Tuesday, June 7, 2011


...Is His Mercy Clean Gone Forever?...

-“Ah god,” yarning hard, long at being awaken by a fierce knocking at the door, “who is,” turning over into squinting moist eyes at seeing the time, having no contact with his brothers or no one else going on two days and a half at dragging himself to the door. At investigating the peek hole, seeing it was Ninth Symphony at literally running, finding himself a place to hide. “Ah she got to be kidding, she must think I have a death wish or something, there’s no way I’m opening that door, no way in hell I’m letting her in, no way! Blain, I know you’re in there, please, ---yeah I’m in here, that’s all I’m gonna say, ---please I need to talk, want to talk, please. This is crazy Symphony,” having yet to open the door, actually wouldn’t open it, Blain was convinced all Ninth Symphony needed was time, “like some sadistic roller coaster, I know, I know, one moment I know what’ s happening to me and the next, I don’t know, you know. I rather Symphony you didn’t come in here, what? You don’t trust me? I, don’t, look I’ll meet you at Gloria in thirty, at Gloria, is someone in there with you? Don’t be ridiculous, just let me dress, and I’ll be there, ok, ok, that sound fair, see you then.” <<<“Do you Muzit think about it, about getting pregnant, bringing a baby into this world and how awkward that’s to be? Of course Sym I think about it, I’m a wife now, it feel weird simply having those words roll off my tongue. Although Sym I think motherhood comes naturally, that it’s as inborn as all things assisting us with this life surely is. I’m laying there all tangled into this astonishing man, this unparalleled human being, things has happen between us, in and though us that’s beyond Muzit my wildest dreams and suddenly I hear this tinniest voice say, you could get pregnant you know. My god I panic, I thought O my god I never realized that, I imagined trying to explain a pregnant Symphony to my co-workers, to my family, I’m one of the most confused people in the world, what will I do with a baby? First you gonna calm down” as one fixing a mild drink at sitting her into a seat with her, boy had their lives, even their destinies greatly changed. “How could I have been so stupid, this is not stupid, knowing Blain, he had these things all figured out. He just strike me Sym as being that kinda guy, he’s beyond description Muzit, I mean he’s truly as amazing, as unbelievable as he look, I know, I feel the same about South, and when we make love I’m so taken and I never want it to end. How could we Muzit have been so wrong about everything?” Swabbing at that spilling from her own confession, her eyes, nose, at getting at her own Kleenexes, at handling some off to Cupid Muzit, “That’s easy Sym, because we’re to have desires of our own, principles, lust that’s other than the supreme and we rather die than be wrong about any of them, hence is our disobedience all the more fueled. I better go,” springing up a heavy weight still into that get away, Blain didn’t as promised show up at Gloria now three days passed. “I’ll call him again when, don’t, that will just disappoint you all the more, I figure all Blain is doing is trying to come to turns with why you ran out on your marriage bed. That when he can’t figure it he’s wise enough Sym at coming right to the source which is you, you and Blain are gonna be just fine, god Muzit I hope you’re right, I am, I’m right, you’ll see.” <<<“My God is Christ I was worried sick about you, I called everyone I could both think and not think of, I needed sometime,” sitting to pull her heels off into a slight massage of her worn feet, legs, did a hot shower, even a soaking bath sound delightful. “So you thought you would spend an entire night away without a word, what did I do Teri to deserve that? It’s not what you did North or didn’t do, I Neferteri needed some time away, I’m sorry I concern you, I’m sorry Teri also but that isn’t good enough” coming up a tall, brilliant harasser, aggressor to her, this his immortal life, love, “not nearly good enough. I mean what do I have to do, say, to make you understand how very important you are to me now? I was sick, ” as raising up, moving into the connecting bedroom, bringing an envelope her way “I convinced myself you’d return to Africa without me, look, I have airline quotes for god-sakes, I’d began to pack, I know I would’ve been lost there, but I’m lost here without you. Will you North, will you escape to West African with me? You would be leaving all this behind, it will be another life for you, even for me, but that’s what getting married and bringing new life into this world is about, isn’t it? Beginning all things anew, if I refuse Teri will you leave without me?” is that what this conversation is about?” Having a seat across from her, at bringing her feet into his warm lap, at massaging them like so, even her entire leg. “You are the most special man husband and lover North in all the world, no husband is ever to move into that so privately mine, and make me feel as you do, no man I could never leave you. I could never North leave that’s to infect my very blood flow, I as you just said, I could’nt live without you , wouldn’t live then yes Teri I’ll go with you. I’ll live in your world for a spell, enduring her happily, mightily leaping into his stout, delicious neck, was this the best news for her ever. “You mean it, you not change your mind ever? I probably will,” touching his lovely head to hers, kissing her dainty nose, unto her much desired mouth, tongue, drawing this conclusive life and living so deep within his once dying self. “Hundreds of times, but it won’ t prevent me, yes Teri honey, I mean it. My god I need you so much, missed you,” unfastening her just as speedily as she’s to undress him, could neither of them wait to tear into one the others piping hot lust, this their imperishable, heavens own match.

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