Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blain XXI

...And I Said this Is My Infirmity...

-“I never thought I would see this day, never Jay in a million years,“ Examining her pregnant belly in the bathroom mirror, with a darling husband ambushing her from behind, inhaling her neck, treasuring her what a new day indeed “do you know how beautiful you look? No, how beautiful Jer ma I? I can’t believe Kirk how far we’ve come, we have Jer come a long way, and how far yet we’re to go, not that far I’m convinced. you want to talk about it? You may think I’m just being puerile, or perhaps cowardly, it’s Australia isn’t it?” “I just don’t think Kirk I’m ready, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready, I know and that ‘s the thing Jer, the change period, it has the wrong feel to it just imaging it, that’s exactly what I’m saying, but doesn’t leaving America period have this strange feel, it is home?” “I don’t know how you know but that’s it exactly, I don’t think it’s Australia Jer that’s wrong for you, for us, I think Jeremy Coogan is all wrong for Australia, but France” turning, smiling into that excitable allegation, deliciously tasting ice cream in her mouth, thing being pregnant truly had it’s delights. “Paree, now Jer that something totally different, so what is this sudden change?” taking a bite of her dessert as surely as she’s to give, only a few years passed did their marriage seem over. “I don’t think it’s a change, I think I knew it all along, and now with the bomer boy case behind us we’re to like charter our own course, France huh, and what of the African Juttah, don’t tell me Kirk you haven’t considered that, ok I won't tell you, coming into an additional play of this stunning husband of hers, truly had they once again become the stunning couple they always knew they could be, for some reason Jer, and no I can’t explain but unlike any other decision, deciding upon the African Juttah is like deciding whether to marry, to make a commitment, or an alike covenant, vow all over again, does that make sense? I think Kirk, as one showing himself less playful, more serious at coming into a seat, that’s because it truly is this holiness unto the Lord Supreme come down from heaven, yeah and how would you know about such things, <<<“Will everybody looking and talking like Blain leave me the hell alone!” Having remain conscience through the entire grotesque, quite abominable ordeal, both enduring and witnessing the unspeakable Blain Daniel had since passed into a medically induced coma. “We’re only trying to help, Symphony dear, it’s me Dorian, I’m sorry Mrs. Cockeran, I just don’t want to talk right now, well will you listen? She, this evil whore of the damn called mystery wasn’t able to kill Blain and she won’t be able to take his life, I guess I’m trying to say we’re believers Sym, in the Supreme and we’re right now not only believing but are we expecting a miracle. Now I didn’t like it when Blain fell in with a none believer,” moving up into a window looking out into a sunny day, they’d managed to stop the interior bleeding but was Blain yet in critical condition, even paralyzed from the waist down. “It’s kinda forbidden, but he persuaded his father and myself that you were different, that this, what you and he had found Symphony was different and you know what he was right, Blain was right. Now you know whom he’s to be looking to see when his eyes open, he’s gonna be looking to see the wife he fortune, you remember that, he love you, you was the last thing on his mind and for certain you’re to be the first, but how would you know that? I know my son, I know how much he love you, thank you, no Symphony darling, thank you, thanks for standing with my son no matter what.”

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