Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XXV

...And Talk Of Thy Doings.... SCENE XXV “Ah my God Sym, were are you?” Originally crying herself asleep at them taking forever to calm him, to bring him any relief, Ninth Symphony couldn’t help believing her sizeable, self seeking confession had been despised by god angering him into attachingthat she treasured most “Ninth Symphony” a non responisve as yet Ninth Symphony knew who this was, the only one of Blain’s family calling her byboth of those names, Braxton David, “Symphony” as one gentlely shaking her awake with one hand to her shoulder, and soon a creeping of that identical requeston her ear, don’t do that,” easing unsolicited eyes open to him, along a yarn, a stretch, she had no intent of falling to sleep “Blain is asking for you, Ican’t see him, shhhhhhh, he’s alright baby, they said it’s just dead nerves receiving life again, that it happen so all once it overloaded the system setting his flesh afire but he’s find now, I can’t, Ijust don’t think I can bear it, it scared the hell out of me, I know” wiping yummy tresses back uselessly did they all think Ninth Symphony artz truly a trophy of a wife, just her smooth, bronze color skin alone, it scared us all, I felt so helpless. we all did honey, we all felt helpless, but right now all Blain want is to see you, to talk to you, to know you’re ok, then I’ll go to him, but I won’t talk to him, I’m sure he’ll feel better Sym just seeing you.” <<<“I don’t understand” tearing up, away into the towering intimidator this young man was, convined there was nothing to be said or done to excused what they’d done, “that is suppose to satisfy us as Natalie's parents, may I remind you my daughter is only fourteen? Those persons in that recent car accident with me sir were years younger Mr. Lot and they’re just as dead as they were young, what the hell is that suppose to mean?, It’s means sir, madam, I’m sorry I’m Creighton, Caleb friend and roomate, Caleb know running off with Nat was completely wrong, right Caleb? He didn’t mean to worry you, I didn’t really, I just didn’t think.” The powers on this earth Mr and Mrs Lot that be doesn’t have the manner of respect for status, agediness and tongue we’re to have, they will come, they have come and they are coming and frankly sir your daughters age won’t matter, and when these things as you say come” just as lovely as her daughter, just as concern for her, but to a fourteen to run off and elope, was devastating to the whole family, “you’re saying Amercia will literally cease to exist, I’m saying there’s a chance not even a root of her will be left, that millions will die in one swell swoosh and there’s nothing that can be done, said cataclysms are set as surely as all biblical prophecy come and yet to come, and you’ve seen this? I have, many of my fellow believers have, as you say Mrs. Lot seen this, I thought American wasn’t in biblical prophecy, well, all the world mrs lot is seen as either a holy church or an apostate church, it will all be judged accordingly. “We didn’t come here Mr. and Mrs. Lot to frighten you into an agreement but if you ask it is what we’ve both seen and believe, and this Afrcian Juttah is to act like a Noah’s Ark in the midst of an unprecedented world wide catastrophe? Yes madam, that is also our belief, and your parents, coming again into her seat, receiving a hot cup from the husband, an offer of a pastry that was turn away for now, where they finally at the hospital so Creighton could visit his big brother Blain Daniel. "What are they at believing? “Like most parents, that the world Mr. Lot,” as one coming out of the car, lik them all, an elegant specter of both sense and non-sense, of both genius and tom-foolery, with Caleb Demetris following suit, had he come horribly already to losing a brother. “That the earth is flat despite what myraid of proof is to convince us otherwise, that men and women are from alternate planets, and that children are there’s even the unborn to do with as they see fit, I mean indeed who shall believe our report?” We have to be getting back, handling his hand for shaking, at encouraging them likeso,it’d been nice meeting them and talking with them but none it persuaded them where Natalie was concern, “our eldest daughter is expecting any day now, so we’re not to miss our flight, and you it seem you’re in good hands though we’re disappointed at admitting, it doesn’t excuse young lady what you’ve done, and we yet need to dialogue about it all, but for now you have our permission to remain with Caleb until Creighton here is well to travel, thus praying that your brother farewell we will see you all soon, yes sir, thank you sir. What the hell was that? What, would you have told them concerning your parents belief? Your parents Caleb are like them and there they’re to find rest in their denial, ah my god I never would’ve, so Cry you’re saying there was a time people believed one way but now they’re to believe another? And whether Caleb they’re to live or perish depend solely on what they’re tobelieve, with them all getting on an elevator, going to the third floor, to ICU a concern Creighton who’d been praying diligentingly for his brother couldn’t wait to see him, “we’re are running out of time here aren’t we, so fast Caleb I’m beyond terrified, but Natalie's parents are now pleased with us, with our confessings, especially that I included Caleb concerning her as your wife, that’s to mean an unfounded source of maturity’, of responsiblity lies here with us, you are a wise one indeed my brother in the lord, such a wise one, I’m still in awe, I can’t believe they allowed me to stay, believe, it is a test to see how truly sincere we are, sincere? I don’t understand, can they trust your young dear husband to come back and dialogue with them as your father susgested, that will be the real test.” >>> “You wanted to see me?” “yes Sym my god I waited forever, I would like for you to come closer, I feel most comfortable right here, having paused just inside the door, truly had Ninth Symphony not been so terrorized since the evening of the shooting itself. “I frighten you and I’m sorry, if sweetheart it’s any consolation I kinda terrified myself, if you’re all better Blain I think I’ll go home, shower and get to bed, well you do look tired” a witness how she’s to rub tense, exact fingers over both eyes, actually squeezing them into a cry, wherr these events getting more and more trying,“Sym, please come to here to me, I’m ok, I’ll be fine, but Sym baby will I?” I felt so responsible, so guilty,” detecting instantly what he’s to imply, she did indeed wobble over to him, instantly laid an involving head into his warm, comforting neck, bosom, those meaningful hands caressing and soothing this sizeable rediscovery, this their invincible, extravagant alliance. “Knock, Knock, can a little brother come in, Cry, ah my God Cry, you better get over here, ah my god I dreamed about you last night, well look at you, you look kinda fantastic, I guess we have all your prayers to thank, “this Cry is Ninth Symphony, Sym our youngest and mostly spoiled to death baby brother, Ninth Symphony,” as one easing into her directive, taking her hand into a careful hug of her neck, that invigorating warmth, scent, what prize of a wife indeed. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to finally meet and additionally fall in love with Blain’s Ninth Symphony, wow how incedible she is, you, you are, wow!” Thanks Creighton, it’s nice to finally meet you as well, I regret it’s under such trying cicumstances though we all know it has and could be worse, yes, yes, God forbid though right, God forbid sweet Symhony indeed.”

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