Monday, June 6, 2011


My God, My God Why Hast Thou Fosaken Me? Scene XXVIII “You really Sym believe what you was telling me?” Alerting a curious ear, an averse sacrament and soon a sure look into those god awesome eyes of his, that beautiful, beautiful appearing, readiness “talk to me Sym” responding into her shaking a head of rejection in again aligning herself to him, “what happen with my legs wasn’t the Supreme punishing neither you nor I, but was it evidence Sym of what you said in the beginning, Blain Daniel has legs and those legs are made for walking”all the more seeking explanation of things, both positive and questionable she shared earlier “ok Sym if you indeed believe what you said how do you explain ending up in an homophile relationship? That’s easy” keeping her frangible self tailored deep into the amiable, vital affection he was, “I’d come in contact with the most affectionate, the most delicate and human sort of man there is, indeed cut or pinch him and he’s to hurt, he’s to bleed, that side that when the supreme is to say let us make man in our image this is the performance of mankind they were referring to, so both naturally Blain, and normally I’m to find a mate equally compassionate and humanitarian, only on my own, without the Supreme as this one guide I’m like all fishermen out there snaring and being snared in a net“ soon none in the opposite sex of myself on this planet existed, being this manner of human being was almost prohibited, clearly was it disallowed, it Blain had become a discarded materialism, fanaticism until one day Blain I found myself in bed with a companship unfounded but had I found this love for all wrong reasons in all the wrong places, and although this was all wrong, it was to this world’s stardard tolerable, even tractable and there I remain convinced until these profound wakeup calls name Cupid Muzit and South Lee, name Blain Daniel those Blain whose the evidence this supeeme truly is to love me above us beyond all things on this earth, the heavens compre-hensible, I lay awake many night wondering why didn’t he Blain leave me in those deadly traps, those happily answering the demon’s calls that they’re to raise up, eat more flesh and what is your answer?” Ending that long awiated inquiry with a genle nuged of his specisl lips, breath to her hair line, indeed treasuring her, “because he love me Blainbecause he’s unwilling that I’m to be lost, but weren’t you a party to the form of rediscovery? Yes, I’m one of many sheep that heard his voice and in hearing him I obeyed him, I can Sym feel your hand there, here,” having unknowing rest her hand into his upper, middle thigh, “you can feel this” turning an astonishing smile, playfulness his way, look and you’re see, ah my god” clearly raising to the occasion of a husband in love, in fanciful, orgasmic wars, of merrimaking and does that frighten you?” Remaining her of the first morning they’re to make love, they’re finalized very a debated, heated marriage,“I don’t think that is suppose to happen, easing off of the bed a ways, intensely mistusting this reinstallation, and is suppsoe to happen when my wife get so close to me, I thought you couldn’t feel anything down there, I couldn’t before this morning aggressive attack, I’m confused” backing up, off greatly misguided, “Sym”calm down” “it;s like I’m expect” “Sym baby calm” “I’m sick” fearfully, harmfully grabbing her mouth, her erupting stomach into a competely 380 degree turn, she got into the restroom just in time “Sym” easily worried at her, at hearing her sickness was indisputable, “Sym are you ok? I’m ok” splashing water on her face, looking at her reflection the mirror, did she as husband Blain relate, look tired, this was one of the signs she was talking about, this and the fact she was weeks do for a period, “what happen?” At her reappaearing to him, cautiously, diversely, “I got sick, why, did I frighten you that much? No I just haven’t felt really good lately, ok these things have ben harder on you than I’ve imagine, I’m to get Braxton” he was, he was ringing the nurses station, they would them reach his brothers, “get you home as you said ealier, I didn’t mean to throw you so, I started feeling it just as soon as I announced it you didn’t throw me, of cousre we’re to believe for a complete recovery, I don’t Sym want to go, I know” coming as adorably close as is possible, that chunchy hair, those lovebale cheeks, mouth, breath and tongue, truly diving into this inmeasurable turn-on, this mordid allurement, seduction intensely engaging her, them, “I’ll see you in the shower” fixing tickled lips into that immense heightening, involving and dissolving her, she would see him again first things that morning, or son she promsied <<<”I need to get this, really honey now? {{{“Hello, Sioux, hello, what? Sioux, I can’t!”Greatly alarmed by the emotions, the hysterics in his voice, even his uselessly snffing and clearing them away, was an alarmed Tiffany’s heart in her throat, “Sioux I can’t hear, under, I said…I…want to thank, thank, you… thank me for what, what is going on, Sioux you scaring the, I can’t talk, I’m not, not, …in danger, I can’t, Sioux, my God, O my god!” “Please you guys excuse me, being out with entire inlaws of Coogans, here astonishing them all at disupting this literal family reunion, along a mouth gaping awe of dramatics, was she rushing to the ladies room, with all the wives follow suit. “Tif, what the, its Sioux, he just scared the living hell out of me, and you Tif just sacred all of us, yeah Mirror, Mirror on the wall Erica Lynn, you seem just fine, ah Tif, I just got to use that, don’t you Ronda dare, hey Sissy what color lip balm is that you’re wearing, actually Barb I like what you have on better, what color is that?” {{{“Apache, ah Tristian, look Soiux just called me, scared me half to death, he was crying, he was hysterical, yea, crying, please tell me you know how to reach him, no he’s away, that’s all he’ll, barely able he said he wanted to thank me, do you know what’s that about? Thank you? Yes, then he became even more distraught and we lost contact, I’m really concern, I don’t, maybe it’s about Eve Lynn, he want to thank you for her, for bringing her ino his life, Eve Lynn, she isn’t real Tristian, I made her up, I told him, ah, she’s real, we’ve all seen her, she’s been here at the Paris Globe, she’s a doctor actually, a reconstruction surgeon, work with children, and she goes by the name of Eve Lynn? Yeah, sure, then perhaps you’re right, you pretended her, but an actual one appeared in his life, ok, ok, that must be it then, ok, I’ll be in prayer as always, call me if you hear from him, the same here precious talk to you then.”}}}Hey Tif, Sioux is that tall, stunning Indian guy right?, come Erica, they’re all tall, stunning and Indian, Sioux is the leader of the tribe as Ronda calls them, so is he ok?” “I don’t know,” getting ino a mirror at grooming herself was Tiffany now more concern with explaining this virtal nervious breakdown to husband Nicholas Edin, “like I told his brother I can only pray, I’m more concern about Nicholas, yeah you did like toss a really big screwdriver in the chain, or something to that manner, I think Erica Lynn that’s fork, and who the heck scared of Nicholas Edin?

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