Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XXII

...But I Will Remember The Years Of The RightHand Of The Most High... SCENE XXII “What is happen?” Moving into Blain’s dishearten yet quarreling family members did Ninth Symphony feel some better, at greeting them like so,“my greatest Symphony Blain has refused at seeing any of us, including mom and dad, yes, I saw them leaving, well at least he’s communicating. They say it’snot that unusal, you know once severely injuried patients like himself are convinced a rehabilitation center and not home is their next stop over. Ah I hate seeing him like this,” like his brother Blain Daniel, Braxton David showing himself gravely disturbed was one striking human being, tall, excellent, even model caliber, “yeah, he’s loosing faith. Though that isn’t so unbelievable, look why don’t all of you guys go eat, ah take a break and I’ll see if he’ll see me. Yeah you guys go on, I think Brax she ment all of us, just go ahead and I’ll catch up, is it Ninth Symphony true?” That they’re to barely get out of sight before he started this proposed for a time questionnaire of his “Is what Braxton true? Isn’t the evidence all there?” Attracting her in-adequacies, even her sweet invalidation all the more at moving into a quieter spot of her ear, that admirable fragrance, “you’re pregnant? And why would you assume that? Mother, she’s to pay you more attention than us all, you know since Blain is marred so, it is not official, what are you waiting on, why not be sure? Isn’t it Braxton apparent, I’m terrified, Blain being in the condition he’s in this can’t be good news, although Ninth Symphony we, his family being in the condition we are is it the best news, well look,” as one pulling a book satchel onto her shoulder at swearing him to secrcy as there would be no slip of the tongue, “this is between you and I, and I will not speak of it again unless I’m certain., yes Mrs. Cockeron, as you wish Mrs. Cockeron, now go, join the others.”

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