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“My wife has

apparently avowed herself to a promise of silence”


himself chivalrously “I think it is because

she feel responsible for what has happen”

“they were

all equally warn Kars” “what else my impeccable one

is there to be done?”

“They’re dying my Lord” “the

entire Mauritius temple” “just as you predicted”


we capable my Preece at dispensing both life and

death?” “I have not killed

the Mauritius temple no

more than you” “than Maasieah has killed mankind


only spoken of the death manifesting itself in

her womb (wounds) my Preecest all with

purpose not

to honor their faithlessness, their relentless worship

but to frustrate

and murder them all the more” “none

of us like these things” “we have the su-

preme’s heart

how can we take pleasure in death” “in hell?” “ I've

only wished

the great gathering like so many purpose

had bore these evils first but this is not our

fault” “it’s

the fault of the supreme’s wrath” “his Kars ands His

alone” “it’s why the

prophet Ezekiel ask him will thou

Lord at this time destroy the entire house of Israel?”

“What do you think Kars his answer was?” “Not by

grace” “it’s covenant” “but by my

wrath” “Heus” it was

Calistus always to meddle him, “are you sworn to this

silence as

well?” “In this dream we didn't escape the

Mauritius Temple” “we were taken prisoned


displaying an errie look of one far far and away “and I

watched as each of our

eyes for the accusation of

treason were gauged out” “that will My brother Preece

be the

faith of many but not the Juttah” “not the

Juttah Preece or Preecest” “your mind Preece


will rest from such troubles”“you will cast aside every

vain imagination” “my god”

bringing everybody

attention to their windows “what is that?” “That

people is the Indian

ocean” “the island of New

Madagascar we’re only moments away” “how glorious


appears from here” “ah it is just as glorious up

close and personal I assure you” “her

native Africans

who are as walking lights of generosity will gladly

welcome you” “I will

talk with Heus my beloved”

whispering into her concern for her brother “so he

and Ash

will find eternal healing and not excuses”

“it’s him” handing a pale than ever from all

the motion

sickness Blain Daniel the communicator, it’s

Creighton” “Cry” not loosing

contact with his special

wife “don’t worry about that” getting off at better to

hear, to ex-

plain, “where are you?” “Please tell me Cry

you’re on your way as surely as we” “she’s


hearing the teary emotion, it’s hysterics in his voice,

“she did it Blaine as surely as

she promised” “but I

couldn’t” unable to swab his face, his nose soon

enough, I acted a

coward and I couldn’t” “no Cry you

hear me” holding the receiver, directing Ninth

Symphony at getting his parents, his brother “I don’t

know how long this call will last”

so you listen closely”

“it’s not too late that you’re to get to either of the

Juttah cruises”

“they’re to yet be at their locations

for another week” “but don’t worry about Braxton”

“we got word that he and Crystol got a flight of all

things “I can’t” as he yet cried, “I

won’t” “good “ seeing

his parents come in, his brother Clayton following

close “now tell

me were you are so I can better” “no

damn it listen to me” playing a loaded pistol in his

hand, that lap as he was to kill himself just as soon“I

won’t make it” “I can hear her Blain

talking to me

from beyond” “reminding me of what a failure I am”

“do you also Cry hear

her describing to you what a

horrendous mistake she’s to make” boy did he get


how did Blain know” how the hell did he know?”

“All of those Cry journeying to their

“Creighton baby

this is mom” “I miss you so much honey” Blain and

Sym are here”

fanning nearig eyes round the

plentitous state room “Clayton and Nickie” “Papa is


sharing that ear full with him “and we got word

Braxton and Crystol are just as safe”


Creighton is here but” “she’s calling me mom” “she’s

mocking me and calling

me” “no Creighton she’s

calling herself” “the soul of herself” “that immortal” “


little sanity is left and this call is not a summon

to you but a forewarning” “listen to her

heart honey”

just her stale words but her heart” you could tell

from all the haste, the

screaming wrestling and

tussling about , from that horrendous drama

something was

wrong, something was horridly wrong.

Was somebody dead, and if so was it those


snakes? Indeed had one of them crawled into

somebody’s bed bitting them and now

they were was

dead? “all doctors were beging summon” “all faith

healers” “those

but young and old, but wasn’t he a

doctor, him, that one being dragged off kicking


screaming by an older version of himself? My

supreme God what had happen and

how, how could

anything bad happen on a Juttah cruise? “My god

Matthew just tell me”

it wa sthat written all over his

face and crippling the very blood of this one“it’s


fusing or melting this abrupt heaviness into

the nearest seat “she won’t wake up”

styling those

beyond beautiful eyes her way, that non-sensible look,

I don’t

understand”, painfully ingesting an appalling

validity into a seat along side of him, “she’s

sicken immensely by this admission “an aneurysm” “a

brain seizure” “I don’t know

Erica she simply went to

sleep and never woke again “”o god” feeling a sore


erupting her belly into her throat “poor

Tristian” locaalizing a pitiful stand, imagination,

Walsh“ O my god Matt how did this happen?” “Nobody

Erica can explain this” “this”

“the brain simply go

blank” “unable to then sustain life it goes dead” “it

happen Erica

fast” “she simply fell asleep” “and

Tristian?” Folding worrisome, wet stands back, “is

this what you told him?” “He’s beside himself of course

Erica” “we all are” “we never

expected anything like

this to happen” “especially not now” “and especially

Erica not

here” “my god” “I know” getting to her,

loving and knitting her about his safe, living


“I know Matt no one can even think about this but

what do we do now”

“you with her remains” “that for

Tristian to decide” “altough Tiffany and other faith

healers are with her if this death Erica remain we

could have a little ceremony

for her here” “on this

Island and bury her here” “here alone Matt” “I know

how that

sound” “seem” “but if Tristian take her into

the Juttah with him he’ll never bury her and
we know


For they say the Lord seeth us
not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12.
From Beast of Beauty fea. Meshullum Kadesh. As to pluck Ambers
from the burning, by Patricia A. Bradford, The Rising Above Ministry,
(RAM) © Copyright 1992-1996 By: R.A.M., ALL RIGHTS RESVERED.
WARNING: It is a violation of true righteousness to use these
moments, their explicit illustrations in a manner inconsistent with
sacred godliness undefiled toward both God and man...See, Matt
22:36-40, Ephs 5:21-33, Ephs. 4:21-32.

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