Monday, June 6, 2011


...Who Is So Great A God As Our God?... SCENE XXVII {{{“So when are you going to tell him? I did what I said I would, now it’s your turn, and he had no reaction whatsoever? Only that you’d jokingly told him that, he used the word jokingly? Enough about him, when are you going to tell him about your intention regarding Brighton, that you’re in a serious relationship with one of his friends? Then what Cassia, you think Creighton is to automatically accept you? You say that Ash as if there’s no hope, no I say that as if you’re in love with a young man who doesn’t love you, well, I think you’re just stalling and need to be your most sincere with him. I’m Cas miles away, and it’s not proper doing this by the communicator, its just gonna have to wait until he’s back on campus, really, you could tell him for me. Ah nall, not after the way he just act at my heart confession, anyway I’m leaving, I’m at the bus terminal, so that what’s I hear, I thought, so you just left? I left a message on his communicator, how I had to get back to school, that he should call me if there’s any changes regarding his brother, love Cassia. I mean Ash you wasn’t there to see how disappointed he appear, like he knew what I was suggesting and could be of no assistance whatsoever. Don’t sound so upset, you knew going there was a longshot, right? Why it is you think he doesn’t like me?” Striking a tear drop right at her nose, and along the corner of ech eye, was the bus terminal somewhat abandon and thus boring, at Cassia wondering if she should’ve spend extra and flown instead. “I think Sis you already know the answer to that question, hum, I guess you’re right I do, ah god finally, my bus is here, so I’ll be there sometime tonight, don’t you guys forget me, we won’t, I promise. >>>”How do I tell Creighton, let me count the ways? Hum, I assume it didn’t go well with Cassia and He? About as well Bright as I imagined, but not Cassia, not Cassia at all, so, I mean you’re a part of this too, how do we tell him? I love you,” playfully snatching her up into a daring kiss, at swinging her around the room, if Brighton was to be his most honest he had no doubt Creighton already knew and just need confirmation from Ashley herself. “I got to go, why you keep avoiding this? I’m not, this is on you, I mean he’s not in love with me, it’s you Ash, so you think I should just call him and tell him? Yes, I do, I really do, I mean do you really Ash believe he’s to be all that dazed-out, perhaps not, but I’m certain he’s to be all that hurt, good-day babe, see you in a few hours. A lot of help he was,” as one flopping concerningly to her stomach on the bed, legs fold skyward at contemplating whether it’s to be the perfect time to call him? “Ah god, how do I tell Creighton, let me count the ways?” >>>”What is that? Ah some wild rich and, no nut, the communicator, that look? Cassia, she’s gone, said she had classes, she left me a message, she told me his morning that she’s in love with me, I knew that, you knew that? Yeah, look at what she just did, how for moral support Cry, she dropped everything and found you, here, in, at a hospital, everything you felt Ash would do. I know, I’ve thought about all of that, but I don’t want to lead her on, I’m in love with her sister, yeah, yeah, but is her sister in love with you? What are you saying?” That at the sip of his tea glass was he getting an eye full of his friend Caleb who was instead checking the time, won-dering after wife Nicole. “Where is she, Nickie? I left her in the shower, told me to come along and meet you, that she would join us just as soon, she just haven’t been herself lately, I hope we did the right thing. “I’m pretty sure Caleb all things this could be, it’s not that, you have a perfect mate, your heart desire and hers I’m sure, be still and let the Supreme’s will be done. So you have no feelings for her at all, for this girl, this Cassia, I can’t say that, but no romantic feelings, hum, what are romantic feelings actually? Just now, you was looking at your watch, wondering after Nickie, why Caleb, why? I’ll tell you, because you’ve attached yourself to her, mind, body and soul, even blood, and beside the supreme ones, you truly woship her and she you, it’s what They indeed, that my friend is the true definition of what we puny humans call romance. I feel that way Caleb man about one female, one in particular, and that is Ashley Re’il Novac, I know, I know, I know, I see it on your face, but how does she feel about me? Here comes your beloved, hey, I was about to come and check on you, you alright, you don’t look good, I’m afraid I don’t feel all that good, Cry, Nickie, so it’s your, it’s my stomach, ah, for a few days now, every morning I’ve been so nauseated. So does that you mean you’re not having breakfast? Perhaps some hot tea, good, I’ll get you some hot tea, and how is my other knight?” Knight, I like that, well Creighton when I was the damsel in distress of my parential guidance you rescued me, ah, how splendid, I’m most sorry to hear you’re not well,” thinking he knew exactly what was happening with her, that she was possibly pregnant did Creighton not want to spoil the surprise of them figuring this incredible news out for themselves. “Perhaps Nicole, you’re to talk it over with one of the nurses here, see what they suggest, hum, I’ll do that, so Cassia, I mean that’s her name right? Yes, she’s not joining us? No, she has return home, well, to school, ah, I see, I’m going to miss her, yeah, I miss her already, how are you aquainted with her? Ah, her sister Ashley, ah, your love interest right? Yes, so when Ashley couldn’t come, Cassia made the sacrifice one would say, hum, how darling, really, I didn’t know whether you’re to cream and sugar some I brought them both. I’m going to check on Blain, plus I want to talk to Symphony about something, when are they to transport him to the rehab center, that’s Caleb being the best news of all is tomorrow.”

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