Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XVII

...Will He Be Favorable No More?...
Scene XVII

-“Sym, I thought I would go to the kitchen, get something to eat, drink, hey babe,” with all ears, and a deepen anticipation resting against a close, possibly locked bathroom door after her, “you hear me? Sym? Hey babe, are you in there? She isn’t here” an assured Braxton David was fixing himself a hot cup, finding his favorite part of the morning news, fixing and setting it like so “what, did she say something to you? Actually no, I saw her from the bedroom window, a cab, a little before six, well she did have an early meeting this morning, I better get my shower and get out as well. This is all still new to you both,” seeing he’s to ready said cup into another sip, thinkiing he knew a little something had Braxton Daniel been married for three years now, . “But especially to her, her life, the heart, mind of that life, heck even her fears Blain will change considerably more than yours, you mean because of the lifestyle she lead before? I mean Blain your becoming a little less than a savior to her, to being above and beyond the call and confides of this life. You see Symphony won’t feel worthy of you, that’s disconcerting enough, well Brax man she’s extremely special to me as well, ah I can see that. You just remember all that’s said here once you find her, I know, I’m to remember my manners, look I want to thank you guys for what you did also, it was all like a miracle to me, we love you Blain, man, Symphony too.” <<<“Andy said you wanted to see me, actually what I wanted was that he’s to tell, Teri is pregnant and I thought her being so good with those healing hands of hers you, Neferteri is with child? Does it never quit with her? I mean does all things always go perfect with her? Come on Maddy, you’re talking about a woman who recently suffered the horrible lost of a husband and a child, who was forced into exile at leaving her family, her home town because of this choice, and a woman no doubt you’re impressed with. So this miracle woman is to lay her special hands on me and I’m to be healed? Not exactly like that but something to that likeness, “thanks but no thanks, why did you Maddy call me that day and not Andy? Surely your being an investigative reporter you had to know Andy had his suspicions about your trip, what do you mean why did I call you?” Bringing her tall, model caliber statue into a seat along the sofa, were her long legs, simply flawless, “we’re still friends aren’t we? Andy gave me the impression that after he arrived home your relationship from that point on was fishy, I made love to my husband, I love making love to my husband. That’s good Maddy but what made Andy so viral at me? Probably because I cried out your name, we were in this madden sexual climax,” as one piercing eyes relentless into this single artifact, that she’s to tease him, and intimdate him in ways immensely alluring. “As usual I was going in and out of my head and I called on you, and not him, it was a simple mistake, is this a joke, how was it Maddy a mistake? I’m not going to try and explain it, it just happen, did it happen because only hours prior Maddy we got too close, you was kissing me and climbing your hands, lust into my slacks, you was coming after me and if I’d not awaken when I did, realized, was that a mistake as well? I don’t know what that was, I try not to think about it. You was a man in my bed, I was partly asleep, for all I knew you was Andy, yet when you’re to have Andy he’s actually me. The last thing Maddy I have intention of doing is hurting Andy, or Teri, hell you and I, thus I don’t play these types of games. I’ll tell Andy I listen to your solution, that we’re to continue the scientific treatments, I will not Maddy allow you at hurting him as well. Ah my tall beautiful North Lee Whitehead,” as a cunning one coming close enough to lay a soft palm to his delicate look at peering into this countless, superb stud. “Neither do I want to as you say hurt him, I love Andy, and I only want the best for him, this is why I married him, good day my friend, yeah well you behave yourself.” <<<“What do you think you’re doing? I’m sitting to have lunch with my wife what does it look like?Will you keep your voice down, what the hell is this Symphony? And yes I said hell. I thought we had an unspeakable night together, the beginning of an inexpressible marriage and you, ---people are beginning to gossip about you guys” as one sitting her tray, easing into a seat right along side of a firing Blain Daniel Cockeron abruptly having his conversation interrupted.
“We’re having a private conversation Lindy can you please give us a minute, don’t pay him no mind, Sym, Symphony we, we’re not, damn it! Is this about the annual African gig? Yeah, if you say so, you know Cu’re is really looking forward to going this year, that’s every year Lindy what else is new? Your being so upset over Symphony’s decline that’s new, well Lindy Symphony Artz is very special to me, more so now than ever, so if you’re to witness bavorial changes that is why. Well have you told her” sipping her own glass into a pleasing swallow, additionally readying her fork, had Symphony left entirely. “I mean not that it’s to do much good, you mean by her having another preference and all? That and the fact she’s in love with Cu’re, although Douric is also in love with Cure, while Cu’re as you know it Blain is in love with you and now you’re in love with Symphony, what a lover’s triangle. I didn’t know Symphony was in love with Cu’re,” thinking maybe that was it, maybe that was the one thing preventing her total dedication,
“and you sure about that? That’s all to be on Sym’s mind when she’s here, Cu’re, Cu’re, Cu’re, as a matter of fact you bring Cu’re along as one of the seven and Symphony’s a sure bet. What about you Lindy? You’ve never applied for one of those spots, yeah, like I have a chance, have your paper work on my assistance desk by noon, tell Cu’re to apply as well, I’ll do it, I’ll tell Cu’re as well.”

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