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“I was beginning to contemplate whether or you’d

jump over-

board” “is this Eve your first Cruise?”

Talking back to her finding

him on a wordless deck,

truly proving the African had spared no

expense “yes

it is” “Tif” “my friend and I often made plans but they

just as often felled through” “how Eve is it possible

that two strange

people can be that improbable

together?” “That dissolving and un-


brilliant?” “I John Mark so wanted to make you feel

good” “to share” “even detonate whatever physical

and chemical

attraction” “reaction was possible I

ached at sharing with you”, “in

you” “I wanted you to

feel good to me as well” “we both wanted

this” “it’s

what you meant when you confessed you wanted to


love to me” “since our minds were so made our

bodies” “heck our

very essence replicated itself

correspondingly” striking distastefully

at militant

spills getting down as they willed “I knew Eve I would

die” “but it was so painstakingly” “bloodcrippling

superb I didn’t

care” “how could we care?” Coming

that much closer “we couldn’t

think” “the

unconstrained”, “quite caustic counteraction”“reactant

amid us” “our well being had completely blown our

mind away to

scattered titillation’s and captivation’s

incalculable” “immeasurable

we John Mark were

distended thoroughly absent our very being”

“was it

love or was it a without narrative chemical backlash?”


yet showing himself disapproved, incoherent

somehow, yet talking

back to her, with keen ears,

skepticism listening “I believe it was a


“wholly flammable looking for not only love” “but


ment” “installment” “even John Mark

satisfaction” “satisfaction” a

displeased Nicholas Edin

turn a clear revelation into her found that


ludicrous “all I discovered Eve is a petrifying” “truly


longated longing after” “and it scares me” “that I’m

to be that filled

and yet be this shell so empty” “so

hungry for more” “clearly I’m

mystified” “possessed

even” “it will past” “how will it Eve past”

“my supreme

god look at you” “you’re a vision of blazing” “even

menacing stimulation’s so climatic” “so enticing”

“tempting Eve”

“you’ve bloodstained me” “my

lecherous fluids and juices yet said

liquidation is eager

for more” “for so much more if that’s possible”


ll to be serving dinner soon” “it why” “I’m not hungry”


for food anyway” “I’m your wife now John Mark”

setting a com-

forting hand to his steward shoulder “I

so treasure that” “whenever

you’re to find me”

“wherever” “it is there I will be equally pleased


thee” hearing beyond the crash of this massive ship

upon the

waves her leave, clearly was Nicholas Edin

even more bewitched,

how well did Tiffany Ann know

him? Indeed was it this well? And

was this well-

knowing a curse, a cure or was it as Eve Lyn


frightfully, though miraculously were they

identically the same?

“You really Sym believe what

you was telling me?” Alerting

a curious ear, an averse

sacrament and soon a sure look into

those god

awesome eyes of his, that beautiful, beautiful


readiness “talk to me Sym” responding into

her shaking a head of

rejection in again aligning

herself to him, “what happen with my

legs wasn’t the

supreme punishing neither you nor me” “but was


evidence Sym of what you said in the beginning” “Blain


has legs and those legs are made for walking”

all the more seeking

explaination of things, both

positive and questionable she shared

earlier “ok Sym

if you indeed believe what you said how do you

explain ending up in an homo- phile relationship?”

“That’s easy”

keeping her frangible self tailored deep

into the amiable, vital af-

fection he was, “I’d come in

contact with the most affectionate,

the most delicate

and human sort of man there is” “indeed cut

or pinch

him and he’s to hurt” “he’s to bleed” “that side that


hen the supreme is to say let us make man in our

image this

is the performance of mankind they were

referring to” “so both

naturally Blain” “and normally

I’m to find a mate equally com-

passionate and

humanitarian” “only on my own” “without the


as this one guide I’m like all fishermen out there


and being snared in a net“ soon none in the

opposite sex of my-

self on this planet existed” “being

this manner of human being was

almost prohibited”

“clearly was it disallowed” “it Blain had become


discarded materialism, fanaticism” “until one day

Blain I found

myself in bed with a companship

unfounded but had I found this

love for all wrong

reasons” “in all the wrong places” “and although


was all wrong” “it was to this world’s stardard

tolerable” “even

tractable and there I remain

convinced until these profound wake

up calls name

Cupid Muzit and South Lee, name Blain Daniel”


Blain whose the evidence this supeeme truly is to love


above” “us” “beyond all things on this earth, the

heavens compre-

hensible” “I lay awake many night

wondering why didn’t he Blain

leave me in those deadly

traps” “those happily answering the demon’s

calls that

they’re to raise up”, “eat more flesh” “and what is


answer?” Ending that long awiated inquiry with a

genle nuged of

his specisl lips, breath to her hair line,

indeed treasuring her, “be-

cause he love me Blain”

“because he’s unwilling that I’m to be

lost” “but

weren’t you a party to the form of rediscovery?”


