Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain VIII

...I Complained And My Soul Was Overwhelmed...
Scene VIII

-"I know exactly what this is" bitterly flopping into a seat a bite of her numb nail on her tongue at how she'd terribly screwed up things with Blain Daniel, the best thing happening to human kind period. "It's pay back for the way I did him, this isn't Sym pay back, Blain leave a message that I'm to call him Monday here it is Muzit Friday and it's as though he dropped off of the planet. Well Sym there must be some logical explanation, hell I still can't believe it, you and beautiful ass Blain Daniel. You jealous?" Setting the window blind at better for seeing was there always pressed traffic right in the heart of port Manhattan, that's on land and by sea. "Hell yes I'm jealous, I can't Muzit see why, do you know what a doll South Lee is? Speaking of, I mean I've been so caught up with these things how is it with him by the way? It's completion Sym, there's no other word for it, you know Muzit what is even more this form of finishing point, we're dis-cussing men, even husbands? So how you like Jennifer Morgan? I don't" fixing her own client files into her cabinet was she yet uncertain whether she would be free to meet this morsel of a husband for lunch. "I thought surely, I love it Sym, it's not just the job you know it's the people, they're all so helpful, so appreciative. Tell me more Muzit about you and South, it's incredible Sym, what else can be said? Just incredible. Although I have a feeling Sym you and Blain will find something remarkable as well, I even see us like double dating, that would Muzit be the day indeed.” >>>”I bet when he return he's to have the most awesome work, return? Yeah you know Sym how he go off on these mysterious assignments, he and no doubt a secret lover," with them all jarred into high fives at celebrating this lewd agreement was Ninth Symphony more ears than eyes "and return with the most astonishing images ever. Images? You mean photographs? I'm still lost, Rose is talking about Blain's work, my god Sym he's predicted at being one of the greatest landscape photographers of our Day. Yeah Sym," at breaking her bread for soup, sweetening her tea, even deciding which salad dressing she's to have "who do you think is responsible for Jennifer Morgan's amazing catalogs, at a fraction of the cost I remind you? He's good enough at writing his own ticket if you know what I mean. So all those photography albums I saw at his place you're saying that's his work? What do you mean at his place?" With all of them, Rose, Cassie, Terra and Janet immediately catching on what indeed was Ninth Symphony all the more spicing up this pot brewing with steaming gossip talking about? "You been to Blain's place? Yeah why in hell would he show his place to a lesbian?" Well Sym? I don't have to explain nothing to you guys, you and Blain Daniel, see I told you guys he was gay, he's too damn cute not to be gay. You know they say all the damn good looking ones are always gay, Blain isn't gay, just how Sym would you know that, yeah why were you at his place? Well if you must know Blain Daniel is as crazy about furniture, about decorating as he is everything else so he asked my advice and I couldn't be honest you know, unless, well I guess that's one way of getting into his place. So did he have any photographs of her sitting around? Her? A Mrs. Cockeron to be? Uh no, so when he go off on these little retreats how long is he normally gone? We last saw him Monday, you need to ask Ca're, she mark both his disappearance and his reappearance on her calendar. Speaking of calendars, you guys think Blain is to pose this year? If he doesn't Rose, what's the use of a Jennifer Morgan calendar? You didn't know that either did you? My word Sym where have you been the last five years? Dissuasion Fashion Center (DFC) has been trying at signing him forever, well if you don't know you just don't know. I'm predicting today, he'll be back no later than today, well the week end is coming up and he's never been away doing the week end so Rose Sym is probably right, he'll be back today."

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