Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XX

...Hath He In Anger Shut Up His Tender Mercies?...
Scene XX

-“Yeah I did hear about that, a shooting at Jennifer Morgan” setting her beverage to her liking did Celestra remember the awful news riveting her straight through. “Some kind of lovers quarrel, murder suicide, one was killed and one is hospitalized in very critical condition. You two are very quiet tonight, Regan is running from me again, it’s not running, your grand parents Phearce are millionaires for god’s sakes, what am I to bring to the table? This isn’t about that Rig and you know it, this Pearce is always about that, maybe if you wasn’t so rich you would know that. Now is that fair Rig, I mean really do I live like some rich guy? I’ve haven’t allowed my parents, nor my grandparents financial status to affect my decision I’m not starting now, my god Rig we’re married now in every sense and as you like to say nonsense of the word, don’t you think I won’t my parents to at least meet you? My god I thought we had this settled. he’s right Rig, I know I’m to stay out of it, with defensive hands going up, an innocent look, best friend was Roman Neal to finally decide on dessert. “You know Pearce is right, you’re a part of his family now, he’s a part of yours, this isn’t just gonna go away, as he say Rig it’s not about money, Pearce has an astonishing wife and he want to show her off, exactly, that’s it exactly. I know Rig this isn’t easy, but that day Herenton almost killed you I walked into the hospital after you with all your family experiencing and now expecting the worse, you think that was easy? You are everything to me and as Rome said I just want to shout that to the entire world beginning with my family, ok,ok, you’re right when I made that vow it’s wasn’t just to you but your entire family. I’ve heard this all before Rig, I promise ok, we can leave as early as tomorrow, but fly, not drive, I don’t think I can bare the drive. So what’s for dessert? We’re going to the African Juttah, you guys want to come? That Rig would really be intruding, no Celest, I agree with Rig, why don’t we all do this together, you’re not just saying that at being the good guy you are? No Rome I mean it, it’ll be fun, look you guys I better get back, so it’s decided, again?” I’ll call you, yeah, he’s unbelievable all right, now can I ask whats for dessert? I’m gonna meet you guys back at the house, yeah, well tell South and the others I said hello, you think you're so smart don't you? I know I'm so smart, see you later alligator, after all that you still have room for dessert, really, after knowing me sweet wife for so you can still ask that question? It was weird wasn’t it, hearing his name again, after so long, after so much that has happen? Yeah, as weird Celest as taking up for Pearce, you know there was a time I was completely against him, yeah and I’m sure Rome he really appreciated it.”

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