“I’m one of many sheep that heard his voice and

in hearing him I

obeyed him” “I can Sym feel your

hand there” “here” having un-

knowing rest her hand

into his upper, middle thigh, “you can feel

this” turning

an astonishing smile, playfulness his way, look and

you’re see” “ah my god” clearly raising to the

occasion of a hus-

band in love, in fanciful, orgasmic

wars, of merrimaking “and

does that frighten you?”

Remaining her of the first morning they’re

to make

love, they’re finalized very a debated, heated


“I don’t think that is suppose to happen”

easing off of the bed a

ways, intensely mistusting this

reinstallation” “and is suppsoe to

happen when my

wife get so close to me” “I thought you couldn’t


anything down there” “I couldn’t before this morning


sive attack” “I’m confused” backing up, off

greatly misguided, “Sym”

calm down” “it;s like I’m

expect” “Sym baby calm” “I’m sick”


harmfully grabbing her mouth, her erupting stomach


a competely 380 degree turn, she got into the

restroom just in time

“Sym” easily worried at her, at

hearing her sickness was indisput-

able, “Sym are you

ok?” “I’m ok” splashing water on her face, those


one of the signs she was talking about, that and the

fact she was

over seven weeks months do for a

period, “what happen?” At her

reappaearing to him,

cautiously, diversely, “I got sick” “why” “did

I frighten

you that much?” ”No I just haven’t felt really good


“ok these things have ben harder on you than

I’ve imagine” “I’m to

get Braxton” he was, he was

ringing the nurses station, they would

them reach his

brothers, “get you home as you said ealier” “I didn’t


ean to throw you so” “I started feeling it just as soon

as I announced

it” “you didn’t throw me” “of cousre

we’re to believe for a complete

recovery” “I don’t

Sym want to go” “I know” coming as adorably

close as

is possible, that chunchy hair, those lovebale cheeks,


breath and tongue, truly diving into this

inmeasurable turn-on, this

mordid allurement,

seduction intensely engaging her, them, “I’ll see

you in

the shower” fixing tickled lips into that immense


involving and dissolving her, she would

see him again first things that

morning, or son she

promsied “Memphais is pregnant now and I


her off the team” “and does Memphais want” “all

Apache is

saying don’t this without disgusting it with

Memphais first” “well”

talking and point with his

finger food, “what I’m to y regardless goes”


when did you become such the little prick?” An

offended and

offensive Marked Tree was ideally at

him, “don’t call me that” piering

more than his food,

but those cruel to be eyes at him, “that is a bad


uncle Marked Tree and you can’t” backing up quite


from the table, “my father don’t even call me

that” “I’m sorry

Bronze Coten” “that’s just the way it

came out” “I really didn’t

mean” charging out and

slamming a door behind him, “my that

boy is really

mean” “was he mean or was what you said mean?”

“Come on Guin I apologized” getting into a

refereshment of his

drink, “I mean he’s to talk of her

like she’s to have no rights”

“but aren’t you forgetting

Memphias is from the old school",

"the old tribe’s

delegations” “perhaps it’s what she expect” “it’s


Guin what the Christ of God intended” “bend his


just a little and you’ll find yourself

worshipping not the creator

but the creature” “but

see I don’t think that’s what Bronze meant

at all” “I

think he’s to have his fragile wife safeguarded”


did I Guin mean what I said the way I said it

but whose to care?”

“I care” getting up into a dirty

table, into cleaning her kitchen “I

better get this done

so I'll meet the kids as promised” “and you”


husband Marked Tree right out as this thing didn’t


to get any worse “you need to find your nephew

and make

him understand” “yes my dear Guinevere”

coming a conforting

agreement into her soft cheek,

“right away my dear Guinevere”

“tell Bed he’s to call

me or I’m to appear announce” “you know

how he

hate that.”
For they say the Lord seeth us
not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12.
From Beast of Beauty fea. Meshullum Kadesh. As to pluck Ambers
from the burning, by Patricia A. Bradford, The Rising Above Ministry,
(RAM) © Copyright 1992-1996 By: R.A.M., ALL RIGHTS RESVERED.
WARNING: It is a violation of true righteousness to use these
moments, their explicit illustrations in a manner inconsistent with
sacred godliness undefiled toward both God and man...See, Matt
22:36-40, Ephs 5:21-33, Ephs. 4:21-32.

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