Tuesday, June 7, 2011


…Surely I will remember Thy Wonders Of Old… SCENE XXIII “I’m told you sat up for a while today”coming into Blain’s room an unwanted ray Of sunshine at attending him right off, “did you also hear I’m not seeing anyone,” as one locked into the bed just right for watching the tube, was Blain Daniel his most Cumbersome. “Your dismayed into quarreling family members are only inches away, but I didn’t know I was, yes Sym you’re included, please, I just want this time alone. They love you Blain and have endured all manner of trials at being here for you, and you Sym” turning into her a vision of beauty and anguish, could she not believe what’s been purely miraculous had now come to this. “Do you love me? Don’t even answer that, you know what is so cruel; I had this extremely vivid dream whereas I’m to ache for you Sym in ways unimaginable, where I’m to discover you in shower waters. How there I’m able at coming to you, inside you where we’re to cry out and startle our fuming life’s blood into this incomprehensible discharge, this awesome liberation, zenith, my god were we increasingly phenomena, then I woke up here, trapped like so. I don’t at all Blain remember that as being only a dream” fixing his ruffed cover, pillows along removing his barely touched lunch tray, into refreshing his water cup what husband Blain had described wasn’t a dream at all, but one of their most memorable moments, “but incredible husband a phenomen realism, a fantastic one as witnessed. Now to answer your question, yes I love you, yes I evenly want to spend this lifetime with you, even more now than ever, I know” as one rushing into that enormous, faithless hesitancy, although did Ninth Symphony most of all remember the vows she’s made, actually that they’d made, for better or worse. “We don’t know when that is, what, where at least Blain we have now, we have this very second, and that is more sincere than any unknowing.” “My legs, “as one banging an angry fist into dead legs did he not limit her resolve for a second at believing the supreme wasn’t through with them “and nothing else Syms down there work, it’s been literally a month and they don’t work.” “Hell I’m beginning to think they’re one of those things Cure successfully took with her, you know what this isn’t, this isn’t the Blain Daniel Cockeron I’m to now know and treasure with all that is heart inside me. That is what you’re telling me, that Cure was successful after all, that she took Blain Daniel with her? The Blain Daniel I know is more like his awaiting parents, siblings believing in a supreme who is a rewarder of diligent faithfulness, that mean Blain with every tick tock of the clock Blain we believe you’re one step closer to a complete recovery. That, that is the one thing good about both a sun up and a sun down, Blain Daniel is this time an impending, simply perfect restoration and Cure and nothing else on this earth is to prevent this miracle.” “That is the problem Sym, with new tears getting along both of their cheeks like so, what a tremendous trial of their unwavering authenticity enveloping them heartily. “He’s able to heal me within seconds of that faithful request, many seconds have passed and nothing, nothing, doesn’t that mean a deranged co-worker killed Blain Daniel Cockeron weeks ago? That she decided if she couldn’t have him, if she couldn’t live happily with him then nothing or no one else would. Thinking that horridly she actually set a killing weapon into his human being and without further hesitation pulled the trigger, ok but Blain because in that instant, in that immeasurable self-worth she believed she knew better than all things on this earth. Now people are to ask why is Blain Daniel, one of the most precious lifestyles, life-blood on this earth this cripple? Then I’m to hear all manners of answers but there’s one, only one making sense that a miracle of the Supreme might be both witnessed and performed through him, that right now Blain you’re questioning perfect timing, fate, which is un-questionable as it’s divine in its own right.” “Now I’m told the one thing good about those committing suicide and others of the world of perverters is they know something Blain those of us pretending all things are right with this barbarous world don’t know. They know and are clear proof, indication the world is broken and there isn’t one human being great or small that’s to redemy it, there never has been Blain and there never will be, with the exception of one born without this enormous failure in his bloodline, this incomprensible trespass. The Lord Jesus, right? Ok who the hell are you and were is the woman I married? I grew up in a house Blain where that house was the church, not to sound indicative of either of them but god the father, son and holy spirit sat at my eating table to sup with my grandmother and Ievery morning, noon and night, that’s simply the way it was living with my Grandmar and like her I know things Blain I should and shouldn’t know. I’ve seen and heard things that can get me either cherished by the church or persecuted, and what pray tell is to bring all this out now? It was something your mother said that day she came into the restroom at consoling me, how they were completely against you marrying a non” “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- hhhhhhhhhhhh my god” abruptly, sending her into heart graipping panic, at dramatically failing him back in bed, squealing through him and horrifiying Ninth Symphony was a blunt scorching, burning sensation in his legs “my god they’re Burningggggggggggggggg, he say his legs are on fire” crying and explaning to those at zooming past her after his loud cries, rapidly closing the door to her but not without an ears distance of hearing still this unrealizable outcry of his, this inconceivable breaking apart. Had she done this, was this God response to her mounting arrogance, this obsessed with self-importance ceremony of hers?

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