Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain V

...My Sore Ran In The Night And Ceased Not...
Scene V

-"I said who is there?" Trafficking, literally staggering to a door knocking at inquiring of this persistent visitor but to no prevail "I was thinking no one was, it’s me it’s,” that he’s to open the door slightly to her, peep out, how have, you been? As well Ninth Symphony as to be expected" pausing long into that abrupt exploration, at turning back into his apartment, “you want to come in? I was getting ready for an appointment, so you gonna, I came to apologize I guess, apologize, you guess? What is there Ninth Symphony you're to apologize for? Ah, for disappearing is that it?" Spiraling bluntly into this response sorely dis-appointed at her, at the way she'd purposely deceived him, the tender heart of him. "That I've not seen or heard from you in months, I owe you nothing, if that's true Ninth Symphony why are you here? You don't, I haven't been myself the last few days, as I said I have a shower awaiting me, ah, what you mean you're not feeling good? I just haven't had much of an appetite for anything you know, you know I didn’t think I would ever see you again, you mean Blain for food, for drink, for sleep? Then let me help you, I tore my heart out once for you!" Jerking himself rudely from her, preventing her, this sympathetic reply, "I can't do this, not now Sym, possibly, I never Blain forgot what you said to, you ran from me damn it Ninth Symphony, you did exactly what I asked you not to do, you threw my proposals back at me and ran! But if you're to look upon me clearly,” as one visibly as he at wiping a spill creeping easily along the design of her expert nose, those just as edible lips unto a salty taste on her projected to be appetizing tongue,. "Upon us Blain, I'm back now and I want you to know I'll never forget what you, especially what you described as the artificial distraction. Ok yes I ran, I went to my grandmother's place in Jersey, I shared things with her Blain I've not shared with anyone. The main thing she told me was I couldn't run, not from you, not from a honest heart, honest feelings. Don't you see I want everything you're to offer me, hell need it, I was born Blain to need it, created even, we both were, but how can they all be so wrong? I don't know how Ninth Symphony," as one fixing his toppling self some better did he ease a feel of nervous palms a seat to the sofa. "I just know according to the Supreme, His way of humanity, of spirituality unto infinity they're all wrong, they have been since the beginning. They worship the artificial, the temporal loan deemed the present earth, present mankind more so than the authentic, than the eternal to come. I'm twenty-four years old Blain, I don't know how to be what you want me to be, that's just not true Ninth Symphony, don't you see that thinking is apart of this mammoth size illusion fixed not only over your eyes, but your hearing, your heart. Why don't you let me, I'm ok, you can't go anywhere like this, if I don't, they'll, you know, I'm going to fix you a hot bath," combing comforting fingers through his smooth mane at feeling a vast sorrow for him, responsibility, was Blain Daniel such the doll "get you into bed, I haven’t been back, to Jennifer Morgan, you wasn’t there so what was, the, the, we'll call, get another, don't leave me, my lord Sym you, you smell so, so, that's ok right, that I call you, that I call you, Sym? Yes, please, now I'm going to fix you, I'm not dreaming right? Yarning long into a wipe of tears getting along his face at inquiring,” you're actually here, right? I'm here,” as one touching her warm, moist lips, cheeks along his stout grip of her hand, was a tried and true Blain Daniel at a sweep into his clever bangs already asleep. "Yes Blain amazingly I am here and may the Supreme help me, I'm to never leave you again."

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