Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain VII

…I Remembered God And Was Troubled…
Scene VII

-"You want to tell me how will I ever trust what you're to tell me?" Hesitating not an astute Blain Daniel indicted an emotionally submerged Ninth Symphony opening her door directly to him. "I know" as one uselessly combing rigid fingers through edible ringlets was Ninth Symphony yet captured into this wonderful fantasy, the life and times of Blain Daniel Cockeron. "Everything was happening so fast, so we back up, we take it one appointment at a time, you wanna come in? Yes, I guess I will, I was watching a movie, preparing a snack, you want something? No" with eyes fine tuning that warmly engaging him, Ninth Symphony Artz's classy stay over did he instead sit, “that appetizing soup seem to hit the spot. So how did you know? What are we watching? Something romantic of course, mysterious, come, you can see so much better. What am I drinking? Uh it's just some un-cola, I have wine, liquor if you, no, this will be fine, it's a western, another one of my favorite" offering him a bowl of fleshly popped corn, did he like the ideal of getting to know her in every way possible, "it's stove top, popped it myself. So what's the story here? Boy meets girl, boy die for girl and girl meet another guy. I see the way you look at me Blain, what do you mean the way I look at you? Well do you know how desirable you are? I know how desirable you are" with eyes fixed firmly on that tub Ninth Symphony was playfully displaying a contrast view of herself. "This name Sym, this amazing name, Ninth Symphony, you mind if I ask? Well according to my gramps my mother always liked the word Symphony, combine that with Beethoven and our last name being Arts, it was just perfect. I imagine you're an only child, no I'm not," brightening into a gorgeous smile was this often what people imagine of her, like there could only be one. "I have an older sister, older Blain as in she was born only minutes before, you, you have a twin sister, my god I never Sym in a million years would've imagined, we're biological twins although many thought we were identical. Con, short for Constance Jjordon was killed in a snow storm with my parents some ten years back, my god Sym I'm so sorry. I was suppose to have been with them but gramps wasn't feeling well so I was with her instead, I always imagine I would name, my, while you know. I've never Blain been with a man, not the way I'm told is an unaffected, this, well you’re the closest I've been, does that Sym frighten you? Yes Blain, yes I'm afraid it does, then come here,” possibly misunderstanding her obviously, apprehensively was she made nervous, even distressed with him instead untying and taking his shoes off, at him throwing his feet up comfortably making himself at home. "Come, I don't under, shish, put the dishes down and just come, see how easy this is?" At folding an averse yet amenable framework as Ninth Symphony into himself, as so fitting his cheek magically, voluptuously into hers, this amiable, succoring covenant, was she trembling with intimidation. "Do you know how long Sym I've imagine holding you like this, at fixing and inhaling this dainty hair fashion deep within me, your neck, ear, how you smell so, shhh I'm not gonna hurt you, rush you, this feel good right, it's like pure heaven I know right, right?"

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