Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XXVI

...Thy Way O God Is In The Sanctuary... SCENE XXVI “Why are you Mr. Davidson looking at me like that? Like what?” Ideally smooching the back of her neck at spinning her around to him, was it as though their were readying unto a dance floor, “I think Nat you was a little disappointed, I don’t understand, that your parents didn’t put up more of a fight for you. Don’t be silly, this is what you want, for the rest of this lifetime right, to be right here with me no matter what, where or how? Did the incredible Husband Caleb Michael wake up on the wrong side of the wooden bench this morning? Your hot cup sir, I don’t Nat want to be wrong about you, about us, I know, you’re trying not to be hurt by love, though that Mr. Davidson is literally impossible, though I don’t want to, and purposefully I won’t, neither will you, there are somethings regretfully that simply can’t be helped, let me put it this way, whether you up, down, right or left, inside Caleb or out, I simply want one thing, to be with you, where ever you are.” “now isn’t that why you married me and promised me the African Juttah? Yes madam it is, isn’t it why you Mrs. Davidson married me and promised me the African Juttah as well, the Septennial actually, yes, indeed it is, you guys want to go out for breakfast or down to the cafĂ©, out, I want to get out, I’ve had my filled of this place, indeed we have, what of Cassia? I don’t think she’s going to make it, that her classes will not permit her, well does she know about Blain, that her lover and friend is in such distressed? Yes Caleb and yes, we’e getting a cab? Ah nall, it’s hundreds of restaurants right here, I explain how this would be a good opportunity to meet the family and all, but she says it can’t be helped, she’ll be in prayer for us all, can’t wait until I get back, you know all the yummy stuff, speaking of yummy stuff I met Ninth Symphony last night, man, all I’ve been thinking is how in the world did Blain Daniel persuade a woman like that, then man if possible she both felt and smell as good as she look, talking a fantasy dream come true, so you felt up Blain’s grieving wife? Ah, no, not so much like that, well that’s how it sound, well you Caleb just have to see her, hey how about that table right over there.” >>>”I have said anything to Jer but I have not been able to get, well the night Maddy Jer and were discussing whether to go to Austrilia or France, and he mention the African Juttah, and since I swear I can’t shake, well to be honest Kirk, I believe that’s where we’re all going to end up, that if there’s a next evolution of mankind the African Juttah is it, man I love this Madrian Fish, I told you, that you would, so Mad does that mean you and Andy minds are made? Kinda, Sorta, yes, Teri! Hollering, waving getting her attention was a stunning as always Nefeterri getting the restaurant compete attention, we started without you, that’s ok, I told you to, so what is good? Really, everything, this here, this Mandrin Fish, ah my god, so where’s that hunky husband of yours, not far behind you I bet? I though you knew, he’s in S. Africa on assignment, North Lee is in Africa, yeah, you know the Coogan Firm overseer all their legal matters. So do you think Teri really, I mean being an African born female, that true you two but we’re not talking about the Africa of old, we’re talking a new, a new as in John looking and seeing A Jerusalem, descending down to the earth, that’s the new you guys we’re talking about, that the new you all, of us on this planet must consider. >>>”I can’t, well I won’t Cassia pretend as though I’m not the lest bit putout that Ashley send you, that she didn’t come herself, how urgent this all is. Well it not, to be honest, it was all my ideal, she explain what was happening with you, how her busy schedule just wouldn’t allow her, so I asked if I could come in her stead. I don’t understand, why? You could Creighton say it was for my Ashley’s genuine concern, but to be honest it simply gave me the perfect opportunity, not to take pleasure in your infirmities, well, there you have it, are you going to finish your coffee? I’m afraid I don’t clearly understand, I love you, I always have, Ashley know this better than myself, it’s just that you found yourself more attracted to her. “I better go, we take turns sitting with Blain and my hour has come, so you’re not the lest bit surprised? I can’t say Cassia that I am, so you knew already? Well to be honest Ash did mention it but jokingly I thought, I better go, thanks for the company Cas, and we’ll take later, yeah, sure, tell Blain I said be well, ah, godspeed, I will thanks.”

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