Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XIV

...I Commune With My Own Heart...
Scene XIV

-“I just don’t feel good” propelling an erotic outfitted Nefertitri off unto another settlement, one not including him at sitting long the side of the bed. “There’ll be days Teri I just won’t feel good, well,” witness as one fixing his pajama top at bringing order back to the moment, was Anderson’s threat eating him alive. “You didn’t see your face that morning, even your eyes at being worried about this bomer boy case, and now this falling out with Andy, how, what do you know about Andy and I? He came by here first” getting into her mirror, brushing her hair at preparing for bed, through this reflection established dubious eyes into him raising all the more at this distant afar. “You didn’t tell, what did he say? Ask? Just that he’s really worried about Maddy and he wondered if she said something to me, or perhaps to you and you’d as well said something to me. I knew he wasn’t himself because he wasn’t the jolly O Andy he’s normally at being, it’s not the bomer boys case Teri I got too close to, it’s Maddy, my god, did I just say that out loud? How does that make you feel? I would have to ask North how close is too close, too close ok” concerningly spinning up, away and back again as he’s to both desire her response, “too freaking close. Where you two intimate, is that this closeness you can’t shake? I can’t stop thinking about her, dreaming about her, hell wanting her, you want your brother’s wife is that North not the oldest type of lechery in the book? That you North is to treasure not that you have but that you’re incapable, I told you Teri how I both love you and desire at spending this eternity with you, then there’s one thing North I know, you’re never this double hearted, why don’t you tell Maddy perhaps she’s to share your passion. Don’t be foolish, where are you, Teri? Where are you going? Teri? It’s late, this is not to hurt you but help us, help me Teri please, that I’m to tell the wife I love the truth and to grow from there, right, right Teri, come on, please.” <<<“Blain, there’s someone here to see you” revolving slowly from that yet amusing him into his mother’s insistent request, abruptly and critically without warning did a now wholly astounded Blain Daniel find himself face to face with an inconceivable vision. “Ah, my god!” To say at this point a more glamorous than ever Ninth Symphony beauty caused him at staggering, at stammering for the right word, heart, even that now dwindling blood flow, were for all times the understatements. “It’s you, it’s really you,” as a stunning one styling a very rare gown of the Maaseiah/Coogan collection, an unprecedented, vogue covenant to one so perfect in existence. A hebetate gray in appearance did this priceless article of fashion favor all the more a yet dumfounded Blain Daniel’s pin stripped gray suite. “How, how is this possible?” Escorting still this vision of grandeur rarely unthinkable were kind diamond earrings and the famed jewelry, the spiraling ring and bracelet Braxton himself had been responsible at returning. “Do you know how, how, wow, ah my god, wow,” twinkling gradual emotions into a moist breathe, a time-tested gulp equivalent at digesting this improbable hallucination. “I think you’re to thank Dissuasion for this amazing gown” modeling elegantly into a prized perimeter for him, a sumptuousness spin around the room for all the eyes in waiting, faint hearts. “And of course your brothers and their wives, I have a feeling all my life Symphony I’m to thank all of the above, welcome to the dance floor Preece Blain Daniel Cockeron and not Beethoven’s but Blain’s own wife and coequal Preecest Ninth Symphony Artz. I told you Nick she was a heart stopper, they look absolutely perfect together, look at mother’s face, finally her Blain is married, and what a wife she is indeed, what a grandness of a bride.”

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