Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XII

…The Years Of Ancient Times…
Scene XII

-“Sym? Blain?” Finding her in the midst of a crowded grocery store not at all anxious to see him, to explain this ideal treason. “My lord I thought that was you, you made plans at never seeing or speaking to me again? Will you at least look at me, Sym” as one seeing she’s to fix eyes around at their own private status. Please, I missed you so greatly these last few weeks, respecting your privacy at work I been hanging out in the parking lot at seeing you. I’ve Sym even been one at camping out at your place so often one guy feeling sorry fix a sleeping bag into the hall for me I know you’ve seen it, can we go someone close and talk? There’s nothing Blain at talking about, we tried,” as one continuing her shopping did she know she couldn’t avoid him forever, but give it a good enough try. “We failed, but aren’t we to try Sym until there’s a genuine breakthrough, I know, I know, that’s a poor choice of words. Ok, ok” seeing her regression still at getting out of her way “I said I wasn’t going to do this, you take care of yourself, I’m leaving for France, I’ll be gone a week, two at the most, my flight is Wednesday afternoon, that is good for you, you Blain have such a special talent. I better go we only have the thirty, sure you have a safe flight, yeah well you take care of yourself.” <<<“This earth to North” playfully dallying into his massive dreaming away, what did have him so disturbed “I got too close, my god I got too close to, North, you’re frightening me, you got to close to whom, too what? This trial” catching and instantly reminding himself at clearing his thoat into another sip of his cup, pushing a yet filled plate away, “the bomer boy case you know. That happens to professionals sometimes doesn’t it? North baby you’re, I better finish getting dressed” pushing from the table at avoiding her, this mind boggling reality could he not believe he’d been bewitched to this point “I have that evening case, my god, his is insane, this is Maddy, my brother’s wife, I’m in love with my brother’s wife, I’m hot for Maddy? “No,” leaning into the sink, barely looking at himself in the mirror at shaking this harsh reality off, away, it couldn’t be true, right, “ah god, ah god, ah god, what is happening to me? Please God help me.” <<<“Blain is here” cutting eyes, ears back at their being alone, talking under her breath, not wanting him to hear, more than happy that husband Braxton was home. “He’s been in like this funk Brax all day, I mean physically sick about this Symphony person, I think he’s threatening a nervous breakdown, shhhhhh” touching a comforting kiss to his wife Crystol, soon cutting eyes, a positive moment his brother’s direction,“shhhhh, you calm down, I’ll talk to him, be careful with him. Baby bro, what’s going on?” Easing down into that gallant skepticism along a rather loud television set after him, did he have this puny appearing “nothing, I did what you suggested, I let it go, that is not what Crystol just told me, she said you been sick all day, she’s pretty upset, well I’m sorry Braxton I frighten her you know. Look at you Blain man, when was the last time you slept? All I wanted was another chance at doing this right you know” visibly sweeping a leaking cheeks like so, had they never seen him this distraught, was it rather heart breaking. “That’s all I wanted, what is it Blain she’s to want? I imagine Braxton she want the man she love, the husband she’s to honor and obey, to you know man be a husband in every sense of the word and I screwed that up. I don’t know why Blain but I feel she really love you and know what you and she are with attempts at finding seem impossible, but Blain is it not impossible nothing of His is. So what are you telling me? Give it the time, the space, this two weeks in France will afford that, could you now that you’ve found her, held her Braxton man and loved her, how long can you now stay away from Crystol? You know what that silence mean? It mean finally you see, it mean my god finally somebody see. I’m gonna lay down, yeah” thinking wife Crystol was right on target did Braxton David also think something real quick and in a hurry had to be done, “I’ll call you for dinner.” <<<“Why are you so quiet? You been to S.H.R.I.N.K.S. right? Actually that would be Danny,” Jer” and some of the others, they seem to do Andy a lot of good. I think I need to share something with you that can only South be between you and I, you mean a secret? Exactly” as one massaging a clear countenance, conscience into this imminent unbosoming at thinking he had to at least tell South Lee, see what he’s to think. “Maddy called me yesterday, actually the women center escort service called, the women center, what are you talking, Maddy miscarried yesterday, she called me South wholly hysterical about, I thought Maddy was incapable of bearing. That’s what her last trip was about, California, the Brightville Science Center, wait a minute,” turning an outrage look, clarity into a weighty North Lee, surely he was telling him, what he was telling him “are you telling me Maddy is getting pregnant without Andy’s knowledge? Will you please keep your voice down, I ran to her, I left my amazing bed, my equally amazing wife and I ran to her you know. I think South we got a little too close, what you mean a little too close, I mean at comforting her, at calming her. I put her to bed and stayed nigh her in bed until, until you know, no North I don’t know, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat because I don’t know, until she fell asleep. That’s no more North or less than what a friend would do, you and Maddy have always been friends. That’s just it North this morning I no longer felt like Maddy’s friend, I felt like I needed more, that I desperately wanted more, I couldn’t shake it. You will,” a brotherly South Lee was unbending with him, and quite trusting, sure of their friendship, “you will because you and Maddy are no more than friends and she’s Andy’s wife, it’s nothing. How can you South be so sure? Because what you’re feeling is more cosmetic North than anything” getting up to his next court appointment, did they as ususal have a duzzy of a day ahead, “you’ll see.”

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