Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XV

…And My Spirit Made Dilligent Search…
Blain XV

-“You were right” pulling his scarf away, unfastening his bulky coat, rushing into Anderson’s office, settling this piping dispute “ as soon as Maddy called me maybe I should’ve called you but Andy not only was she upset concerning that ideal she was hysterical, the last thing Andy she wanted was that you’re to know her most abstruse shroud, the moment North Maddy became so interested in sperm donation” laying his supposed files aside, closing said cabinet into ending said research, showing himself more understanding “I knew what she was considering. I even knew why she was taking this trip, that it had nothing at all to do with a high priority case but the California Brightville Science Lab. If that’s true Andy why would you continue in this profound charade? Because North, nothing I’m to say to Maddy, no manner of persuasion is to deter this firmness of mind she has, I leave her to her own discovery and what she’s to discover is she can’t do this without me. That my wife can’t bring a new life into this world without her husband, I know this and soon so shall she. Teri gave me the alarming news the other morning that she’s pregnant, what? Ah my god North I bet you freaked right? You completely, I did, I completely freaked, that reality Andy was so beyond me, so unrealized, that a part of both of our flesh and blood is making itself a new life inside my wife, how amazing is that? I was soon reminded of David, the psalm when he’s to declare how it is mankind is wonderfully and fearfully made, there is no other explanation. I’m happy for you North, that is re-markable news, you’re the first one Andy I’ve told, what about Maddy, shouldn’t you tell her? No you tell her,” as one again getting his things, making a just as soon feeling really good exit, “tell her I believe she should allow Teri at laying those healing hands on her, then nothing will prevent her. You really believe that? You believe Teri’s gifts can help Maddy? I know Andy I’ve been slow, even stubborn concerning the phenomenon things He’s to perform through her, look, just tell Maddy what I said and let her decide, you be safe, yeah Andy you too.” <<<“Hey you ok?” Having come into a seat along side of the bed, the bed covers drawn tight into her nakedness at unexpectedly enduring sweet kisses of his to her bare shoulders, back, how extraordinary it’s all been. “Seriously Blain I was just thinking, thinking what? How man’s ability Blain to come directly inside the woman’s body is both his ability to tenderize her or terrorize her. Hey,” at a touch to her moisten cheek at spiraling this extraordinary, non-descript creature toward him, those wondrous eyes of hers, this edible mouth. “You’ve got to stop running from me, we must finish Sym what we started and what Blain have we started? A marriage, a beyond belief marriage, what if they heard us, shhhhh, …my god is Christ, I love you so much I guess I was thinking about everything , I don’t know, how to explain it, I don’t know, well, did I please you? You completely baffled me, vexed me, I think my head Blain is still spinning, and Sym I thought finally knowing you as my wife would so limit these solicitous feelings possessing me so but I find them heighten all the more. I don’t know what to do about that, I was there with you, I will always be there with you. We were either Blain at exploding into pieces or screaming ourselves into a salutary extrication, how will I Sym ever withstand this. Seriously you think they heard us? Shhhhhh, I heard us Sym darling,, felt us,” bringing again warm smooches into her shoulder, her neck at heightening those specific places over again. “You was so mighty in my blood Sym I thought I would die, there was this outcry, type of good death I guess so pleasurable and yet so consuming. I never could’ve believe I could burst out of my flesh, out of that blood maintaining me as human being and yet abide still by that glorious consummation so evidently godsent.”

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