Monday, June 6, 2011

Blain XXIX

...Thou Art The God That Doest Wonders… SCENE XXIX “He didn’t sleep well last night,” clarifying a sickly Blain to a soon appearing Ninth Symphony passionately examining him, even making ready to help him with a morning bath. “I’m not supposed to tell you but he had one of those attacks again, you know his legs having the feeling they’re on fire, he cried for you a lot, then my god why no called me? Mother thought it would be best if we didn’t, I Creghton appreciate your moms concern, but someone should’ve called me, Sym, is that you? Yes” pressing gentle lips into his special hair line, scent, both consoling and adoring him, did Creighton love the special couple they were and hoped the same for Cassia and himself. “Yes baby it’s me, I’m here and I’m not leaving, they told me he was going to be fine, I want you baby to listen to me and repeat after me, ok, ok,” that out of a thick swallow, did Blain daniel respond lethargically along being quite exhausted having a long night, “dear god, have mercy on me a sinner and not sacrifice, repeat it for me, in his darling, edible ear accordingly, now this mortal would put on immortality and this corruption would put on incorruption and he’s to be changed, made whole. Dear God, …have, have, …mercy on me, …a sin, sinner, and, and not sac, sac, sacrifice, good, very good. What is that chant suppose to mean? You Creighton being a believer can ask that question, O ye of little faith, it’s the same as saying rock of ages cleft for me, if a man, Like your brother Blain here, in his lowest estate is to turn this peril to the Supreme’s Christ, crying that prayer, then the Supreme’s Christ’s flesh which is now immortal become’s this penitent’s man flesh and blood, which is now incorruptible. Believe me, I heard my grandmother recite it enough, and did it ever work? For the penitent at heart, mind and soul Creighton yes, it’s the Supreme’s Promises, help me get him up, so I can clean his bed, and thus being His promises it has to work, now if you dear brother excuse us,” as one backing him out at making ready to spend this special time grooming husband Blain Daniel, was Creighton even more impressed with Blain’s astonishing wife who was a faithful believer as well. “Sym my god please tell me that’s you, scrambling up roughy to his elbows, that he’s to at least see beyond his waist, that he’s to apprehend this mordid force, this intensifying sexual fulfillment, “ah my god Symmmm, it’s me, hey it’s me, Cry said you wasn’t, ah my god what was that! Is the water too hot? No, something was happening, something like what? Nothing, forget it!” With tear filing his eyes, it’s been an allusive dream, a wet dream he supposed, he’d been having them more and more. “So what do you want to do today? You asked that Sym like I have a choice, we were just making love and it was incredible ok, so what if I’m like this forever, what if it never changes? You can’t think like that, I know, I can’t tell you that, but I can’t pray Blain and not expect a miracle, neither can you. Sym, Sym, what are you, shhhhh, I just want to try something, Sym, don’t, ahhhh, god, Sym what, you want the nurses to come in? No, but, but, what are, I’m just trying something here, somthng Sym, do you know what you’re doing to, meeeeeeeeee! Ahhhhhh, girl stop, please, stop, stop, you want me to stop?” Yes, ok, you proved your point, ok, I’m very much alive down there, I could, no, no, I think I’ve had more than enough, ah come on I was just getting started, Sym please, if you love me, please, ok, ok, cry baby, I think my are toes are stuck, see what you did to me, ah my toes are stuck. Ahh quit, your, sudden;y overtaken by a frightening bedazzled at realzing what Blain was saying, not even him, himself, but you can’t feel your toes, suddenly casting the cover off to his feet was his toes truly contricted at trying to swallow a thorny thickness away along tears getting along each of her cheeks, ah my god Blain they are constricted, try and move them, if ou can feell them try and move them, ahhhhhh, God they’re moving, your toes are moving, ahhhh my god, spinning them both into celebrative tears and scream did other relatives burst into the door, he moved his toes, blain moved his toes, what, are you sure? Look, looooook!” Did yuou see that? My Jesus!” Displaying mouth gapping awe, did they all begin to celebrate, now your feet Blain, you can do it, I know you can, …come on, try, ahhhhhhhh! He did it, he moved his feet, awe my God, what in God’s name is happen, Creighton, Caleb, Blain is moving his feet, both of them, first his toes, now his feet, ah praise God, it’s the prayer Sym, the prayer you had him repeat after you, yes, it’s all the prayers, the faith Creighton ….ok, ok, lets let him rest for now, I’ll be right back,” beautifully awarding him the most special kiss to his forward, resting her head into his likeso, it was happenin, Blain would indeed be made whole all over again, “I love you and need you so much, and I Sym you.”

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