new life, you think I haven’t considered that? I better go or Jer is gonna kill me, so you started breakfast only to leave it to me, although I can see Symphony’s dilemma, hey, you didn’t Muzit answer me, does it frighten you? At the first yes, like Sym just the thought of it kinda panic me, but we’re talking about new ground, yeh well don’t let something so extraordinary Muzit as being one with you and multiplying us accordingly be a real threat?” Giving her the sweetest peck to her gentle lips, tickling her ear into a priceless swirm away. “I’ll call you as soon as court adjourn, good luck, be safe.” <<<“Is it true?” Ideally, dangerously coming into a working lunch hour unannounced was a clearly humiliated, scandalized Cu’re bitterly upset, we’re in meetings here, just tell me it isn’t true and I’ll leave you to your precious, damn meeting. What is this? You know how I feel about you Blain,” having come intsead into the hall with him, was all eyes and ears again on Blain’s curious predictament and you know honestly Cu’re, faithfully I cannot return those feelings, I thought we had that understanding. Just tell me damn it, we said the vows weeks ago, Symphony and I are, are, as you heard it, married, ” it was a ricochet that would be heard throughout the entire building and a ripple outlasting time as a raging mad Cu’re pulled an armed weapon out of purse. Horrible still but unable at shooting her precious Blain Daniel in his face or his head, without warning did she set said weapon into his chest, pulling the triggerlikeso, slaying a non suspecting Blain Daniel Cockeron to a stone, still coldness, falling him to his knees. Now riveted through by an unexplainable dullness, dimness unable to move anything but his eyes horridly he witness her ready the pistol additionally to finish him for sure but instead Cu’re pointed the barrel to her right eye and evenly into her left eye as to say see me and additionally pulled the trigger, splattering herself all over the place. Again possessed by this eerie incapacity, inability, he could hear his co-workers running, screaming, that at the touch of a hand to his shoulder finally he failed backward, down, down as far as he’d been before. “What is he saying” he was trying to say Symphony, he was horrified something similar had happen to her, “what the hell is he saying? Help is on the way Blain, find something, cover her up, hurry! Hurry!”

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