Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XVI

Will The Lord Cast Off Forever?
Scene XVI

-“Am I Rig become your enemy because I tell you the truth? Am I Pierce yours? I think I’m ready to return to school but with New York and now Africa being this huge question mark I don’t know. It’s time Rig you know, that’s what I’m saying, it’s, no not your re-education, it’s time you meet my parents. I have two older siblings you know? No, I didn’t know, well her name is Cythian and his name is Paul, and they’re all dying at meeting, do they know, about the baby I mean? No” cutting once positive eyes away, was he so waiting for this stinging inquiry, “I been racking my brains Rig so to speak at telling them. At telling them Pierce not only am I pregnant with a child that is not yours, the manners to which I’m to conceive, talking non-conventional. They don’t Rig frighten me, I treasure you beyond that description, I only want my family to be aquatinted with that I treasure, so what they’re to think will not turn you one way or another right? I know Rig it’s not to be as easy as all of that, I’m not that na├»ve, I know each of them are to give their say but Rig my mind is made. Look, even better, I’m to hear the African Juttah is beginning to have the best source of collegiate studies of colleges and professors in the world, why don’t we tour there and perhaps that will help with your decision. I thought you hated having any dealings with the African Juttah, but Rig I love you, and more than anything I want you to be happy, any way my problem with the African Juttah is every earth-bound man’s problem. It’s a constant reminder that the next evolution of man isn’t of man, isn’t of his influential technologies, scientific and space exploration, but rather his ability to submit. To Rig reconcile himself back or according to the Supreme’s making a new man that is to be join to a new heaven, a new earth, actually a new Jerusalem abiding here forever. That is man’s greatest horror isn’t it, his greatest fear factor? That his profound kingdoms will be not only the rebellious end but a newly spirited mankind’s beginning. Well Rig it’s not like they’ve been exempt, the Supreme exacted a plan from the beginning including those capable at believing and receiving. So when are your parents expecting us? I could call as soon as today, if we leave just as soon we could be there by this week’s end, ok,” nodding into a slight inhale, exhale, at thinking, at agreeing that it was indeed time, to just get it over with, lets do it, lets just go.” <<<“I too Blain had a dream, in this dream some years ago I stood desperately hungry in what was once a penny store, yes with guess what? Pennies in my hand? Only it was no longer a penny store but had it been instead transformed into an extravagant restaurant that I nor the pennies I’m to bear could afford. So as usual I departed man’s unending ability to forsake the misfortunate as cast down and as down trodden. As bewildered Blain as any human could be when suddenly looking to the heavens, into a 3 O’clock sun, did said glistening light at coming nearer and nearer transformed into a gigantic diamond, crystal dove. I mean a dove Blain glittering like the sunshine a million times the size of a normal dove, it ascended down to me directly as to kiss me and straightway ascended again into the heavens. It was by far the most inconceivable thing I’d both seen and felt but it yet left me so unfulfilled, so unsatisfied. That’s Sym because it’s time wasn’t as yet, you see our faith and promises surrounding the divine are one thing, their complete fulfillment is yet another. Immediately I was reminded of the commission that we’re to look to the hills from whence cometh our help, how it is Blain every good and perfect gift descend down from the father of lights. That despite how phenomenon this man yet what the Supreme hath in store was even abundantly above all of that. And everythime Sym you do, look to them that is, something extraordinary will happen regarding you. I’m sensing Sym my dream about the beautiful artificial loan was about the root and beginning purpose of mankind’s sorrows, while yours Sym is about not only a completion, but one wholly and gloriously unprecedented. I mean little do we realize Sym how greatly the entire earth and that birth forth as an heir unto them have suffered at especially the European man seeking to have both this world and their lives as they see fit, with all of it Blain like in your dream being this clever forgery at crafting mankind’s single immortality accordingly, they, all unbelievers, being damned.”

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