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Blain I

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 2012

And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring Blain Daniel Cockeron and Ninth Symphony Artz

Starring: Blain Daniel, Ninth Symphony, Braxton David, Crystol Joel, Cayden Matthew, Rosslyn Beniece, Kaiser Michael, Penelope Alisa, Creighton Phillip, Caleb Vindrick, Nicole Ariel, Cassia Novak, South Lee, Cupid Muzit, Est Wes Anderson, Madison Lorene, North Lee, Nefeterri.

The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

Unto Bradford Clifton Whitehead and Teresa Niki Board was born their first son South Lee Whitehead, their second North Lee whitehead, their third son Est Wes Anderson and a daughter Regan Central Whitehead
Unto Christopher Maurice Cockaron and Julia Doren Moore was born their four sons, quads, Braxton David, Cayden Matthew, Kaiser Michael and Blain Daniel Cockeron and a single son born later Creighton Phillip Moore.
Unto Blain Daniel Cockeron and Ninth Symphony Artz was born their sons, quads, Tristan Carter Cockeron, Adamson Trenice Cockeron, Stephon Victor Cockeron, Richard Shakespeare Cockeron and a son born later, Beethoven’s Fifth Artz
Unto South Lee Whitehead and Cupid Muzit Leone was born their first son Allister Becenti Whitehead, a son Vicente Niccole Whitehead, and a daughter Reese Ivanna Leone
Unto North Lee Whitehead and Nefertiti Niyet Cronsom was born their first daughter Juliet Anika Whitehead, a daughter Angelical Elise Whitehead and a daughter Castle Alesha Cronsom
Unto Est Wes Anderson and Madison Loraine Cliffton was born twins a son Michael Anderson Whitehead and a daughter Michelle Allison Clifford
Unto Regan Central Whitehead and Phearson Mycal McPhearson was born their first son Tyson Lowd McPhearson and a son Skylar Mycal McPhearson and a daughter Brandy Eriel Whitehead
Unto Braxton David Cocheron and Crystol Joel Cooper was born their first triplet son Noah Lake Cocheron, Enoch Creston Cockeron and Nicolatian Rigel Cockeron and a single son Crewson Nichel Cooper
Unto Cayden Matthew Cockeron and Rosslyn Beniece Joseph was born their twin sons Castor Troy Cockeron, a daughter Casper Amirah Cockeron, and a single daughter Annalise Micolete Jospeh
Unto Kaiser Michael Cockeron and Penelope Alisa Turbin was born their first son Michael Erian Cockeron, a son Ein Angelo Cockeron, a son Braxton Efren Joseph
Unto Creighton Phillip Moore and Cassia Ariel Novac was born their first son Kiefer Dustin Cockeron, a son Hennington Patrick Cockeron, and a son Huntington Ericks Cockeron
Unto Caleb Vindrick Steele and Natalie Reese Samson was born their first son Athens Erin Steele, a daughter Willow Nicolette Steele, and a son Atheos Buenos Samson

You Just entered the African Juttah 2020
Blain Daniel
By: P. A. Bradford, Apostle
Wr. 1992-1996

I Cried Unto God With My Voice
Scene I

-“Have you South ever been with a woman? I've never been married" leaning into this table, into that hot cup was this such the out right cross-examination "so no I've never been with a woman, a wife, and you're thinking this is something possible between us or are you here to let me down easy? I think Muzit if we both decide, if we make up our minds. I'd decided I wasn't going to marry you know" did a somber South Lee sit laid back at piercing pretty eyes, this sinking feeling along his nearly emptied cup to explain better. "I know, first Andy and Maddy, then this amazing marriage between North and Neferteri, again I know" as one smiling agreeably, pleasantly at the thought of his two impossible younger brothers now married. "Not that those two relationships are going just perfect but at least I'm more of a believer, there's something South I must tell you. Something I should've told you awhile ago, Symphony and I are more than just friends South, we're lovers, we have been for some time now. Eh" with a face freezing into an appearance of awe, was he indeed dumb founded at the very thought. "I didn't," he didn't know what to think, say as she'd in ways indescribable dropped such the bomb on him. "I mean I didn't even, we haven always been, you know it just that one day we decided we were more than just friends. I know what you faithers think, us faithers?” “You people South with faith in the Supreme, in what He say, I'm puzzled,” as one leaning in that he's to privatize their more than controversial conversation did South Lee Whitehead possibly smell as good as he looked. "What is all this talk about you and the Juttah? What is that suppose to mean? It mean Muzit it is also one of the reasons I'm considering marriage, I rather marry than burn, I rather marry than end up on the hill of illrepute. My god" As one falling back into a worry of her cup was this exactly what she was talking about, "you don't really be, yes my Supreme Muzit I do, evildoers, the ungodly things we got away with in other parts of the world Muzit, man and his kind have always demanded religion while to the Supreme Father righteousness has always been the necessitate. There are grimreapers there, reapers?" As though she's to mock him but was Cupid Muzit genuinely concern about her choice of lifestyle, had been for a while. "Reapers that will come immediately upon violators right? I wouldn't play with these things Muzit, the African Juttah is like the Supreme has taken the spiritual guardians down from the garden of Eden, calm down,” seeing how dramatic and loud he’s to become at drawing the attention of others all around them, “please keep, reapers with purpose to rebuild and purify it, and only those Muzit serving him with pure hearts are those capable of residing there. Ah come on South, I don't believe that, and whose to say what Symphony and I have isn't of the Supreme? Is it what He in the beginning created? I mean that is what the Supremes Christ’s Cross is about, restoring for all eternity that first intended. If it's not Muzit what He in the beginning fashioned then it's a deadly result, its an agent of the curse, a blasphemy against the cross. I can't accept that" beautiful and quite enticing was Cupid Muzit shaking a head of denial South's way at knowing he'd touched on fears and concerns of her own but to admit them would be too godlike. "Go there to mock him, go there to die eternally, I, I, mean you must know Muzit all the stories coming out of the African Juttah aren't all heavenly," just as superb and as thrilling as his two younger brothers, tall, delicious, an eye and heart grabber, with such the invigorating spoor. “Some people because of discontent, because of their foolery toward pure holiness are waking up imprisoned or dead on the hill of hostile fame. So you're saying the African Juttah is prepared for the believers and none other? I'm saying those entering in better have hearts fix to serve Him and Him only or they're to have those hearts ripped in two, this is Muzit the same Supreme set to cast millions of the rebellious into hell, {{{“yes South here," jerking his worrisome communicator into his ear South Lee had no plans at all at getting this upright and personal with her, with his proposed for the moment, future wife. "What did you say? Emily South" could South Lee tell North Lee was crying, that he was yet highly emotional, how those in the background were and with astonishing reason. "The twins, they live, because of Teri they all live. What is it?" Growing distressed of his distress, “wait a minute, what are you saying? Look South this is Court, could you just get here, we're at New York General, and something, just get here. So what was it? That was North, my cousin Court" raising slowly, even getting into his coat, as so like a gentleman assisting her with her coat was South Lee yet to apprehend what they were telling him, how Emily and the twins were dead,“he's really upset, we better go,” dead for a day or two but now because of Neferteri, North Lee's wife they lived, miraculously they lived.

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