Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain III

...And He Gave Ear Unto Me...
Scene III

-"May I sit?" Did he indeed regardless of her lack of response help himself to a seat to her "my name is" shaking a necessary head at piercing a conceited grin his way "you don't have to tell me what your name is" Blain Daniel Cockaron was his name, tall, blond, deliciously and admirably muscular, a sure beauty "it's not like we haven't worked together the last five years. This is an amazing party is it not? Is that a trick question?" Did an insensitive Ninth Symphony cleft a smug allegation his way "seeing I'm anything but thrilled by this affair. Well Miss Artz your ability to be intensely melancholic seem to radiate itself throughout the chamber, I have no specific image I'm to managed so Mr. Cockeron there you have it. I'm in love with you Symphony, it is Symphony isn't it? I'm so immensely hot for, what is this? What do you think you're doing? Don't," barely touching her jerking away at cutting conflicting eyes down, away from her, from other onlookers. "Don't, don’t be offended please, I've been working up enough nerves for months, even years at telling you I've loved you since I first, who put you up to this?" Imagining all those despising her this much did stinging tear drops position themselves in already beautiful eyes at spreading along flawless cheeks. "What kind of cruel joke, it's not a joke I assure you, I'm a firm believer Symphony we're not to know what we can have unless request are, how heartless is this? This is not cruelty, please, I do love you, I can't help my, goodnight Mr. Cockeron, you think I'm to make it that easy?" Negotiating this monstrous unbosoming toward her, an inflexible Blain Daniel was all the time impeding this to her ridiculous challenge. "This can't be happening, I’m, I’m," she's a lesbian is what she wanted to say, this would be her defense, her favorable evasion, that she couldn't return said affections even if she wanted to. "You're standing in my way, you're to make me love you? I only want to talk, please, if not here then a cafe close by, I won't Ninth Symphony hurt you, I only want to explain what it is, I don't believe this is happening, can’t you see that, especially, to, to me" and she wanted to say, especially by Blain Daniel Cockeron one of the most sort after bachelors at Jennifer Morgan. "Just come with me, talk with me, don't do that,” that he’s help with the additional tears getting down, at her, touching, clearing a tighten throat, “don't freaking do, I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself, but will you please stop running from me,” as one always anticipating burying his fretful nostril, his equally irritable lips into her soft tresses. Honestly as one smooching and inspiring everything achieving such a honeyed, appetizing life as herself, yes plaiting her soft fabric nudeness into this famished lust after her, again a sweltering Blain Daniel imagined. “Please Ninth Symphony for once stop running from me, after we've talk you will leave me alone? If that is what you wish, then you’re to move, yes, sure."

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