Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XIII

...I Call To Rememberance My Song In The Night...
Scene XIII

-“Damn it Cay you startled me” frowning and bobbing a flustered uneasiness into drying his face, his hands, into that disturbing him, older brother Cayden Matthew, “how long you been here? Just now, and you thought you would creep up and scare the hell out of me? Something like that yeah” as one sipping his soda into a kind smirk, did Blain Daniel seldom see his brothers doing the week, “so how’s Nicole? Nick is find how are you? Didn’t Braxton tell you,” getting pass him, beyond this unmerited conversation so probable, “isn’t that why you’re here? Yes Brax did tell me but I’m asking you? I’m bad Cayden man, ok?” Pulling from his pocket tissues for wiping, blowing, did Blain not think anything could hurt this bad. The worse I’ve been ever, don’t freaking ok, touch, I know not to keep chasing her, I don’t Cay want to be spitting up fire and brimstone for an Eternity. It’s just that I made this horrendous error with her and left her, I never should’ve left her you know, I just can’t shake that one mistake. I agree with Brax it’s going to take some time, just give it some time, that Cay is what I know and hate more than that knowing, damn it! I got her scent right here man,” pinching a bit of his shirt right at the heart at displaying, how dishearten he possibly was, “this edible, alluring scent Cay man how will I ever rid myself? Well I know how my little brother is once his mind is made he’s to have that he purpose, just don’t faint. Hey look Nick and I could see ourselves really keeping you company in France, family members wouldn’t be included on that round trip ticket would it? Perhaps you guys can have my ticket, I’m yet undecided, we shared the Juttah vows Cay, it was the most amazing thing. You know the folks got that anniversary dinner and dance coming up? Yeah mom mention that last we spoke, so you’ll be back in time for that right? Mom’s question Cay man word for word, look, Nick has a birthday party she’s forcing me at attending, hey you’re welcome to come, get your mind off, that Cayden would take more than a birthday party, it’ll take a miracle, but you go, enjoy.” <<<“I guess North man I am accusing you when it seem as if you and Maddy became infected with the same indifference at the identical same moment, what the hell are you talking about Andy man?” Re-arranging his appointment book something he’d been planning for quite sometime at making it more mangable. “Yeah Mad get all rankled when I mention you as well, look as you can tell I don’t have time for this foolishness, Maddy is the one Andy you’re at directing your attention, she has a lot going on, and how you know that? Because we’re friends Andy, we talk, we share things. I saw you leaving North yesterday just as I arrived,” witnessing a deranged one as this welcoming himself to a seat at better to scrutinize the apparent infindelity. “Now Maddy was fast asleep but she was talking, actually crying in her sleep that there was something you North wasn’t suppose to tell, did you mention this to Maddy? These remarks she made out of her sleep, Maddy doesn’t know what I’m talking about, it coming out of her sleep how can that be of any consequence is what she’s to say. I’m in love with Maddy there I said it, I simply refuse at living another day without her, what did you say? I said I agree with Maddy, it’s nothing, you do know North this friendship you and Maddy are to have is just that? What are you implying?” Are you implying what I think Andy you’re implying? Are you forgetting I’m a happily married man now? The question here North is are you, forgetting that is? Get out” instantaneously, physically withdrawing a ruthless, model caliber Est Wes Anderson from his office, “get these insane accusations out of my office. When I eased into bed with my slumbering wife and she fitted and formed herself as wondrously into her husband as one is to imagine, she North thought I was you. You tucked her into bed and you was keeping her company but was this company a little too close for comfort? You stay away from my house,” flicking a stiffen finger like a sword North Lee’s way, a despicable heart, even threat, “stay away from Maddy? Andy, now you know I can’t do, just stay away North man, I don’t want to hurt you brother but I will, you know I will, are you, that’s, a threat, and I’m glad you realize that.” <<<“Excuse me, who, who, are, you, guys? Blain? No you’re not, and neither am I, I’m Braxton and these are my brothers Cayden and Kaiser” each of them doing likewise Ninth Symphony was literally blown over, they were all identical. Clearly, not like a scene from a cirrus identical, meaning she could visibly see their likes and dislikes, mannerisms, but there were indeed three other Blain Daniels standing in her door. “May we Miss Artz come in and have a word with you? You guys are quads, identical quads? May we Miss Artz speak privately? Yes, please,” stun mightily, it had to be a dream, this couldn’t be real, “come in, Blain Miss. Artz, I guess we don’t have to tell you how greatly smitten our brother is with you? He keep Miss Artz, I’m Cayden Matthew by the way, Blain keep going on about this one day, this one day like it’s the most unforgivable of all days gone before. I’m afraid I know this day as well” clearing her throat along being dishearten by this revelation all the more did she move further into her place, bringing them likewise. “If only we had it to do over we wouldn’t be enduring this impossible crisis, so you Miss Artz, Symphony please, I’m Kaiser Michael, Miss, Symphony, are we to then assume you feel identical as Blain? Does Blain know you guys are here? No, and he would kill us so to speak if he knew. My wife Crystol, Symphony seem to think our brother is nearing a collapse, and she seem to think this collapse has your name written all over it. We’re not Symphony at blaming you, it’s just that Blain has such an elevated, high regard for you and he’s miserable at the thought he’s to spend this time without you. If I’m not mistaken you’re to admit Symphony you’re just as torn up about this single day as Blain? We’re never Symphony at going backward at redeeming our problems because every good and perfect gift we’re to have that are worth having are always before us, hence my brothers and I have this for you” as a stunning one unraveling Blain’s especial jewels he’d given her and she’d recently return, “as so an invitation. Your gown will arrive here no later than six am Wednesday, it’s our parents wedding anniversary, their twenty fifth. It is only benefiting they’re to meet the wife of the youngest quad, all of our wives will be there so you just can’t miss this event for the world. It is plain gentlemen I don’t know what to say, say nothing Ninth Symphony, let both your action and your reaction this very evening be your answer, our answer, even Blain’s answer. You see Symphony that enormous gift fixing this is now before you, Blain’s first proposal so overwhelmed me, I will forever remember it,” blinking, sniffing into tingling eyes, at twisting a creeping nostril away, how could anything be more wonderful than Blain Daniel Cockeron himself? “That nothing in this lifetime would ever compare unto it and now I’m to have three more such the proposals, unbelievable, inconceivable, yet is this offer Miss Artz as obtainable as your timely arrival this very day. We pled our farewell Symphony, yes we left the wives doubled parked, which isn’t at all good, it was nice Miss Artz finally meeting our sister-in-law, we’re both hopeful, and prayerful at entertaining you at the dinner party, good evening Miss Artz, good evening to you and, well, many thanks, sure, goodnight.”

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