Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain II

Even Unto God With My Voice
Scene II

-"It's wrong Sym" packing her things, getting out was Cupid Muzit finally doing what the two of them had been contemplating for years "what else is there to be said? It's a perverted lust, marriage, heck union and nothing we do or say is going to make it right, is going to make it fit. It's just as well" as one put off did Ninth Symphony sit the window seal a sorry sort at how Cupid Muzit and not herself had enough nerves to finally call them quits. "You've always Cupid been so doubleminded about this whole, and what, you're not Sym twice minded? I'm not asking you I'm doing what I know is not only right but righteous, since when Cupid Muzit are you to judge what's righteous, you think what South Lee is seeking of you is righteous? I think it's what the Supreme intended Sym, I think anything opposing that is a curse no matter how right it feel or seem, I think Sym one day we're all going to have to answer to Him according to the lives we've lived on this earth, and those whose living opposite His plan and purpose will suffer not only in this life but in the life to come. So I need to find me a man is that it?" As one intensely mocking Cupid Muzit, her ability to come clean at showing herself all the more wise, "if I'm to be complete I need a man completing me? You need to find forgiveness, for without it Sym we become a party to that in which we hate, we become the hypocrite, a hypocritical perversion. We pray daily that we're not by the Supreme to be lead into inducements and corruption, but what about our own will Sym? What about those profane, unnatural lusts abiding in man's heart, tempting and provoking us that we're to be lead a whoring all the days of this life? My god, you have changed, this isn't change, this is illumination, what have I said just now Sym that you didn't already know but withdraw, but is jettison at practicing because actually it's not the Supreme’s will that is to be achieved but our own? And my god Sym don't let us suffer according to these foul practices of ours, then is He a Supreme totally forsaking us,” as one finally getting the last of her packages out, shoes, dresses, books, that she's not to have a reason to return, “you see I know the marriages people are to have without vows of commitment Sym, what those of same sex marriages are to share in bed is wrong. How those practicing these unholy unions and reunions not only is the deception unparalleled but more so is their defiance of truth and sanctity. I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm just tried of hurting myself, of abolishing Sym whatever manner of normalcy on this earth I'm to have. There is no normalcy here, that Cupid is the illusion, not if we Sym set our thoughts, even our hearts desires above where our Supreme Father is, that supreme salvation that is a reconciling peace, but if we're surrounded with chaos even in our heart, we're worshipping the disaster Sym we're to avoid, we sleep with our deadliest enemy, our own insurrections and lack of forgiveness. What make you think South is to even want you now? Can't you see this isn't about South, I mean he's possibly the best thing ever, but this is about me Sym, it's about getting myself back to the place I belong forever."

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