Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain IV

...In The Day Of My Trouble I Sought The Lord...
Scene IV

-"I know Symphony we're taught from the time we're old enough at realizing our eyes are good for seeing, our ears for hearing and our mind and heart for storing sentiments, pleasure and blame. Especially many persuasions, instructions if you will that we're free at doing with our bodies what we will, as we desire and that just isn't so. We're not wise enough spiritually, whole-heartedly, naturally at making such the decision because we're gods at atoning ourselves back to Supreme Gods whereas we can on our own perform none of the above. We celebrate the mortal" at his witness was Ninth Symphony cautious at realizing Blain Daniel outspokenness at playing with her yet steaming cup. "Which is only a temporal house, while we Blain lose complete sight of the immortal which is our very godship. Exactly, that is exactly what I'm saying, for example," thinking he's to add more sugar, cream, did he for the first time in his life have Ninth Symphony Artz exactly where he's to have her for now. "The typical presentation concerning a person like myself is I'm such the god awful player and people Symphony are so satisfied with that stereo-type, all mysteries concerning me are wiped away and now they know me. They know I can't be serious about love and marriage, if this supposedly love came upon me in-troducing itself and just as soon slay me to the floor I yet wouldn't comprehend it. Though that couldn't be the farthest from the truth, and when people realize that I'm instead looked upon as a displaced cripple, or as one passionately and intellectually misconstrue. When Blain the very opposite is true, precisely, notwithstanding are these errant ministrations still hackneyed images if you will coming into my home and thus into my mind. Those yes persuading my heart from early childhood twenty-four hours a day as it is suppose to be like gospel to me and I'm suppose to practice it well that none again cataloguing me, even us Symphony will be disappointed. And Blain you're saying I'm living according to and obeying a form of stereotype toward women who're" with lovely eyes of hers growing all the more obvious at this inquiry was she a beyond belief beauty, “confused, ah, emotionally and intimately? Surely not only you Symphony but the entirety of mankind, we knowingly or unknowingly venerate a supplementary revelation of gospel, one so carnal, one raping our immortal spirits and soul so immensely it's staggering. Yeah, though it may be true who is Blain Daniel Cockeron at judging these things for me? That is just it Symphony, this is not judging you,” brilliant eyes, sense of his went down into dis-covering the right gradation, “me for that matter but an error, if you allow an exhausting falsity, a dark intimacy, perversion Blain, I think that is the word you're seeking after. There are many Symphony if you will such the like perversions on the earth from homicide, suicide and genocide, to lying and abominable sexual practices. I agree very few alarms are sounded and thus all mankind are made safe and capable at performing these heinous trespasses against both God and man. For clarity sexual promiscuity is widely accepted while conceiving a child out of wedlock is an abomination, when actually Symphony the fleshly act of fornication, of premarital intercourse is the sin, is the transgression if you will, why are you smiling?" Seeing her clearly, directly, short light brown tresses, artist facial features, bronze smooth skin, quite delicious he imagine, light brown eyes. "So you're to bring me the truth, this you're sharing is the truth? I want to spend the rest of my life whatever that maybe Symphony with you but you're otherwise persuaded, otherwise persuaded, is that what you call it? How about the fact I'm not to feel as you feel? This all Symphony remind me of a dream, in the dream I was leaving a party while the host of this party was handing me, actually loaning me a leopard skin coat. Now I knew from the beginning not only was this cover a loan but it was fashioned of artificial fur. Now while I was being held up at accepting the coat, a fraudulent loan I again Symphony remind you, my wife, no doubt representing my one, single immortality had left without me and I had to run speedily at catching up with her. Of course to make a lengthy dream short, at reacquainting myself with my wife who always stayed far ahead of me attending to this tempting to ensnare, I lost and found this coat several times. Again this is how she got far ahead of me because I was always delayed at both losing and finding this man-made credit. When Symphony losing this coat the last time, the length of time it took me at finding it, by the way I never again found it, it didn't matter because now my wife, that divine marriage, this single marriage supper was nowhere to be found. Seemingly not only had I lost her forever because of my complete attention given a gift that was knowingly an insincere mortgage as surely as all things Symphony on this existing earth are as you say temporal, but there was an entire audience standing, appearing with me at this lost, at this eerie type of being left behind. Now it being leopard skin, is to represent, I better go, I have an early, I don't Symphony want to spend another night without you.," standing into her stand with her, showing himself greatly disapproved that she's to leave them again so undecided "and what Blain am I suppose to say? Do?" Come home with me is what an anxious for her Blain Daniel Cockeron wanted her to say, how they're to then be together forever. "Will you meet me here for breakfast? Yes, sure, you're not just saying that to get rid of me?" Picture perfect was this knight in glistening armor as usual getting in her way not so much to prevent her but to persuade her. "Ok you say you're coming, ok, I'll be here no later than seven, goodnight Mr. Cockeron, and to you Miss Artz."

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